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  1. Keep in mind, it's a private club. It's the access, not the monetary savings, that was the value of the passes.
  2. That worked, and it appears all the fares went up by $2500 pp. So, now I know what the "included" air costs. I wonder if the air credit from them would be the same?
  3. That explains it - I don't live in the US so I presume the Regent site is reading my IP address and switching me to non - air pages. I'll try using a VPN and putting my IP in the US, and I'll bet the info will show up. Thanks to you both for the prompt response.
  4. From everything I have read, Regent includes air fare, including international business class, in their cruise fares. Then, one has the option of taking a deviation to try to get special arrangements, or an air credit to do one's own. However, what confuses me is that, at least as far as I can tell, there is absolutely no mention of included air on either Regent's website or in their printed materials (except one paragraph that refers to "air upgrades", but otherwise nothing). If one Google's the topic, and goes to a page on Regent's site that supposedly deals with it, there is no longer any mention of air fare. It seems that Regent would trumpet this as one of their "inclusions". Why is it not apparent in their materials? Or have they quietly stopped offering it? Thanks for any help any of you can provide.
  5. A thought for those who are disinclined to attend the Magic Castle show or claim to not like magic. As a lifelong devotee of magic (a student, not a performer), I can unequivocally state that very few people have ever seen a really good magician, especially ones who do close-up performances. I am not referring to the Las Vegas style illusionists, like David Copperfield or Sigfried and Roy, who get the vast majority of the attention and press. I mean intimate performers who make their living primarily at private parties, corporate events, trade shows, and, yes, cruise ships. These folks are masters of an ancient art form that requires a number of skills over and above dexterity. Most have honed their craft over many years, and those affiliated with the Castle are masters. Above all, they are entertainers first, who use magic as the vehicle for that entertainment. Pleaee, even if you're sceptical, and especially if you think you don't like magic, give it a try. I predict you'll be pleasantly surprised.
  6. Not sure of what your website is, but the one I think it is is blocked for me, don't know why. Because I'm posting form Costa Rica? How do I get to you?
  7. Late2cruisin - Thanks! Glad someone caught it. No doubt she was litterin'.
  8. 'Patty'. Sorry, autocorrect.
  9. Party - Was that photo of you taken on the Group "W" bench?
  10. Why was that cruise "infamous"? I ask because I'm on the Oct 11.
  11. A question I've been meaning to ask since our Symphony cruise last year. Whenever we entered Waterside, we were asked for our cabin number. At first, I thought this might be a way to look up, and use, our names during service, but neither Remi nor our wait staff ever addressed us by name. I know that, once out of your cabin, service is equal toward all, so that shouldn't account for it. Maybe I'm missing something obvious, but could one of the veterans clear this up for me? Just curious, really.
  12. So, on the Oct. 11 cruise they are still advertising Oceanview Fully Obstructed for $5000 pp. but you can book an Oceanview Guarantee for $2449. Unless you absolutely have to have a particular location on the ship for motion sensitivity reasons, why would anyone book the former? What's the worst that could happen? You get an OV fully obstructed for 1/2 price. Obviously they're having a tough time selling this one...even some suites are still showing available, and they usually go first. We've got one of the OVG's. Hoping to get upgraded big time (yeah, I know, probably won't happen.)
  13. I assume you're on the Symphony, where 5025 is the first cabin on the starboard side on Deck 5. We were in 5018 last year and had no problems. (We also book OV cabins for the cost savings, as we don't spend a lot of time in our cabin.) My concern about 5025, in addition to the adjacent restroom, would be possible noise from the atrium and Crystal Cove, especially during the White Party. If your early-to-bed types, your door faces almost directly out to the atrium. We've found the noise insulation between cabins excellent, but with that proximity, it could be an issue.
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