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  1. Just off the Epic. We had a great time. Staff was great. Had to wait at some bars for a drink, but only during peak times. Had to get a beeper a couple of times for MDR, so got a drink in the Cavern. Epic was not my favorite ship but others we were with loved it.
  2. Also on Epic 1/23/19 Original room aft balcony. Bid mid poor range for all suites but deluxe owners. ($600-650) All rejected at 50 hours out.
  3. I've never tried using the Platinum Concierge perk. We'll be on the Epic, I would imagine the suite concierge will have his hands full. Has anybody used this perk for restaurant reservations?
  4. The time before in the Haven also on the Breakaway there were so many children we decided then, next time Vibe passes. The cost is about the same as the gratuity on the Free dink package.
  5. Thanks for the replies. Last time we were in the Haven on Breakaway we bought Vibe passes through the concierge for ourselves. Just hoping he could do it for others with Posh but encoding the cards makes sense. We'll find out soon.
  6. If traveling with some in the Haven and some not, can the Haven guests procure Posh passes from the concierge for the non haven guests? Would appreciate hearing from anyone who has tried this. Whether successful or not.
  7. Thanks for posting. We're also sailing January 23rd.
  8. In all our cruises I don't think we've had more than one or two dinners at the buffet. But wow, seeing things like this that could change.
  9. Really? You like them? So you can still get sunshine?
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