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  1. So happy you made it home safe and sound. Well, maybe not so sound, but all that sleep must have you feeling a bit better. Want to thank you for taking me along with you. Enjoyed your daily newsy chit chat and the trivia was a bonus! Family comes over every Wednesday for supper, and after copying the trivia from you, we play. We'll miss that. Now I have to find a trivia book that even comes close to being as enjoyable. Thanks again until next time.😉
  2. I decided to check you out here . I've been following you on your blog, and as least on my computer, it's frozen with Jan.31 as your last entry. Glad to find you both again!
  3. Happy to see both of you back!🐬 Like you, I always look for the dolphins and flyingfish.🐟
  4. Thanks again you two for a wonderful blog and pictures!
  5. It was wonderful as usual; great posts, pictures and all. I'm sticking with you all the way home. Thanks once again.
  6. I too finished the book in record time! And agree with Oahu, I couldn't believe her "fly by the seat of her pants" mentality.
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