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  1. Ok, I’m on the boat now, and I see what happens... when you walk up to the haven bar to order a drink, the bar staff does not even bother to ask me for my key card, they just make/give me my drink. Perhaps they are not complimentary, but it’s hard to tell. 😂
  2. We did it, would not do it again either. Since I am the “travel agent” in the family, I book the trips. I have to make sure that everyone is having a good time, find their rooms solve issues, etc. and I LOVE doing it. So my wife and I didn’t really get to take advantage of the perks. We wanted to be with the family. We checked in with the group, eat with the group, embarked and debarked with the group and hung out in the ships main spaces, pool, etc....with the group. The haven was really nice...we wish we saw it! LOL We learned the hard (read: expensive) way to just be with the
  3. I hope! I’m on the December 7th sailing and looking forward to the pile of nachos!
  4. I found it!! I knew I wasn't crazy (about seeing this - jury is still out on my general sanity): https://www.ncl.com/termsandconditions/promotions "For the guests that book their excursions online; they are charged full retail for the excursions and the discount will be applied onboard in the form of a credit to their onboard account. " But, this is specifically for the shore excursion credit, not for general onboard credit usage.
  5. Thanks for the quick replies. I could have sworn that I read somewhere in the cruise ethos that I could charge my items now, and receive a credit for my purchases (up to my onboard credit limit) once onboard. Now I'm struggling to find where the heck I read that! I'm wondering if I made it up in my mind.
  6. Hello all, I'm wondering if it's possible to use my onboard credit before the cruise, to do things like reserve excursions and upgrade internet? I'd like to do it online thru the NCL app. When I add things to my cart, it asks for credit card payment.
  7. This is a weird question - if I book Haven but do not choose a drink package, Will I have to pay for the drinks from Haven bar? I assume that I do, but I can't find any definitive answer as to whether the Haven Bar drinks are free to Haven guests, or no.
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