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  1. We are getting our first doses tomorrow! One step closer to normalcy!
  2. This was sent to me : Celebrity Cruises Cruise Notification.rtf It was also followed by an e-mail from Costco, whom the booking was transferred to. If you have a booking on the Constellation, Apex or Edge in the Fall of 2021, either contact your Agent or Celebrity.
  3. We were booked for the Bermuda, Newport and Charleston cruise in May 2020. That, obviously, was cancelled after we made final payment so we L&S it to 2021 which was also cancelled. We ended up getting a full refund for the entire trip, as it was already paid. We rebooked for May, 2022, Pacific Coast.
  4. Yes. Sad to say our B2B on Constellation 10/14/2021 and TA 10/23/21 was also canceled. Luckily, I had double-booked Reflection TA as well. Of course, all this is subjecticated on whether or not European ports will open to the cruise lines and if people will be allowed off ship without being on a ship excursion. The Edge and Constellation 2021 European sailings have been suspended and canceled as well as the Apex TA May 1, 2021. Looking ahead to the summer 2021, the only ships scheduled as of today in Europe will be Infinity, Reflection and Silhouette(which will be based in Southampton) and Ap
  5. For you doubtful Elite+ Members. Tuscan Grill is still an amenity for our breakfast(s). The Elite+ members receive everything in all classes that are below us and the few enhancements in our tier that were not affected by the Always Included" program. We still get the 2 bags Laundry (wash and dry only) per person per cruise. Persian Spa Free during a Port day; discounts on Photos, and other things. Check out my attachment. New Captain's Club Benefits.pdf
  6. Kat, I have no idea why this is not showing in the Roll Calls. There is nothing listed for January 2022.
  7. Ron and Terry from Michigan. Booked this while on Reflection TA. Interested in hearing when people start scheduling excursions or private tours.
  8. When my husband went and asked if a certain paper could be printed for him he was told by Guest Relations that they could not print it because they no longer even get the transmission from the newspapers. We agree that there is so much waste of paper and manpower. The invites to auctions, sales, excursions, etc. Everyday there are reminders left on the bed. bring back the newspaper.....solution would be for a list to be made available where the person can select the one he wants and it be delivered to the room.
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