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  1. Talked to customer service and said vacation protection it is not refundable even before final payment date. They did tell me to talk to resolution department to see if they can do anything. So when I have time to call (put on hold) I will call again. It is hard to get in touch with carnival in these times.
  2. I tried calling carnival and was on hold for 45 minutes, it seems customer service is very busy so I figured I'd check here to see if anyone has done it.
  3. If you cancel your cruise before the final payment will you get the money back you paid for carnival vacation protection insurance?
  4. Let's hope testing will disappear when vaccines numbers are high enough by then.
  5. We are looking into medical\travel insurance with covid coverage because the plan we have now will not cover travel to other countries because of the travel advisory by the federal gov. Looking for suggestions.
  6. I am checking into booking a cruise out of Florida and looking for anyone who went thru the experience lately?
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