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  1. Note on the Bistro. On our first Symphony cruise, I noticed (and mentioned on our comment card) the lack of any small tray or carrier. It was my job in the morning to fetch my latte, my wife's tea, and a couple of pastries. On our second cruise, I brought along a small plastic tray and it made the whole process way easier. Yes, I know we could have used room service, but going myself was just quicker and easier. .
  2. As stated above, it may be a moot point, but I believe the rule currently applies only to those arriving by air.
  3. Pick your ship on this page. https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/428-regent-seven-seas-roll-calls/
  4. Ref - your spreadsheet line 62 Received full amount in 4 refunds to AMEX yesterday, 6/24. Refunds matched periodic payments made. Thanks for tracking this for everyone.
  5. Sail date Voyager 6/14/20 Cancelled by Regent 4/24 Refund request form completed, sent, and acknowledged 4/24 No refund as of 5/10
  6. We got sent tags like those in the picture to our mail forwarding address in Florida. To receive them here in Costa Rica, I had to pay $14.70 in shipping, taxes, and import duties. We'll treasure them always. 😁
  7. Since Regent Reassurance applies to fully paid bookings, barring any other notice to the contrary, I would assume you are under a normal cancellation calendar, until you pay in full. You might contact Regent and see what they are willing to do. If you are inclined at this time to go, I'd pay, knowing you can at least get FCC later if you change your mind. Flights, of course, may be up in the air (pun absolutely intended). I could still get flights today, and might still re-book them, depending on how things progress.
  8. We live in Costa Rica. We were flying Copa to Panama, then Air Europa (Spanish airline) through Madrid to Venice. Same return.
  9. We are booked on Voyager in June, RT out of Venice. Just got word from Flying Blue (points club for Air France, KLM, and others) that our flight OUT of Venice was cancelled. We naturally chose to take a points refund on the entire itinerary. I expect that we will either see an itinerary change, which we probably wouldn't want, or an outright cancellation. Since Regent Reassurance will let us cancel up to 48 hours prior for 100% FCC, we'll hold off in anticipation of a cash refund, and take the FCC otherwise. Sorry we won't be getting to experience Regent yet, but we WILL be aboard some ti
  10. The video suggests that the standard 88,000 ton build can be modified to handle from 1000 to 4000 passengers. Seems like a pretty wide range. But think of the restaurants and public spaces that could be accommodated with 1200 or so cabin's worth of space.
  11. My date to reserve shore excursions is coming up soon. It appears from reading this forum, that I should plan on attacking the website at midnight Miami time in order to have a fair shot at getting what we want. I'm ready to do that, but I have a question about the actual reservation process. As you move through the offerings, do they reserve automatically as you select them, or do you have to go through a "check-out" process to actually nail them down? If the latter, should I check out for each one separately? Also, what is the best strategy, move through systematically from port to port
  12. I believe Fever Tree is served on request, but is not the standard tonic. One evening in the cove, our waitress brought me a G&T, and then almost immediately took it back, realizing it hadn't been made with Fever Tree as I had requested. Often, they'll bring the bottle and add the tonic at the table,
  13. Update. I called back to Regent's booking number in Florida and asked to speak to a supervisor. He transferred me to a rep who turned out to be in South America, but from him, I got a name and number for a very nice man in Florida who handles direct international bookings. He took care of me with no oroblem. Why it was so difficult to find him, I don't know. Presumably, my points bonus will show up shortly. All good.
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