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    Proposing while on cruise

    Yeah that would make for an awkward situation. He's pretty confident in her answer so hopefully that would not be the case here. I guess that could always be a chance though. :o
  2. robinmlewis10

    Proposing while on cruise

    Thanks for the input. Those were my initials suggestions as well. Either way it's a win win.
  3. robinmlewis10

    Proposing while on cruise

    My son has decided that he is going to propose to his girlfriend while on our cruise next week on the Elation to HMC and Nassau. He's not sure if he just wants to do it while on the beach or while on the ship. She is not one who likes alot of attention focused on her which is the total opposite of my son! Any suggestions?
  4. robinmlewis10

    How many people carry on their own luggage?

    Yes, that is my fear as well. I do have FTTF so our room should be ready so I can just drop it off when we board. I just have read on more than one occasion about the letters being sent out looking for luggage. That would be just my luck! So for this first one I don't think I will leave it up to chance!
  5. My family is leaving for our first cruise on Monday and I'm becoming paranoid about my luggage. I'm seriously thinking about not checking my bags at the port and just taking them on the ship with us. I would only really have two luggage bag with wheels and then 3 carry bags. Would it be crazy to just carry them all on so I don't have to worry about them never making it to our room? How many people do this? Thanks!
  6. robinmlewis10

    Minimum age

    18 years old for the casino
  7. robinmlewis10

    How do you deal?

    I still have 25 days left till our FIRST cruise and this feels like it's going to be the longest month ever! I find myself checking message board daily. I've even sat the other day and watched the port camera in Nassau to see the ships leave port. LOL
  8. robinmlewis10

    Do days equal nights?

    If it for the purpose of purchasing Cheers how it this not a drink package question?
  9. robinmlewis10

    Under 18 rules

    Now that's funny I don't care what anyone says!! :'):')
  10. robinmlewis10

    Wifi Social plan and iMessages

    So quick question about the Internet Packages. Can they be shared? I know is says that you can't be logged in at the same time. So you do have the ability to log out and then someone else log on from another phone? I just want to be able to use it when checking on thing back home and then log out and let my son log on and he can keep up with facebook and all things kids do. Is that possible or does each phone number have to have it's own package?
  11. robinmlewis10

    Small ship & getting sea sick?

    I've looked into the seabands as well for our upcoming cruise. There appear to be two in a package. Do you wear one on each arm or is only one necessary? They are awful ugly!!! But if it works when needed I guess I won't care if they class with my dress on formal night! ;) Thanks,
  12. robinmlewis10

    Cheers - Freshly squeezed OJ not inc

    So now I'm just curious as to what drink they make with fresh squeezed OJ.
  13. robinmlewis10

    Elation from Jacksonville

    Doesn't appear that JAXPORT has a Webcam, or I'm not having any luck finding one either. :(
  14. robinmlewis10

    Buying Booze in Nassau

    Is there a limit to the amount of alcohol you can bring back with you?
  15. robinmlewis10

    Has the new breakfast menu gone fleet wide?

    So the speciality coffees that are on the menu for the MDR would those be included in the Cheers packages? Didn't know if it was only if you go to the coffee shop. TIA Sent from my iPad using Forums