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  1. I think other ships are still going to Jamaica and Caymans, just Carnival throwing its weight around.
  2. Nothing except that a Jamaican port refused to let a cruise ship dock, worried about Covid-19, and now I think the line is punishing them under the guise of 'not wanting to chance another refusal.' Ship was the MSC Meraviglia originally.
  3. Nothing except that a Jamaican port refused to let a cruise ship dock, worried about Covid-19, and now I think the line is punishing them under the guise of 'not wanting to chance another refusal.' Darn, I wish I could find that reference again. It may have been on cruiselawnews.com. Yep, found it. Updated 3 days ago, Carnival will not land at Jamaican ports or Cayman Islands due to their previous refusals. You can just go to the cruiselawnews website for more info.
  4. If there is a no-go for Italy, wouldn't they likely just change port to another country nearby? Like they are already doing in the Caribbean (no Jamaica on one line for instance, but I can't remember where I read that just the other day - I think it was US News..)
  5. I'm not sure about that as we just put any leftover USD in our Scotia USD account for next time, and keep extra pesos in an envelope at home for the next trip. The less often you flip funds back and forth between currencies the better. Banks always edge exchanges in their favour in both directions, buy and sell.
  6. Do tell! I might book the next one before I leave this weekend on my present one.
  7. @sydbarrett lol, Birkencrocs. I have a pair of Birkie copies that are black patent leather and I have worn them with a dress to a gala evening, that night my foot wouldn't allow anything else. I just hate when function trumps fashion! (**irony**)
  8. Hah, yeah, it seems like there is always a load of cold colours to be washed the day before we leave, because our fave stuff is in it, and there's always something in there that needs to go in the suitcase.
  9. I have a narrow foot with issues from jammed 'frozen' metatarsal and I like the Rockport sandals and loafers. this one is dressy-ish as well as being water resistant for the beach. Only issue might be the toe thong if you like to wear hose when dressing up. Zappos Rockport Ramona 3 different colours.
  10. We are thinking of taking their Ethnic Explorer tour in Mazatlan. Petroglyphs, other UNESCO cultural sites, and small pueblos are a big interest. I'm hoping we can connect with another 2 or 3 who want to take the same tour. Its the same cost for 1-5 persons. A bit pricey for just the two of us. From the reviews I've read online, this company seems to be pretty reliable and does quality tours. If we end up with them, I'll pop back and review too.
  11. If you are in Canada like we are, a great card is Scotiabank Passport Visa Infinite. It does cost $139 for the primary card but free for one supplementary. Gets you: no FX markup, 6 complimentary airport lounge visits/year, travel health/accident insurance (even for 70+ y.o.), luggage insurance, cancellation and trip delay insurance, rental car collision insurance, hotel burglary protection insurance, price protection and extended warranty, Avis® Preferred Plus membership, Visa Infinite Concierge and the Luxury Hotel Collection, and you collect points you can use to purchase travel (no restrictions), other goods, or credits toward your bill. By purchasing our cruise with this card, we were able to redeem the points to pay for our flights from South Central BC to San Diego. We got this card for promotional deal free for 1st year and likely will keep it as it's worth it for us. You can redeem your points for credit toward your bill no matter what is on it, but you get 50% more value if you use it to redeem against travel related purchases on the card. Perfect for us. We also like to double-dip by buying our hotels pre/post cruise on Hotels.com (free night after every 10 and they don't have to be consecutive) through airmilesshops.com. You can also do a double-dip deal with Priceline.com through airmilesshops.com.
  12. I know, they are quite pricey. I have narrow feet that have arthritis issues from broken bones and find I have to be picky about my shoes. That said, you may be able to find a similar style in a different brand that fit you well. If you don't need to spend that, I sure wouldn't. Jambu women's shoes are similar in style (especially the Celeste) and very comfortable and well made and one third of the price. Some of their sandals have cute 'bungee' sides too.
  13. You can find clearout stock for Travel Smith here: threadup clearance Travelsmith
  14. Lois R, they are Arche. Quite comfortable! You can find them on Zappos easily.
  15. I'm also fond of those fancy clasps/hooks that you can use with long strand pearls or beaded necklaces. https://www.callagold.com/necklaces/necklace-shorteners-adapters/ I have a swirly S shaped 'hook' that you can easily link several beaded necklaces through and twist to create a choker. The 'S' is in silver and about 2 inches long and also looks good in front or to one side as a design feature. I have a very long strand of dark peacock freshwater pearls, one of cream, and one of cocoa that I like to combine and multitwist. I often take those on trips. Barring that, you can also find a nice pin for heavy gold or silver chains to use as a 'pendant' or to pin them to one side or use a piece of beautiful ribbon to twist or tie your long necklaces together.
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