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  1. I have tryed, it has to Be in the same category, so what I have now is the Best...There are so many free cabins, so I Don t understand Why it has to me the same category. It is not my fault, that We have to change cabin.
  2. I am not happy with the new cabin, the first one was Better....
  3. Fiona MG, They Said it was because of the distance rools, so They had to spred out the guests, so that Don t live to close.
  4. Sirap, No I Can still not make check in and I also miss a new ticket and luggage tacks. Still long Way and the Cruise is so soon....
  5. The reason that I couldn t make check in, was that They have change Our cabin...
  6. You are Very lucky I Can t use App for check in. Maybe Better tomorrow.
  7. Sirap, are you on Harmony 15. Th of august from Barcelona
  8. I Can t still make check in. No possible on the App or on the website....
  9. I Can t see it on the App or on the website, where do you se that
  10. They can t even check in. Check in is not open yet they says
  11. Still not possible to make Online check in for Harmony of The Seas 15. august. Can anyone make check in for sailings close to that day. They still say something tecnical is wrong
  12. For online check in she told me to create a new account for only this sailing. I don t understand why. I always can make log in from my Crown and Anchor account. The check in is still not open she said. I wonder why - so close on the sailing 15. th august
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