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  1. and it is never available until after they stop selling drink packages on board, that you can bank on.
  2. good to know Rob, about Uber at IAH / Bush. We actually are flying in the day before but staying at a hotel on JFK blvd that night. My experiences with Hotels in Galveston is they are much more expensive. The closest to port require a 2 night stay. Some of the ones out on Seawall Blvd, I have had trouble getting taxis early when I want to leave for port, most likely because they are all down there lined up for passengers. Even booked one the night before last time and had to wait 1 hr 45 past pick up time for its arrival. Figured I might have better luck with an early morning Uber from Houston.
  3. Absolutely Carnival is in business to make money. But remember they also make considerable money on the guy who breaks even or goes a little over. The actual cost of the drinks you buy on board including the labor factor for bartenders is actually less than 1/3 the price you pay, so it is not inconceivable that even the person who hits that 15 drink limit is closer to no worse than a break even proposition for Carnival. The rest of us probably provided profit margin figures that were never hit when the paradigm was pay as you go only.
  4. Yes thanks Rob, I have done that, make phantom bookings on Uber actually at 7:30 to 8:30 am on Sunday mornings and get very similar results. Guess I'm just a little hesitant relying on Uber to get me to my cruise on a Sunday morning being its so far. I really dislike the group shuttle experience, and private limos are a little on the expensive side for just 2 people. You see a lot of reviews for shuttle services and transportation for larger groups, but fe reviews on using Uber Sounds like your telling me Uber or Lyft are available almost anytime in Houston area.
  5. not really helpful, as I have read most if not all of those threads already. looking for Recent Experiences, like someone that has actually take an Uber from IAH to port in the last 6 months. looking for availability, wait times, problems if any, even price would all be helpful but thanks anyway for your reply
  6. I do, from Royals web site https://www.royalcaribbean.com/faq/questions/specialty-dining-package-gratuity
  7. I can now see why you may think it is somewhat normal, but both of the examples that you use are very high dollar items and a little more unique. Houseboat I"m sure is in the $100k range as I know almost any RV is (not talking a towed trailer but an actual RV). Again I would have been a little surprised that those companies didn't just offer an insurance option, or maybe the security deposit is if you decide to self insure. Remember we are talking here about relatively cheap ATV,s here, just looked at new one on web, $8000-12000 for major name brands. Yes there is some freight charges to get them to an island, but still on the relatively cheap side. Besides on the tours I have been on, most are not even nearly new vehicles. We will be doing our 4th ATV type tour with-in the last 2 years at Cozumel this time in Nov and none of the companies have asked for a security/damage deposit yet. So I'm still thinking this is out of the normal. But who knows it could be the NEW normal. The good thing is we will know as issues like this continue to surface on these forums.
  8. Then Royal Caribbean should review their policy on vendors they use, this is VERY out of line for this industry. As proof of it being "out of line for this industry" you have to look no further to the posts in this thread confirming that none of the posters have ever encountered this when booking this type of excursion, either through the cruise line or on there own. In my opinion it is best not to mislead new cruisers into thinking this is a common practice or even acceptable.
  9. as the title says anyone have recent experience with an Uber or Lyft for all it maters from IAH or nearby hotel to Galveston port for a Sunday departure, I would plan to leave IAH area NLT 8am recent experiences? trying to plan for a week before thanksgiving cruise
  10. Anytime you pay for specialty dinning on Royal, be it pre-cruise or on board the gratuity has been covered in that cost.
  11. Really this seems like one of the only times I have read of anyone having trouble getting into My Time dinning with less than a 5-10 minute wait. We love my time., but it sound like form reading this thread, that they are overbooking the numbers allowed. It has always seemed strange to me that they only have one of the 3 floors of dining for My time, especially after early service lets out.
  12. There are plenty of ATV companies out there on the Caribbean Islands that DO NOT ask for any kind of deposit for damage. I am assuming that this is an excursion through the ship, if so, In my opinion shame on Royal for allowing one their tour operators to do some thing like this, they should drop that operator like a hot potato. That is what these ATV companies should have insurance for, its not like their Cadillac's and cost 50-60K
  13. @Shaded Lady Thank you for the excellent input
  14. also the cleaning fees for an ABB or VRBO for one night generally make it non-competitive compared to a hotel even during high season
  15. this is a 3 month old thread, and OP has probably already made a decision, but since we are posting. I think a 4-5 day cruse for new cruisers is great, either they like it or not, and SACRILEGE, if not and adult can survive 4-5 days. Based on that i don't think the ship maters as much, introduced to a sea day, introduced to a port of call, introduced to dining options i.e. MDR, Guys, buffet, introduced to entertainment, etc. Once your hooked you can decide what fits you best. Love to cruise, first was a 4 night honeymoon, 10 years later it was a I'm bored to death 7 nighter, learned what works for me. Now its at least 3 of the 7 nights a year for past 7 or more years. Everyone needs to be introduced, much like religion
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