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  1. cruisegus

    Early Flight from Ft.Lauderdale

    can i ask what your plan B was, just in case you missed that early flight. we generally sit around taking the later flight so as to insure we don't have a problem not like a few years ago when I traveled for work, had status and the forgave as same day change with no charge
  2. cruisegus

    Order of Debarkation

    self assist leaves first before any category that puts luggage out the night before, this is true on every cruse line I have cruised on. now it you are in as suite and want to walk off most concierges will ensure you are at the head of that line.
  3. cruisegus

    Id question

    sounds kinda odd, in most states i'm aware of you keep the old ID, even is they HOLE punch it and the paper and old ID together consistute the extension. What specific State are you From Seems odd my renewal (full license) came in less that 2 weeks?
  4. New to NCL, but on RCCL and Carnival have never seen at least some if not all excursion open by the time i booked even at 18 months + out. when does NCL post their excursions?
  5. cruisegus

    Getaway deck 5 cabin noise from above?

    ended up with a balcony cabin on deck 13
  6. Considering a cruise on the Getaway and have never sailed NCL, have dozens of cruises on other lines and mostly adhere to cabins above and below have no noise. I have noticed that the cheapest inside cabins are on deck five with both restaurants and the Mixx bar located above. Does anyone have experiance in these rooms and will they be noisy?
  7. cruisegus

    Jeans on "elegant" nights

    I for one hate to dress up, though I do wear slacks is to the MDR, I could care less what any one else wears as it won't affect my dining experience or the good company I will enjoy
  8. cruisegus

    Well, it was fun while it lasted.....

    Maybe with time it will sort out. Kinda like the roll calls
  9. cruisegus

    New and Improved CC

    Just glad the boards are back up
  10. cruisegus

    Preferred port for cruising to Cuba.

    Can attest to overnight in Havana being pretty darn good. Being able to experiance the night life is fantastic
  11. cruisegus

    Parking--New Orleans

    Fulton place parking shuttle service being fast is relative somewhat like quality of food issue. We sailed Carnival out of NOLA Xmas 2017 and did roof top parking at Fulton Place (by the way it is a whole lot of floors up to the roof top) I believe NCL Gem was departing same day and the shuttle waits were like 30 minutes to port. After watching the line and talking to others waiting for about 5-10 minutes we decided it may have been just as fast to walk. We went up to Julia Street, walked in and just past the railroad traks was a fairly narrow one way road coming towards us. We did go into the NCL terminal and walked inside for as long as we could, but eventual had to go out of building to the road. Now that I've done it once i know where i'm going. Will park at Fulton again next Xmas just not roof top.
  12. cruisegus

    Keeping valuables safe at beach

    We have been using our KYSS for about 5 years now. Nothing will stop the determined thief, I'm just looking to stop the grab and go guys and this works great and looks very normal. Great service from company also
  13. cruisegus

    Tour Company in Cuba

    will 2nd this company, did not get Yosel, though we met him. the young man we had was very knowledgeable, spoke perfect English as that was his college major and well worth the money we spent. tour lasted all day from 10 to 4
  14. Sometime it really helps to ask as they don't openly advertise it, generally from my experience it is available the day after they no longer offer the drink package, normally the drink package offer end day 4 of a 7 night cruise. I have seen it offered on 5 night cruises after day 3. As stated it all is dependent on ship and sailing,. not something i would count on
  15. I believe Uber is still questionable in San Juan PR, i know that as of last Feb 2018 the could not pick up at airport. Taxi in San Juan are flat rate based on their commonly available rate map