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  1. We are not any significant status yet and any lines, we're new-ish to cruising and trying out different lines and ships. The Seaside looks gorgeous and has plenty of outside spots to take in the Caribbean.
  2. Do you remember any of the differences? It seems like a lot of upcharge to dine with a special dining package and then 50% for an item. I'm sure food cost is higher for those items- just wondering. Some of the menu's I've seen online hint that there is a 'dining experience' but the menu looks confusing on what is and isn't included.
  3. thank you for the feedback. I do see the value after glancing at some menus and seeing the prices for when you don't purchase the dining package! It does seem like a good deal and great value for what the package costs!
  4. Hello! Does anyone have any experience with purchasing any specialty dining packages? We are not picky foodies, but wondering if it's worth it to buy a package or if we feel in the mood just spontaneously go without a package. I'm more than fine with main dining room and buffet options just wondering if anyone would like to share their feedback and experiences. Was there anything that was a standout? With or even without the packages! Thanks
  5. I'm also wondering about this. Do you have any info?
  6. You're in the clear- we didn't have any bad interactions with guests or staff on the cruise! We went to the later show of the comedian and it was still a little to G rated for me. Maybe they sat on the aisle instead of the center so they could make a quick exit if the show was to 'meh' for them, haha.
  7. I was on the Jade with you and I'm looking forward to hearing more. I was in 'steerage' in a normal non aft/non haven balcony 😉. I may get around to writing about my own experiences.
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