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  1. a fact rarely mentioned being a lawyer just means she knows how the game is played I agree that it will be settled out of court, though not for quite a while, and results won't be broadcast.
  2. it has always been my philosophy that Airlines are not called out as a spreader as since your only on the plane and in the airport a short time NO one can easily trace the infection back to the airplane/airport nor do they try.
  3. in my experience it rarely gets offered, but like above it really depends on sales meeting target, which also includes the number of beverage packages they sell, both on ship and pre-cruise
  4. not familiar with Baltimore, but yes in NOLA transit time to the casino opening is at least 7 hours which makes the first night late an probably misses some passengers. I agee that NOLA is a great port of departure city, with plenty of activity.
  5. that's been my experience with pricing, for D+ generally better to buy ahead of time at lowest price you can find in the months leading up to departure
  6. history shows they never cancel cruises before final payment is due, they have rolled with this strategy from the beginning. they enjoy using the float on that money. they also prefer FCC to cash refunds and it sits differently on the financial books
  7. Obvious, at least to me from your handle, you are an airline cheer leader (JMHO) I do know what the airlines policies are, I’m not stupid. Never the less the fact that the airline and for that matter the cruise lines have a policy that not only smacks of unethical but is also iodic, does not make my feeling, ie “CHEATED” any less valid as you imply. To be honest Covid has brought to light the fact that we need a federal law that changes those policies. I understand the need at some point in time to know who will actually be flying or cruising, but they really don’t need that
  8. why would i book some thing out into 2023, when my personal history says there is at least a 60 percent change they will either cancel my sailing or switch the ship to a lower quality ship. i am more and mor finding this company to have a poor business paradigm
  9. not as bad of a shaft going from Freedom to Explorer but i would be appalled going from Explorer to Radiance, that is a definite downgrade, not to mention not knowing the cabin you will get or the itinerary before the cancellation deadline. this change would be a definite give me my money back situation. will be the same with my Freedom to Explorer B2b if they cant confirm the cabins before cancellation deadline. worst business decision ever, unless they were looking for a way to reduce capacity without actually kicking people off
  10. wishful thinking, Worst part is i purchased ticket for my extended family and of course the darn airline issues a voucher in each persons name individually, some of who will never ever fly again. CHEATED by the Airlines for over 8k. there ought to be a federal law like they have in Europe. Least they could do is refund the vouchers all to the one who payed and let them use it however they want. but then the same can be said for the cruise lines on FCC, "It should alway go back to the same person who PAID, they know who that is.
  11. personally not very happy with the Jan/Feb 2022 change, I just L&Sed one of my Jan/Feb 2021 cruises to last week of Feb and canceled the first leg of the B2B because I had these booked had I know this 3 days earlier I could of L&Sed both of the Jan/Feb 2021 B2B to 2022 and canceled these. I am really getting discouraged with constant changing after I book. Over the last 3 years almost half my cruises have had the ships change or been cancelled out right. I book at least 3 cruises a year and book early to get the location I want, may really think hard about another option for m
  12. those are my thoughts exactly, and what other ports you might stop at will be strictly controlled to ships excursions only
  13. my take on San Juan as a departure port, at least in the winter months when we sail out of there at least twice a year. You know it's warm / hot from the minute you land, not like Miami that can be cool even in winter. Southern Caribbean ports like ABC islands can't be reached on a port of departure Miami in less than 10 days. So an excellent 7 day cruise with great itinerary. Have sailed on RCI Freedom numerous time and had same port of calls as Carnival ships from SJU, and the amenities are no comparison. Not to disparage Carnival as i sail them also, but the need a better ship from thi
  14. ? ever priced a refundable airfare, think almost double the price.
  15. AARP old limit after converting to the new rewards system was 2 a month Limit is now 5 a month a little better, but looks like the $500 cards have gone away permanently
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