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  1. I think the whining and politicization around mask benefits and mask wearing is the most painful and unpleasant thing in all of this. I’m on board in December and we are looking forward to it. We’ve been on several land based vacations since the pandemic and the mask was required, no biggie. I just hope and pray as we unfortunately become sillier and more petty as a society in general that the next nutty group doesn’t decide and start complaining about having to wear clothes in public 🤪 darn hot clothes, rubbing up against my skin, not designer…I want to be free. I was born naked and it’s my right to be naked in any restaurant, theater, cruise ship, airplane that I choose. I don’t care if everyone else around me gets sick 🤒😂 Lighten up, wear the mask😷if you disagree then stay home until things are more suited to the way you prefer them to be. Stay happy or get happy and good health to you and yours everyone
  2. This is disappointing…hopefully it’s very temporary. I set sail in December on Sky and I really want my flowers in the room! 🌸
  3. Thank you for posting, very informative. We’re most likely going to stick with Rapid Testing at local CVS or Walgreens but good to know how easy and accessible the accepted at home RX test kits are.
  4. It’s unavailable in the cruise planner. We sail in December and we always order fresh flowers. Hopefully they fix it soon 😒😔
  5. What an awesome idea, thank you very much. I’m in real estate lol and I never even thought about doing this. I’ll be on the Sky in December. Thank you 😊
  6. IMO, Princess ranks last on its suite perks and special treatment of suite passengers. I am a fan of Princess we are Platinum on Princess and Elite on Celebrity. The Suite accommodations (cabins) on Princess are awesome. We favor the large forward (S5) suites for the layout and 2 bathrooms. The dining on both is wonderful with Celebrity edging out because of actual table side dining available and immersive dining experiences like le Petite Chef. Celebrity features actual lounges and special areas for suite passengers and of course one of my favorites, the wonderful Butler(s). When we really want the “Sweet” Suite treatment we head for the Haven on NCL which beats them both 🥰
  7. Man oh man 😊 thank you so much for this tip we travel all over the world and I never knew this was an option. I will take full advantage of this in the future. This eliminates all the issues with the airport Lounges, being full or even non-existent. Thank you again, I love the CC family 🥰
  8. I’m going to hold out hope😏 I’m going to check 1st thing Monday morning and I’m expecting a big Congratulations and an Invite 🤩
  9. Thank you so much for taking us along with you. We have to wait until my birthday in April 22 and we’ll be on her. Safe travels
  10. Thank you for sharing. Super glad all went well. I’ll be on her April next year for my birthday! Welcome home
  11. I actually just got booked as well but I passed on the airfare, might go back and change it. I passed bcz it specifically said no changes to flight times and seats would be assigned later ( something to that affect) so I knew that for that great rate from DFW it would have some caveats 😔😒 sorry that happened to you. Someone will probably switch with you guys.
  12. Hi all just posting too say I got my Refund 😁 I’m at 70 day mark from cancellation. Sail date would have been 4 April on the new Sky. It was actually put back on 2 different cards, no FCC posted as of yet but very relieved to have my money back. Good luck to everyone still waiting, hang in there
  13. I just got off the line with Princess. We are at 62 days we chose Opt #2. They said they are no longer giving a time frame for the refund, she said they were going by Sail Date. Our sail date would have been 4 April on Sky. I asked what sale date they were up too and the rep said she had no way of knowing 😖. Hopefully by next Friday I have my refund or I will dispute it with my credit card company. Good luck to all of us waiting in the wings🙄🤪 Stay Safe and corona free!
  14. Same boat here, we would have left yesterday on the 4th🤐😔on the new Sky. We selected our option and got receipt on March 10th. Crickets ever since hopefully soon. I need my money and my credits so I can book another 🚢 cruise 😊😛
  15. Your review is awesome. Thanks for sharing. We will be sailing on Sky for my birthday in April we have M108 I can’t wait for breakfast on the balcony every morning and our Ultimate Balcony dinner on my birthday. Safe sailing 🎉😊😁
  16. I’m very disappointed in the fresh flowers going away in the suites...that sucks 😖😔
  17. As stated above call the Dine Line 1st, then find the maitre d and ask to be signed up. We did it last year on the Royal and it was top notch😍 Enjoy your sailing and I hope you get selected...tip if you have any allergies that will lower your chances
  18. I don’t play anymore either. The prices are just silly and not worth it. Once everyone stops refusing to pay these outrageous prices for a simple game of bingo they will be forced to come to their senses and charge a fair price. Until then I will be boycotting 🙄
  19. Thanks so much for posting the platters. This is awesome we sail on her in April for my birthday. Again Thank you 😆😀
  20. Yeppers! The Sale is great I actually switched my Equinox sailing from October 2020 to July which is peak so normally higher and it was lower and I upgraded to a Suite. It worked out awesome. Now we just have to get our traveling friends to switch with us 🤪😊
  21. It’s basically Celebrity’s version of the Key Program on Royal Caribbean...they are owned by the same company so I figured it wouldn’t be long before Celebrity rolled out something.
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