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  1. I know the feeling, Had a May & Sept Havana Aft Wrap on the Horizon get wacked. Have a Sept 21 in the same cabin, All Booked, Air Done, Hotel in MIA booked, Trikes in Aruba Booked, Car In Curacao Booked, Golf cart in Bonaire booked. And we loved the Sunrise.! She was getting bashed at that time when we went but loved her! Last Sept around the Hurricane!
  2. Thanks all. MIA it is, booked and $ 260.00 less.
  3. Is FLL still the preferred airport for the POM? Have Credit with AA for cancellations and MIA is a few hundred less then FLL. Staying at the Holiday Inn POM Been forever since I flew into MIA. Thanks.
  4. If it is a sea day, they have to wait until they get to port.
  5. I booked the first couple myself. Then a PVP contacted me who I went through for couple. During those few I realized I knew more then her. The last straw was when she totally botched my cancelled cruise in SEPT to a new cruise. I have since called the 800 # and everything switched the way it was supposed to be and received everything that was coming to me. Back to doing it myself.
  6. I'm just going to do a Back to back to back. The last 2 Back to Backs will be my quarantine.
  7. I'm done with mine after basically being useless over the past month. I rolled and booked my own cruise this week.. Funds for our May cancelled cruises are trickling in this week after I spoke to a helpful person at the 800#. No more PVP for me and I will tell her why when she calls or emails when she see I booked my own cruise..
  8. My wife does not drink so we don't get the package, we would lose money. I preorder a bottle of rum for the cabin. Then get a few while out and about. I guess my total consumption is normally around $500 to $600.00 with that $100.00 bottle of pre-ordered Rum included.
  9. It is not just the cruise lines. It is Airlines, grocery stores, drug stores, Liquor stores, Lowes, Home Depot,, Wawa... Dunkin Donuts + + + +
  10. I'm going in the Hot Tub, Pool and sitting at the bar... In the Havana Area!
  11. Thank you, you are correct. I didn't realize the past few trades I did had no fee's. E Trade.
  12. Does the $6.95 fee per transaction factor into that?
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