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  1. Our experience was that Crystal informed us that the KL to Dubai leg had been cancelled and that we would receive a full cash refund, $500 each for airfare disruption and 25% FCC. What actually happened was that they accidentally cancelled the second leg of our cruise from Dubai to Rome and never informed us. They refunded us our balance to our credit card but not the initial deposit which is still outstanding. They never made a $500 refund to our credit card. Still outstanding. Upon numerous exchanges of emails they said that our TA would kn
  2. The ship may not have any passengers but virtually all European countries have closed their borders and many flights both domestic and international have been stopped.
  3. Europe is in lock down. Cruise ships aren't docking and flights aren't flying. All the various 'experts' expect this to go on for weeks, certainly beyond April.
  4. You are absolutely right. The advice from all governments to its citizens is don't travel even if the country they are planning to travel to is actually open. This assumes, of course, that there are flights. As nobody knows when the virus could be (if it could be) eradicated people are going to be naturally reluctant to travel, especially as insurance companies will almost certainly delay introducing cover for coronavirus. The virus has not peaked in Europe and may not for months. China has been dealing with the virus for months but who today would be wil
  5. The ships may set sail on April 21 and May 8 but will guests be able to travel, against the advice of their countries governments and with insurance companies refusing to cover policyholders impacted by Coronavirus to embarkation ports that will allow the Crystal ships to dock, as many currently don't.
  6. It is more favourable terms only when compared to their initial announcements which were very restrictive and were designed to prevent reimbursing guests with cash. Crystal doesn't want to haemorrhage cash and at the same time wants to try and encourage disappointed guests to book future voyages by issuing FCCs.
  7. It's clear from this latest announcement from Crystal that they want all guests to cancel their bookings immediately and to frighten those who delay so that when Crystal cancel their voyages they have very few guests remaining to reimburse cash.
  8. As Crystal has one of the highest number of customers who regularly return for subsequent voyages they will only have themselves to blame if their customer base and with it their revenue stream dries up if they persist in being overly restrictive. The FCC is too restrictive. It should cover a longer time span. It is unreasonable of Crystal to assume that current passengers are free of other commitments within the time specified by the FCC.
  9. Under UK law the credit company is liable. If a person uses a UK credit card to buy a product which is faulty or not as advertised the credit card company is obliged by law to seek redress from the supplier. If Crystal cannot supply what they have advertised it is the responsibility of the credit card company to refund the card holder and for the credit card company to deal with the supplier. I have experienced this with other suppliers of products and services.
  10. There appears to be two worries / complaints. Money and Health. Some people would appear to be more concerned about not being fully refunded. Does travel insurance not cover this ? Are people not covered by their credit card ? Other people appear to be more concerned about catching the virus. We are booked on the voyages from Singapore to Rome. Why worry about Singapore when the ship makes calls in Malaysia, Sri Lanka, India, UAE, and Italy which all have confirmed cases like Singapore. Should passengers be flying
  11. We will be embarking on our 8th & 9th cruise on Symphony in April 2020 and were wondering whether it is more cost effective to book up our next cruise (in 2021) whilst on board the ship or to book it through our travel agent, which we have always done. Whilst acknowledging that travel agents are different the world over, what in general is more cost effective - Ship Booking or Travel Agent Booking. Any thoughts ?
  12. We have noticed that Crystal have not listed any excursions for Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Muscat even though there are excursions listed for ports before and after these three ports. Does anybody have any idea why these three ports are not listed. Thanks in advance
  13. We are disembarking on Crystal in May 2020 at 06:00 but our flight from FCO is at 09:30 so taking the advice of those who have commented can anyone recommend a good hotel to stay overnight so we can get the 09:30 flight the next morning ? Having looked at all the comments on Tripadvisor there seems to be something wrong with every hotel in and around the area of the airport. Thanks in advance Rod
  14. The Symphony is not in dry dock in Singapore. It is a corporate booking for a very well known international company. I was told this by my travel agent. There should be no other guests onboard when new guests like myself and wife board on 23 April for our voyage to Rome.
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