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  1. Odd way to look at it, doncha think? Don't you want YOUR memories to include doing things with your kids at all ages? Or should be be kept like veal in a box for 5 years, cause they won't remember a thing? Save some $$ along the way.
  2. Cappaccino and espresso are no longer free in the MDR, even though we were originally told they were only going to charge on ships with the new machine, the better beans, for the Punchliner Brunch. Free soda for the kids at dinnertime also went away, although, on our last CCL cruise, our waiter brought DW a Coke every night in a glass, and she never asked for it. It was weird.
  3. Bon voyage! And nothing in the Atlantic! Wave at the Harbor House on your way out. We'll be waving back, and smile for the camera!
  4. As long as you don't mind being seen with someone in shorts, by all means, yes. The only night it's not allowed is elegant night.
  5. And you can control that too. Twice I've sailed on DCL for the same price I've paid on CCL (and even RCCL) simply by sailing off peak in September and March. Not so sure that could be attained now that CCL's pricies have plummeted since the sinking and the fire (or as other attest, "They want to keep prices low").
  6. Why would you give up something they wouldn't remember? It's YOUR memories that make those trips. We cherish them all. And the pictures and videos help us smile when we look back.
  7. And now that I see this was made a poll, all I can say is it's pretty one sided.
  8. It was worth every dime having her with us. Nine times.
  9. Please. You spent all afternoon drawing these pictures.
  10. Go for it! Bite someones ear off if you have to!
  11. I had a triple booked once and ended up with 2 cancellations. They refunded my third fare. Offered to do a name change for fare number 2, but I couldn't get someone to go on such short notice.
  12. ::::::SPOILER:::::::: Does the bag piper and town cryer still greet the ship when you get there?
  13. I took a city tour with a stop at the Cove just for the convenience. Nice ride, and a nice stop. We did walk to the museum another time, but there are guys with rickshaws if you get tired. Otherwise, it's a nice walk along the water. We also walked up to the Citadel, which gave us a bit of history and some nice views of the harbor.
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