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  1. Your husband sounds like a smart and wise man. I bet we will get along.
  2. Ugh, we leave in a week and that is not what we were hoping to hear. Stinks that they are not living up to expectations. Sounds like they went all out when the owner and his friends and then the paid TAs were onboard. Sounds like we might have to purchase some wines in port before the crossing.
  3. Some good news on the Antarctica front: https://www.cruiseindustrynews.com/cruise-news/25863-world-navigator-confirmed-to-sail-inaugural-antarctica-season-this-november.html
  4. Thanks for the update! If the Prosecco and Champagne are at the same price point, the Prosecco will usually win. 😉
  5. My experience with included cruise line wine is that there is usually one wine of each kind that is acceptable, but you won't find anything amazing. Generally $10-$17 retail mass produced wines. I had hoped (many moons ago) when I was being sold on Atlas and they were talking about showcasing Portugal wine and cuisine that we would get some nice Ports. However, given the feedback so far, I am keeping my expectations low. If you have the opportunity to take any pics of menus and wine lists, it would be much appreciated! Thanks and enjoy your time onboard!
  6. Thanks again for keeping us updated! Are there any sparkling wine choices? Have fun!
  7. Thanks! NY Times is behind a paywall for me. Here is a similar article: https://www.schengenvisainfo.com/news/italy-applies-eus-recommendation-imposes-strict-travel-restrictions-on-us-visitors/
  8. I posted this previously in our Antarctica roll call. Who know what things will actually look like when we hit that season. https://en.mercopress.com/2021/08/26/celebration-in-ushuaia-cruise-season-authorized-to-begin-on-20-october
  9. Best of luck and we look forward to hearing of your adventures!
  10. That happened last week sometime. I had filled all of my options out and then my wife tried hers a couple of days and the options were all gone. Did a bunch of research on the options and all gone! 😄
  11. Yeah, my wife tried it right away and said the form was broken. 😄 And then it reset other information again.
  12. Just got an email: Please be informed that Atlas Ocean Voyages is requiring proof of Covid vaccination from all guests, beginning with World Navigator’s October 4, 2021, voyage. We are adjusting our mandatory vaccination requirement in order to meet the ever-changing local destinations’ Covid protocols and best ensure an uninterrupted and safe guest experience. We request all guests to upload into MyAtlas, in advance, a valid certificate detailing that you have completed your vaccination at least 14 days prior to embarkation. You can access MyAtlas via www.AtlasOceanVoyages.com under the Booked Guests tab or click here.
  13. I suspect we will be packing lots of laundry detergent for the TA! 😉
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