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  1. Most recent figures= less than 14% of Americans. Why make areas of the ship reek/have class A carcinogens floating for that small of a group? Especially in light of Covid and whatever else may emerge down the road? I look at it this way- most people (at least the ones know) are not eating or inhaling stink bugs. But if a small percent of people did that, RC wouldn't be accommodating them with special stink bug areas. I can hear the protests now- But...but.... I like stink bugs when I drink/go to parties/gamble/go on cruises. It's my right to chew on a big ol' bowl of s
  2. Hello wonderful cruise people! I expect to hit 50,000 points by March or so on my Bank of America RC Visa card. I's be delighted to know what your expereinces have been with booking a cruise by using the points for cruise fare. What type of cabin are you limited to-and are your stuck with a "guarantee" cabin? How was the process -easy or a pain in the butt? I am not sure why someone said that it's better to use the points as a discount, does this make sense? And yes, I would be delighted to have people tell me alllll the details of their cruises so that I can keep dreamin
  3. OK, this is frustrating in two ways- I was told by my TA that there is no way we can re-use the $18 drink package from our cancelled April 2020 cruise- that I understand. But I have been charged $500 deposits for replacement cruises twice. Is this what everyone else has been doing with their booking through TA's?
  4. Thanks- I have seen several people on the Luglife website who are collectors of Lug bags, so there must be some good quality features in these bags. PS_ I loooove your dog, what a cutie!!
  5. Thanks- I think so too. I saw a used one on Mercari but with Covid19 I am more inclined to bite the bullet and buy a new one. Maybe they have a special coming up on Black Friday or Cyber Monday.
  6. In defense of the lanyards: Said in the tone of Scarface- "Pockets? We don't need no stinkin' pockets!!".... On a vacation, I don't have to worry about some things, like the fact that many women's designers think that women are horribly allergic to pants or shorts pockets capable of holding anything.
  7. Yes, I have a Kipling crossbody handbag but I think this one has more options-like the insulated pocvket to store water bottles & the ability to transform from a backpack to a crossbody or tote. Egad, I have talked myself into stalking Ebay for this bag. 🙂
  8. Thanks- I did look on Sierra, nothing caught my eye yet, but I have seen this bag for a cheaper price elsewhere like Amazon/Ebay etc...It's kike the "McGuyver" of bags!!
  9. Hello from the land of "hoping to take a cruise next year".... I am looking at a bag that I can use both on embarkation day and on excursion days to haul swimsuits, towels, snacks and waters. I am looking at several sites and seeing varying prices, but this model converts from a crossbody to a backpack or tote, and it has an insulated pocket to store some soda or waters/snacks. Is this bag something that you would consider? https://www.luglife.com/products/ace-2?variant=31666887229513
  10. Fishlips had some amaaaaazing chicken nachos made with won-ton skins instead of traditional tortilla chips. Loved them and the chance to have a brew before dinner at Grills outdoor patio while listening to a live band & watching the ships depart. Can't wait to get back to this someday (hopefully soon).
  11. Orrrrrr, the smokers could don old fashioned brass diving helmets so they could only bug themselves with smoke, LOL
  12. Thanks- and I sure hope they do this too. It would save them $$ (less insurance risk and less cost for cleaningor repairing smoke/burn damaged items). PS_ Howdy from Lake County - a few miles from the Citrus Tower!!!
  13. No need to be rude by suggesting land only vacations. If you look at government stats, the % of Americans who smoke are dropping yearly-a few years ago it was only 14%. With Covid19's survivors increasingly facing lung and heart issues, this will likely drop even further. I'd rather not face stench and carcinogens, so color me crazy, LOL.
  14. Thanks for all the replies, I am eager to get back to sitting on a balcony and watching the endless waves, sigh.
  15. Hi, we went on one before (Carnival Liberty) that had several lounges + the casino where smoking was allowed & the stale smoke smell seemed to permeate the entire ship. Sitting on the balcony with the sliding glass door shut was a welcome respite. We weren't the only ones noticing this, and our leather shoes & our cloth rolling suitcase stunk even after I used Febreze then Lysol. They were okay after all of that and one week of airing out on the screen porch.
  16. My husband is pretty mellow about everything except for smoke smells. He is an ex-smoker and I was never a smoker, so neither one of us want to stay in a cabin that stinks or deal with a lot of smoke around the common areas of the ship. The renovation may have changed some things, but in the Youtube video I saw, they showed smokers in one section of the Lido deck. I'm intrigued by this ship and would love your opinions. The idea of a short 4 day cruise from Port Canaveral seems quite accessible for us in several ways. Thanks in advance for any info/advice/wild rants or raves
  17. I am loving this "mental vacation" of learning and laughing with this wonderful review. I've been driving my husband nuts by laughing at & then quoting some of your funniest lines, and your family seems so nice. *** As far as not having to search for your guide- We had a Carnival ship tour in Nassau that made me thankful to be a fast walker. The guide pretty much race-walked ahead and she was super tiny-so even with her "follow me suckers" flag, she was tough to keep up with. I tried to keep up and so did my large/tall husband. I was giggling because people behind us were say
  18. Hi, thanks for all the insights- do you still get double points with a junior suite?
  19. Squeeeeee!!!!!! I love this idea for a 1st drink onboard. Not sure if we are going in November (fingers crossed), but I am loving the sound of this. Anyone have a picture of this drink?
  20. I had the strangest cruise so far in Virtual of the Seas. The captain just strolled by wearing a great Versace gown, but his pedicure was tragic. And he was wearing an antique brass diving helmet. While rolling about the floor in a bed of chopped squid. The margaritas must be extra strong tonight. We ran away from that spectacle and had drinks by the pool with a few other shook up folks. But at least we have a nice balcony cabin.
  21. Sadly I know the answer to the FCC% question. I just cancelled our April 25th cruise and we received 100% FCC, the 75%/25% is no longer an option. We are hoping that our November sailing on Harmony will be a much better situation.
  22. My two cents(your mileage may vary)- I would stay away form Carnival Liberty. We had to air our shoes and luggage out for 4 days on the back patio after spraying them with Lysol and Fabreeze didn't get the stale funk/smoke smell out. We didn't stay near the casino, either. Plus, the ship's layout was bad in my opinion- you had to do a lot of going up and down flights of stairs to get across the ship, kind of like Donkey Kong. My hairdresser just came back form a sailing and said it was pretty bad, too. The fact that it mainly does 3 or 4 day "booze cruises" brings out a more of a
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