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  1. Beyond Alaska, I would keep an eye on Washington and Canada. As of today, Seattle is aware that cruise season begins in April. No decisions yet, but this tells me they are keeping an eye on things. https://www.portseattle.org/news/travel-updates-covid-19-what-travelers-and-our-community-needs-know
  2. As of now, no cancelations. I live in hope. BUT - I"m keeping an eye on it.
  3. MSC has some issues as well. Their media is more EU based.
  4. A lot has changed in a matter of weeks; two weeks ago, Seattle wasn't a hot spot. Today it's an area of concern. Hard to know what/where once the season starts up on May. Too soon to tell.
  5. agreed. Plus the ability to move things around prior to payment is a nice option.
  6. I personally prefer the narrated version. The non-narrated might work for those that have done the route before. Not every bus driver narrates on the non-narrated shuttles. As I have people in my group that have never gone before, i prefer the sure bet of the history & etc.
  7. I called Princess and upgraded to Tundra. Was an easy call, they looked at my cruisetour, based on the time I had available, and booked me. As this is important to me, I didn't want to wait until later.
  8. I've heard from more than one person around my office looking to cruise and take advantage of the "sales". I mentioned, not sure there would be if the cruises are in demand. Eg; folks that originally was cruising in Asia, may flip to Carb. etc. It just depends. I know my cruise in Aug is still going up in $. Like other posters, could be too far out.
  9. It's too soon to tell how much of the road will be closed, they have to evaluate it when it becomes visable. They are intending to have it open by late June - July https://www.nps.gov/dena/learn/nature/pretty-rocks.htm
  10. one way all the way! It's a whole new world north of Juneau.
  11. I'd read the description and make sure it's really the same. How far it goes up, where is your turn around point, does it just do train or is it a train/bus combo.
  12. Personally, if you are going to do a flightseeing at Juneau. I would do one that includes a landing on the glacier and perhaps walking about a bit. I have a very strong memory of actually being on the glacier, seeing the amazing blue, the dirt, and hearing the natural history of the area. It was a long time ago, but it was through Northstar helicopters. https://northstartrekking.com/
  13. I haven't heard much about the zipline in Keitch. Many seem to perfer to do the lumber show, the walk the boardwalk/history, Misty fjords, etc. Either way, you have to be on board by 1pm. I guess it's up to you do determine if this is all you do. Yes, NCL would be responsible for getting you back on time, if you book through them.
  14. I actually enjoy ISP. Great place to chill, enjoy the local scenary (it a small port town), and maybe do a small tour. Some folks do the big zip line or the bear adventure. This year I'm doing the whale tour.
  15. It can be overwhelming. I'd get a read on each port separately. What is about each one that looks interesting. I did a lot of possibilities before narrowing. What might be fun to someone else might not as much be for you. Also, budget really determines things. Keitchan: Misty Fjords flightseeing is cool. The general boardwalk shopping, history is neat. Juneau: whale watching or glacier walking. I've done helicopter to glacier with a tour, really cool. This year, I'm doing Tracy Arm (you need long port time for this) Skagaway: Train/bus combo. There's some v
  16. Just looked it up. The Disney Wonder is 2400 passengers. I think that's bigger than most of the ships that hit Alaska. RT from Seattle means typically you go as far north as Juneau and return. Sounds like Princess, Celebrity or HAL would work for you for food, and ships.
  17. Between the three stops, yes, I would say Juneau could be the best. The 15 - 20 min is probably mostly for photo ops on the ground. It's not a lot of time on the glacier. That said, this option might be an option for you if you are looking at maximizing your stop between the two. How about you check what the two options are separately, the time that the tours spend at each one. Then you can see if you are getting the best "value".
  18. How about starting with what kind of children's corner the ships have? Seems to you that having care, or options may be important for you? However, when you check that, see if there is an age bracket for those options. I agree with the others, find the best ship/route that is best for the entire family, then see if the child option works. I doubt she'll remember the "quality' of entertainment at that age. I would think what options is probably valuable to the family so that the peace is kept. 😉 Good luck!
  19. What helps is to provide some kind of budget. There is a difference between them all.
  20. The question I would immediately have is: Land on a glacier, or land and walk around on a glacier? Years ago, I did the land on a glacier, was outfitted to walk around on a glacier listing to a (fantastic) talk. From what I recall it was about a 4 hour tour and worth the $. What a memory. There are lots of helicopter tours, I would check the details to see if it's worth the time. How much time per each adventure are you given?
  21. Well, I will say that there is a trend of what is best to see at each of the locations. ISP is on an island. It's well known for whale watching, and Native American history. There's a neat little hike in the area. You could go into town of Hoonah, but from what I hear there isn't much there touristy. I did see the Native American history presentation many years ago. I appreciated it because now I better understand the importance of totems. The raven became a favorite animal for me. I don't think you'll find a tour to a national park or helicopter, as both of tho
  22. I'm paying close attention to this section of the NPS announcement. At this time, park managers anticipate that the road may only open to Mile 43 on May 20, 2020, rather than to Toklat River (Mile 53), which is the normal distance the road opens each year on May 20. Barring unforeseen problems, the park is committed to opening the entirety of the Denali Park Road on or before June 15, 2020 @voljeep I wish I could stay longer, but I'm doing the 11 day. Staying at McKinley, Denali (2 nights) and finally departing in Fairbanks. I'm taking a tour at each location. You need to
  23. I'm not going to add to the anxiety already present, but I will say it's not much difference with folks that had flight through American and Delta. I am not saying it's a perfect; I do agree "it sucks". Honestly, if I had a vacation (or other such travel) heading to anywhere near those hot spots, I would tread cautiously and knowingly make decisions with risk in mind.
  24. I dont know. I booked the land portion through the website. I did all private while on the ship, but on the land, I wanted to have some help. I was able to upgrade my Denali tour to Tundra. I also booked an excursion through Princess while at Denali. The price difference between private and through them was nil (I did the research). That said, I did not prepay food. I wanted the freedom of being able to navigate those waters myself.
  25. I don't think this is much different than the cancellation being done by various airline companies. Many of them have canceled the remainder of Feb flights, and are assessing March. I'm sure all sorts of businesses are doing frequent risk analysis. I cannot imagine the cost and pain on all sides affected by this.
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