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  1. cruisegus

    Machu Picchu vs Fulton - Which is better?

    Ok thanks ... not imposing my opinion on anyone else, but rules this parking place out for me. I'm still leaning towards Fulton place then, but the roof top is definitely a long drive up ( of course that's $20 cheaper for a week than other levels and I don't know what other levels are actually included in the more expensive cruise rate)
  2. cruisegus

    Grabbing an Uber when we dock in Galveston

    Thanks for the response. Enjoy your upcoming Vision cruise
  3. cruisegus

    Grabbing an Uber when we dock in Galveston

    Actually useful information, thanks for posting your experience. I have found long waits and trouble accessing uber app at some airports (much like at a concert where the internet is overwhelmed by so many users How much was your ride and to which airport? did you notice if there was surge pricing in effect?
  4. cruisegus

    Machu Picchu vs Fulton - Which is better?

    is this a place where you have to leave the keys to your car??
  5. Looked for an existing thread, of which there are many, but none seemed appropriate. I would like to report on my experience attempting to use these discounted certificates.. Now I have read a lot of warnings in threads on this forum about problems using these and read the detailed terms and conditions listed on the AARP website. I Think i meet all the criteria outlined so i'm going to give it a try, maybe I'll be able to save a little money and see if the effort is worth it to me. As usual I have booked direct with Royal, this one through their website and not at next cruise (have used next cruise also for some bookings if looking for a reduced deposit) (rarely use a TA because unlike what others report, I have not found big returns from them, have tried both local TA and big web service) Since it is January and my final payment is not until mid August, I feel I have plenty of time to experiment. Week 1 - Start of Process On Monday around noon I ordered a $500 dollar on the AARP website, within 15 minutes i had an email receipt of my purchase. Tuesday a little after noon I received an email stating because of the dollar value it would be sent UPS signature required. Friday around 1300 UPS delivered the certificate to me. - - pretty fast delivery in my opinion, same as last gift cards I ordered for an Xmas present to the kids Read everything on the certificate and from what I understand I should meet all the requirements outlined. Put my name on the certificate along with Reservation number, Ship and Sail date and then scaned it to a PDF file. Prepared an email, attached PDF and sent to SharedServicesGiftCertificateRedemption@rccl.com SUBJECT : Reservation ID: xxxxxxxx around 1330 Friday Within 15 minutes I have a return email from RCCL acknowledging receipt of my email (I know it is an automated receipt but it gives me confidence I sent the email correctly on my end) Now we wait - I will update with another posting when the next step in the process occurs
  6. cruisegus

    Keeping Items Secure At The Beach

    We also have a KYSS bag in medium size i believe, my wife also uses it for her normal carry on bag when flying. Have had it for almost 5 years now (3 cruises a year at least) and ours is holding up just fine. Again mainly her phone, by it looks like a normal bag and not obtrusive. it is really the "Drive By" thief that your looking to deter, and for us this works and i very happy with mine
  7. Now a Diamond with a little more than a half dozen cruises under our belts at that level. Prior to Diamond we bought the drink package on each cruise we took, since we have been pay as you go. For us has seemed to work out not to get a package. I for one skipped the have to get a drink first thing in the morning mimosa routine, u know to get my moneys worth from the package (hey i don't drink in the morning at home either). Then one or two at the pool during the day when we stay on ship or on port days after an excursion I stop at a local watering hole and grab a drink if i want one (cheaper there). Usually hit the lounge or a bar for a before dinner drink, then take one to dinner. Depending on nites entertainment option chosen, other voucher drink or a trip to lounge for a few. We have meet some really nice people in the lounges, that have a lot in common with us, probably more so than we ever met just doing the bar with the package before status. Any this works for us and thought i would share, enjoy your cruise whatever you decide .
  8. Love Old San Juan, if it was me I would try to stay there for sure pre-cruise lot to do in walking distance there. After cruise maybe one of the beach hotels in Isle Verde or Coronado area if your not all beached out then, or like someone suggested that would be a great time for a rain Forrest day trip, did it on our honeymoon years ago and love it. Lots of good suggestions already, but like Bob said visit the San Juan forum and read alot. San Juan is our favorite port to cruise out of, best way to hit the Southern Caribbean Islands 18 days to a freedom b2b cruise and counting
  9. Bump for an actual answer to the OP's question. Looking for someone with real experience using Uber or Lyft
  10. cruisegus

    Carnival to charge for all room service!

    and they are only using half the ovens, seems par for the course. good thing i need to watch my weight. Room service fees now seem to be standard across the industry. Have heard rumor that some line may consider making all MDR an additional charge and only the buffet will be free. Still cruising is fairly cheap compared to other vacation options
  11. cruisegus

    Hotels in Fort Lauderdale 2020

    had the same thing happen when we flew into Galveston the week of the super bowl 2 years or so ago as you get closer to the actual date thing tend to open up, seems a lot of "travel agent" grab the room when they initially open. Same thing happens to flights as soon as the open. I ended up booking one way flights for my cruise because of this. good luck
  12. happened to us at Port Everglades got in taxi to airport, noticed the meter was not running, so i ask taxi driver if it was a flat rate to airport or meter service. He said flat rate $20 which i know is not true as there are signs all over his cab that state "meter fares only". But i know the fare is generally around $13-15 when on the meter, so i tell him $20 is a fare rate, needless to say that also included his tip, which is most likely what i would have added to the meter rate anyway. and to think this was from the taxi stand at the terminal, always have to watch those cabies
  13. cruisegus

    Hotel Suggestions for Ft. Lauderdale

    when at the airport (FFL) early DEC 2018 my Verizon Android would not even make a connection to Uber around noon. was just like at a concert everyone tiring to connect so no service. No problem from hotel next morning
  14. Lesson learned by trying to save a dollars you found that the only way to really book a motel is through THEIR web site. Note for the future if you stay at the same chain constantly, I happen to be Marriott Lifetime Platinum Premier, and I can guarantee this will never happen to you again
  15. Was your excursion through the ship or did you go with a private company that sub contracted the guide. I have been told there are only a half dozen guide that escort for the volcano hikes on the island. we are just back from the 8 dec - 8 day cruise on adventure ourselves