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  1. Normally pre-order a bottle of rum for the cabin. I'll usually get the Brugal Anejo Rum. For a few year now they no longer have Capt Morgan to pre-order. Can you order it (Capt Morgan) from room service or will they only deliver what is on the the list that you can pre-order from? Have some friends down the hall that like Capt and wanted to see if I can get a bottle for my cabin for them.. Thanks.
  2. When we were on the Vista we were on 7 Aft wrap, and it was never closed or locked and full use for the public. On the Horizon in Sept same cabin so plan to use it again... It did get steeper as the day went on!
  3. We're booked for a Sept ride,can't wait! Trike in the Am and Sunset Cruise on the Black Pearl to end the day.
  4. I surprised my wife with a Horse Back ride in Aruba. Was just the 2 of us and a private guide. She still talks about it!
  5. Thanks all, went with Deck 4.
  6. Thanks all, We are early eaters, going to stick with anytime and do what we have done in the past, eat when they open and get out.
  7. On an 8 day, is there a night when there is no shows?
  8. Does it matter which Aft Extended Cabin Deck 4, 6 & 8 are available. Really wanted an Aft Wrap but late to the party. Thank you !
  9. Can you make it to the early shows with the early seating? We've made it in the past with anytime dining, just not sure if we took the early seating if we could make shows, table for 2. How about specialist restaurants, can you make early shows? Thank you for any and all info.
  10. We did the same thing, Difference is. I'm glad to receive the 10% discount. To me 10% is not Piddly. ($400.00 + saving) Can't wait for our cruise in Sept.
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