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  1. Some people may want a spot reserved for them, where they will be waited on. No piling off the ship on a sea of people, scrambling for a lounger, etc. You can party all night, sleep in, and still have a primo spot. If people want to pay for that privilege, what skin is it off your nose? Some people are on a budget, others are not and want to chill on their vacation. They can't use the "saved" money for another cruise, because they don't have the extra time in their lives. To each their own. 😉
  2. Can we secure a barefoot beach cabana before the cruise, or do we have to wait until onboard and talk to the concierge? It's not showing as an option in my cruise planner to book ahead.
  3. Exactly this. Radiance class is my favorite, but hard to find opportunities to cruise on one. It's so nice when everything is "outward focused" and you see the ocean everywhere you go, even in the elevator.
  4. Yes, ATT has this as well. My husband and I both do a lot of international travel (a lot of it for work), and it's a godsend to know that, if you need it, your max spend will be $10 per day. The plan has, I believe, unlimited calling and text, and some amount of data per day.
  5. It gets dark early. To some, this might be a negative. To me, it's a plus, as being on a ship at night is one of my favorite things in life.
  6. Yeah, it's an unpleasant day here in South Florida. They say when Florida sneezes, the Bahamas catches a cold. Very true today, evidently.
  7. Emmy and Rick!!! Great to see your smiling faces! Love to Janice and Patrick, too! ❤️
  8. Is there a way to establish Casino Royale creds before stepping on board? It's been a few years, but I spend almost every late night of a cruise in the casino. Since moving to Florida, I am at our local casino 2-3x per week playing blackjack. Can we forward our casino loyalty info/history ahead of time, or do we just see a casino host on our first night?
  9. There you go! You'll have a fantastic time!
  10. I agree. Especially since it's an anniversary cruise. Would be a nice break for her.
  11. Give Mr. & Mrs. Flamingo Legs my love! To get back on topic...we are sailing on Oasis March 8th in a GS on deck 6 (I see we will be passing each other in the terminal...boo!) and popped in this thread to follow all of the changes. Have not been on her yet, but we've cruised on Allure. Thanks to those posting pics and details!
  12. Emmy, is that you? How wonderful to see your face! And so happy to see that the Pink Boas are still going strong (as one of the originals from FoS inaugural. What a time that was!). Hope you are well! ❤️
  13. I live down here. 50s would be an anomalous cold front. 😉. If you are coming from the northeast, try to wear multiple light layers. That way, if you need a sweater or windbreaker you'll have one. Winter is our 'summer' down here, and summer is our 'hell'. LOL
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