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  1. Will you be booking a select or saver fare? If it's a saver fare (i.e. you don't receive free parking or onboard credit) then parking4cruises will be cheaper than CPS. If it's a select fare, I find it works out better to take the onboard credit as the select fare option and to book my own parking with parking4cruises. After you have parked with them once you qualify for a 5% discount. I was put off CPS for the following reasons. The first time I used them they must have parked my car beneath a lamppost or a tree, because when I returned to it, it was smothered (and I do mean smothered) in bird droppings. CPS had cleared the windows, but it took a pressure washer to get the rest off when I got home. On subsequent occasions I've returned to my car to find it covered in a layer of fine brown/grey metallic dust, which suggests to me that it was parked near one of the scrap yards within the port boundaries. I've never had any problems at all with parking4cruises, and I would happily recommend them. Whichever terminal you return to, the short stay car park is only a few minutes walk away, and as Brianl says above, whichever terminal you return to (even if this changes during the cruise) your car will be waiting for you. Bob
  2. I'm pretty sure there is normally a little card left to that effect.
  3. It should have been placed in your cabin (or fridge, depending on the individual steward) during the day of the first Black Tie night. Not that this helps you now, but at least you'll know next time.
  4. In the last few years I've seen Tom O'Connor (stand up comedian and Name That Tune among other shows) and Roy Walker (stand up and Catchphrase among other shows). Sue Holderness (Only Fools & Horses and The Green Green Grass) was a guest speaker on Arcadia on a recent Med. cruise. Probably the funniest act I've seen on a cruise and who may not be quite so well known as Messrs O'Connor and Walker is a guy by the name of Mike Doyle. He first came to fame as a contestant on Bob (Monkhouse) Says Opportunity Knocks back in 1988. I've seen him on two cruises, and not only is he a very funny man, he is no mean singer either. If you get the chance to see him, I recommend you take it.
  5. I was on Arcadia several times last year and I seem to recall seeing buckets on all cruises. These were mainly on deck 2 (in and outside the Rising Sun, in and near the Intermezzo and Spinnaker bars and in the midship lift/staircase area). On one cruise (I forget which one), a length of the corridor alongside the Intermezzo and Spinnaker bars was cordoned off for several hours while ceiling panels were removed and overhead work was carried out by the maintenance team. Whether or not this was related to the leak problems I don't know, but I assume it was. Passenger inconvenience was minimised, as passengers were simply diverted through the bars' seating areas. It would be interesting to have an update from anyone who has been on Arcadia since mid December.
  6. Another error on the P&O site, this one regarding Arcadia - I've been on Arcadia four times this year (last time was earlier this month), and the Black Tie dress code is not enforced in Sindhu
  7. My daughter is currently on Britannia in the Caribbean. Her cabin is being serviced twice a day. I agree with Selbourne; perhaps the trial is aimed at 2-3 night party cruises.
  8. Hello Jean My wife and I were on the same Oriana cruise. We removed the autograts at the beginning of the second full week, and we received the letter a few days later. It wasn't left outside though; it had been placed in our cabin by our steward. From the people we spoke to and from what we heard, a lot of passengers removed the autograts. I've kept our letter as I intend to send it to P&O along with a letter of my own, as this is one of a number of issues (not all relating to this particular cruise) that I want to bring to their attention.
  9. I've received several of these post-booking questionnaires over the last year or so. One question I distinctly remember appeared on only one of them. I forget the exact wording, but the question was something along the lines of, "In one word, how would you like to feel at the end of your cruise? Please select one." There were several alternatives such as Refreshed, Revitalized, Reinvented, Relaxed, Rejuvenated, etc. The one that stood out for me was Hungover. Not saying which I selected...
  10. My wife and I are cruising the Baltic on Arcadia in July, so we are monitoring the ongoing situation with Russia with more than a passing interest. IMHO, unless relations deteriorate to the extent that the Foreign and Commonwealth Office issues an 'Advise against all travel' warning (which surely P&O wouldn't dare ignore) then the St. Petersburg stop will probably go ahead. If that stop is cancelled, so be it. We would still go on the cruise because there are other ports of interest to us, especially Tallinn. However, the ante has been upped somewhat with the news this morning of air strikes on Syria.
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