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  1. Our last cruise was in March this year on Saga's Spirit of Discovery going to the Canaries. Our last with P&O (and probably our last ever with them) was on Aurora's Xmas and New Year cruise last December/this January. We are keeping our eyes on a Med cruise next July with Saga, but I'll be very surprised if cruising as we know and love it will have returned by then. You won't get my wife and I (and many of the friends we have made while cruising agree with us) anywhere near a cruise ship until the virus dies out or is eradicated (both highly unlikely) or a vaccine has been proven to work.
  2. My wife and I are on Spirit Of Discovery on Monday going to the Canaries. We received a letter today saying that the sailing time has been put back to 22;30 to enable the ship to be deep cleaned by a specialist team on arrival into Southampton on Monday morning.
  3. Err... where did I complain about anything?? And I certainly don't need telling who to address any complaints to.
  4. Hi Eglesbrech He was asked who has the final say when it comes to having passengers removed from the ship. He said after all the evidence had been heard and considered, he would make a decision, which would go to the Captain for rubber stamping. He said the Captain could overturn his decision, but he/she would have to have very good reasons for doing so, and to the best of his knowledge it had never happened.
  5. The most interesting Peninsula Club lunch I have attended was on Ventura last year. The senior officer on our table was the chief security officer (or whatever his title is) and there was only one other couple on the table, so we all had the chance to chat to him. I asked him what he did before coming to P&O. He replied, "I was in the royal protection squad". I said, "And I guess that's all you're allowed to say". He just smiled and nodded. He did though give us an interesting insight into the processes and procedures involved when passengers don't behave as they should, and he has to get
  6. I'm with you there Jean. We lost two cruises when Adonia was sold, and P&O's explanation was not only absolutely pathetic, it was ridiculous . The only reason we continue to cruise with P&O is that they offer small to mid size adult only ship.. Perhaps the time to look else where, methinks.
  7. Whenever senior officers are asked questions regarding the sale of ships the standard response seems to be, "I/we are not aware of any plans to sell <insert ship of choice>". Some go on to say, "Although Carnival are hardly likely to tell us if there are any such plans", so I was surprised to read that the Captain of Azura announced that Oceana is up for sale. I was on a cruise when a senior officer was asked during a Peninsular club lunch how the plans to sell Oriana were going; as there were so many rumours circulating that she was being sold, and he gave the standard response. A lady
  8. Will you be booking a select or saver fare? If it's a saver fare (i.e. you don't receive free parking or onboard credit) then parking4cruises will be cheaper than CPS. If it's a select fare, I find it works out better to take the onboard credit as the select fare option and to book my own parking with parking4cruises. After you have parked with them once you qualify for a 5% discount. I was put off CPS for the following reasons. The first time I used them they must have parked my car beneath a lamppost or a tree, because when I returned to it, it was smothered (and I do mean smothered) in bird
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