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  1. TxShenanigans

    Encore october 2020?

    Hey everyone i couldnt find if this has already been talked about before but does anyone know when the encore’s october 2020 schedule gets released? I’m hoping its still going to bermuda from nyc that month. I would love to take a cruise to bermuda and october has always been a good travel month work wise for me. Looking at ncl website has a big blank spot for sept-oct 2020. Thanks for any info!
  2. TxShenanigans

    City of Galveston/Royal Caribbean

    Doesnt NCL have a private port in central america i think its called harvest caye. It would be great to get another line in galveston. While ive never done ncl more competition could only be good for us right?
  3. TxShenanigans

    Amber Cove Cruise Port or Puerto Playa ?

    I would do a tour the area around amber cove left a lot to be desired. I ended doing an atv ride through the country and beach and loved it. Even loved the open air truck through the countryside. I just didnt see much to be impressed by at or near port though.
  4. TxShenanigans

    Advise on southern carribean cruise excursions

    Thanks for all the info they seem like great islands but honestly some islands are better off exploring on your own and some doing an excursion just makes it better. I appreciate the info! Thats what i felt about amber cove. It was a fun stop but outside the port area i wouldnt want to walk around on my own by myself, also there is nothing nearby to do.
  5. TxShenanigans

    Advise on southern carribean cruise excursions

    Thanks for all the info. It will pretty much be the beach and then sail snorkeling, maybe atv on one of the islands. From what ive read so far a lot of people seem to go for spending aruba on the beach. Funny that you mention that excursion on catamaran to nevis as i was thinking of looking into that one. Cant wait to go on this cruise. So many choices, its a good problem to have!
  6. Howdy everyone so i have a cruise late this year out of san juan on the freedom of the seas on dec 2nd. The cruise will go to willemstad curacao, oranjestad aruba, st. Kitts, and st thomas. A little background i used to do a lot of cruises with family when i was young now that i have a career and can afford it im starting to take more trips on my own. With all this in mind it has been ages since i went to these islands. What islands does everyone recommend an excursion on and which one is good to enjoy the beach and local area? I dont think i will end up doing an excursion at all 4 ports more than likely only half of them. I went on a carnival cruise last year to amber cove and that was definitely an excursion stop(with not much to do around the port). Anyways thanks for reading this far and any advice!:D
  7. TxShenanigans

    Party member last second cancellation

    Thank you for letting me know! Just wanted to make sure
  8. Howdy Everyone,I’m sure this has been answered but it looks like my other party member may not make it for the cruise. He had something last second come up. My question is since the cruise is this sunday the only thing he can get back is the gratuity right? Also, im already checked in but if i show up for the cruise and hes not there will that impact my cruise? Will this cause problems for me getting on the boat? Just want to make sure. Thank You!