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  1. Mein Schiff 1 is a fantastic cruiseship. I wish I could make This wonderful Cruise but it is not possible because of my job. I was an 2 Cruise in august an september This summer and I feld Very Very safe onboard.
  2. It s the 27 of november not the 17 th of november, the deadline for booking. there are many suites ready for booking on their website
  3. Fantastic review, Don t foget to enjoy your holiday. But it is so Nice to see that MSC have made a good program for Cruises after the Corona. It is Very simuler to Tui Cruises Mein Schiff.
  4. Some of the ships a Very great. I Go for No. 2 trip after the newstart on Mein Schiff 1 on Friday the 11. Th of september. And the next after Will Be MSC Grandiosa the 4.th of October.
  5. Thank you for the Update,We Will make the same Cruise the 4. Th of october. we have been on Grandiosa before. It s a Nice ship. Have a great Cruise.
  6. She had only two Nights on board Grandiosa, then it is not possible to use the package. So it looks like it is possible to buy more tours through MSC. That is Nice.
  7. Are you on the 1 the 11. Th of september....
  8. Which procedure do you Think about. We were feber tester every morning, you should were monthmask in the buffet when you Go around and Search what you Want to eat and drink and if you not Can keep the distance 1;5 m. You have to reserve place if you Want to join the activitets and Go to the theater. I am on Mein Schiff 1 again the 11.th on september from Kiel.
  9. Costa Diadema is only for Italian people....
  10. Will the christening Take place in Genova.....
  11. We are on the Cruise from Kiel to Stockholm and Finland the 11. Th of September. Anyone here on the same Cruise.....We are from Denmark
  12. Mein Schiff Take people who is allowed to travel to Germany. I was on the first sailing from Kiel. I am Danish, and I Take the next trip with Mein Schiff 1 from Kiel the 11.th of September and Grandiosa the 4. Off October from Genova. It is so fantastic to Be back on the Big ships again. I love it to much.....
  13. Hello Cruise man 60 Grandiosa is nearly the same as Meraviglia.
  14. It was a fantastic moment. I also followed the sail away on the web camera. We were on the first sailing from Hamburg with Grandiosa and now We Will Be back the 4. Th of october. It Will Be so fantastic. We have just been on a Cruise with Mein Schiff 1 from Kiel. It is so fantastic that We Can Cruise again. Thank you To TUI Cruise and MSC Cruises to bring us all back where We belong..
  15. What do you mean about concern returning from Greece...
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