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  1. Guess it pays to research to find out what I want before committing to any purchase of any watches! Rolex or Invictas or ...thank you for reminder.
  2. Will stay away from Invicta! But if price is dirt cheap may take a chance!!!
  3. Thank you for the tips on buying Rolex watch. Will check prizes at different venues and applied the 10 tips to evaluate each purchase.
  4. Will be on Freedom next month. Am Interested in preowned Rolex. Is pricing better online(amazon). Is that a reliable source? Trying to education and research now.
  5. Even it is at a good secluded location, it is reported to have many problems, eg leaky toilet, lack of hot water and noise
  6. Thanks for constructive comments. Find no match on cabin 3118 on search. Guess no recent occupants have any review. Don't mind so much noise from connective room but would not like leaking toilet. Unfortunately have to find other cabin.
  7. Any recent occupants? Problem with toilet, cold water and noise. Desperate to know as we have to deposit and choose cabin ASAP for South America cruise. Thank you.
  8. Anyone in cabin 3118 recently. Any noise, toilet problem or lack of hot water! Thinking of getting it for south america
  9. Any recent passengers in 3118 having any noise, cold water and toilet problems? We are thinking of getting this room
  10. Thank you for suggestions to take taxi. It is very helpful of evrryone to offer so much advice. Will have to do homework:( aS cruise draws near to check for Tom Moore's, ferry schedule, shuttle service.....But I know we will all(young and old and in between) have a great time and most importantly able to maximize our time at Bermuda:D!
  11. Just hope we can match your photos when we take them at Alhambra!
  12. It must be magical to be able to stay overnight at the atmospheric Alhambra! Wish our ship could dock overnight at port so we can spend more time at the iconic city. What better way to get acquainted than roaming its quaint alleys and walking its plazas! Thank you for your enthusiastic recommendation to visit Granada. Will definitely make the long bus ride and splurge on a ship's excursion. That will be a wonderful and unique experience!!!
  13. Mskaufman, Thank you for your beautiful photos collage of Alhambra. Very appreciative of you letting me have a glimpse of the splendid Alhambra! Such magnificent architecture! Do love the intricate, elaborate carvings and decorative elements and iconic water gardens. So looking forward to visit it on our excursion.:D
  14. Thank you for relating your experience at Alhambra. We love photography too. Guess you were lucky to have a shorter distance to travel from Motril! Yes, Granada is far away from any cruise ports!!! It is not even reached by AVE yet! Much less accessible than Paris, Rome, London...the other top destinations. But to me it is definitely worthy of a long journey to visit such an exotic locale, see such unique architecture and immerse in its rich history and culture.
  15. St Catherine's. That is great of La-la-gal, Flowers44 and Charles4515 to suggest other sites of St Catherine's besides Tobacco Bay for us. Our group is happily deciding to spend full day at St George:)! We will beach hop:cool: between Tobacco and Gates, visit the fort and then rest of time at the historical town. Since it is in August with very young and old, will it be better to take the shuttle bus:rolleyes:? Do they run often? So very thankful for all your great suggestions.
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