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  1. That is correct, I did not eat nor order any food from Johnny Rockets 🧨
  2. Just got off the Allure in September, had the RR package and had several JR Milkshakes at zero cost as they were included in the package. Your sea pass card will have a code for all your packages I.e. RR= Royal Refreshment. Enjoy your cruise
  3. I for one certainly hope the rumor is true 🤗 I would love it if it were Princess Meghan!!!
  4. Thanks so much for posting the new pic of an actual room. I am So glad they changed the colors. We’ll be on her for my birthday in April and we should actually be able to tell the difference in the photos now 🤪😊
  5. Thanks for posting this, I am in M108 on the Sky next year and I’m super psyched! I normally travel in a suite but Princess really lacks in suite perks area in my opinion so I want this opportunity on the brand new ship to try out the huge balcony and have the Ultimate Balcony dinner this time around. 🤗
  6. Thanks so much for the awesome slide show. I am excited and sad because I don’t board her until April 2020 🙄😁
  7. Again thanks very much. Worked with my cruise planner today and I got a small but very welcome price drop and the Specialty Dining added to my booking for April 2020 on the Sky 🥰 Beautiful!!🥳
  8. Thanks for posting the video I have too wait until April 2020 to see for myself 🤗
  9. Thank you very much for the additional information. I will do a little more research and opt out if it is indeed outside the corporation
  10. What a wonderful review. We have been blessed to cruise many times in Suites on Princess and spoiled beyond believe aboard NCL ships in the beautiful Haven. Princess is always a consistent nice experience across the board but it always feels and looks the exact same (sailed on Regal and Royal several times and currently booked on Sky Princess and we can’t tell the difference if we look thru photos which ship we are on). Princess is nice and relaxing but lacking behind in all the major lines in Suite perks. No separate restaurants, no nice dedicated lounge to speak of I don’t think the Concierge lounge deserves a mention compared to Michaels or Haven Lounge or evening Coastal Kitchen. No special show seatings, no added perks like internet etc. I wish Princess would rate itself against other lines and beef it up. The suites themselves are very nice and spacious but again they all look the same. The Haven is hand over fist a better experience and really worth the money. It is truly a ship within a ship and a totally upgraded experience. The butler alone takes the experience over the top in our experience. I like both lines but if I had something extra special to celebrate I will always choose the Haven with NCL. They truly set the bar in our opinion. Either way any day sailing the beautiful seas is a good day ⛵️🎊🎉
  11. Princess is owned by Carnival....I am currently booked on the Sky and I received the program opportunity from Princess with my booking number on it
  12. Thanks for the heads up. I’m booked in April on the Sky Princess and evening little bit helps. I will keep an 👁 out 🤗
  13. Hi, we’ll be on the Sky in April and I got the email today. It’s new but looks harmless and it’s free, so I joined. I like the way they show you the number of points upfront for the rewards. Things I’ll do for sure pre-cruise hotel etc. I will get through the site. I looked up the Crowne Plaza we stay at right outside the port and it was on there. 🤗
  14. Princess does a wonderful job with the arrangements. They are always fresh and bright and last the entire cruise we normally do 5-7 days and have never had a problem. We get flowers for the room every cruise because I am not a big fan of the understated Orchids that adorn the suite. Whatever you pick they will make nice in addition to our room if we sail with friends or family I always have the 3 Rose arrangement sent for them and it is done very nicely.
  15. You will find Princess doesn’t offer a lot of things for the Suite guests that you may be used to. The accommodations however are lovely and the service is really good but other than a great space it will not top the list for a Sweet Suite experience just my opinion 🤗
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