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  1. Has anyone heard anything about MSC start up plans. They say it Will Be realeased tomorrow but Maybe anyone know something allready. I Can t wait.....
  2. Will Grandiosa Be one of the first ships who return to sailing....
  3. Have you heard anything about the start up date or do We all have to wait until the 15 th of july where there Will Be an announcement. Today Aida and Tui Cruises They have made the announcement when They start again
  4. This video is not avaible in your region is the only thing it shows.... how Can I see it
  5. Maybe she Will sail some minicruises in Europe before going back to the Caribbean.
  6. Do anyone have a good phone No. I have not Got my refund.
  7. These two ships are sisterships, so nothing different between these two
  8. Preziosa


    You Can change to another MSC cruiseship from the town where you should have been sailing. There are many fantastic ships, They are all Very beautyful.
  9. It sounds great. I hope They also send a ship to Nothern Europe. Can t Wait to Be back on a MSC cruiseship
  10. I did found This on the MSC website https://www.msccruises.de/Search Result?departureDateFrom=01%2F07%2F2020&departureDateTo=31%2F07%2F2020&passengers=2|0|0|0 Not many Cruises in July but if This Will Be the start for MSC it is fine. Then They are back. I cross my fingers, that these Cruises Will Take place No
  11. Tui Cruise have just annouced that They are sailing Norway This summer
  12. Tui Mein Schiff i starting in Nothern Europe in the middle of july. Will MSC also start up as They say on the 11.th of July. I realy hope.
  13. When sailings Will Be confirmed I Think the bookings Will come. Many people are missing to Go on a Cruise but I Will not make a booking before I know the Cruise Will Take place.
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