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  1. So happy you made it home safe and sound.  Well, maybe not so sound, but all that sleep must have you feeling a bit better.

    Want to thank you for taking me along with you.  Enjoyed your daily newsy chit chat and the trivia was a bonus! Family comes over every Wednesday for supper, and after copying the trivia from you, we play.  We'll miss that.  Now I have to find a trivia book that even comes close to being as enjoyable.  Thanks again until next time.😉

  2. John, just a few hints getting through this surgery. My husband and I both have two new knees. Never felt better!


    We feel, the secret is a good strong rehab. Although at first it is uncomfortable, keep it up. Force yourself to follow whatever it is you're told. And, then some. No cheating! We feel the secret, along with an aces Dr., is to rehab hard.

    The rewards are so good down the line. :D

  3. Just coming off a 12 day on the QM2, I agree the MDR meals were not up to par. I don't mind small portions, we being two overweight people appreciate smaller portions. As said, if hungry you can always find more food. We did however find the choices and many times the taste of the food leaving a lot to be desired. I don't recall feeling that way on a previous QM2 voyage. Kings Court was better food wise . I never have been served grilled large shrimp not cleaned (with the dirty vein intact). Very unpleasant. Same with shrimp cocktail (specially asked for), limp and dirty. Someone's dropped the ball.

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