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  1. Is it possible to change GTY balcony cabin. We are Very far behind on deck 9 and there a so many free cabins closer to the middle.....
  2. Yes she was realy good. And also a polish guitar player, did Play in Scooners bar and in Central park. I hope both Will Be there when We come back the 24 of october.
  3. Is it possible to change from Emerald to Diamond after 3 nights on a 7 Night Cruise, when you then have the 80 points to Be Diamond member. Have anybody tried to do that, Maybe a crazy idea...
  4. Can you have sparkling water in the Soda package....
  5. I am also waiting for the cabin No, Harmony of the Seas 24. Of october. Balcony cabin...
  6. Ludde......Do They arrange excursions where We Can talk a walk as a group from the ship or where you Can Take a trip with a wheelchair, have a wonderful Cruise.
  7. In september when We came back after excursion the shops were Open. We were in Barcelona with MSC Seashore.
  8. We have just booked Harmony again the 24 th of october. We were on the first sailing Harmony did after 17 month without passengers.
  9. Yesterday could I not check in for Harmony the 24. Of october, but today No problems
  10. We took the blue Cruise bus which drive from the morning. we were Living at a hotel on Las Ramlas. just went to the end of Las Ramlas by the harbour and turned right. Follow the signs
  11. Sailing with Harmony of Seas you Can Go on your own in Palma de Mallorca
  12. Which ship did you book...
  13. Is it thrue all spanish ports are Open for private excurtions, not only Palma de Mallorca, La Coruña and Barcelona?
  14. Eragon666 did you start the Cruise from Chivicaveccia (Rome)...
  15. Fiona MG is it all spanish ports you Can Go by yourself or is it only Palma de Mallorca
  16. If you see him he Will check temperature. If not i does not matter because They check temperature in the restaurants and in Windjammer.
  17. Fiona MG have you heart something about going a shore by yourself in Italy
  18. Maybe Go by your self when vaccinated.......Please check
  19. Have anyone heard when it Will Be possible to Go on your own, Ports in Italy
  20. Do someone know which excursions are included in the packet with 3 excurtions from Harmony
  21. Will Preziosa realy sail to Brazil This winter. She Will start her first sailing in two days from Genova.
  22. Yes Elevators is a problem. We have to be more than 4. If not we All Will have hours for waiting. We Are 3800 passenger. I Don t think MSC Will take action. Many stay today on the ship and tomorrow we Will be at Sea.
  23. We Are many People. The buffet is very noicy Even when many Are on excursions today in Napoli and New guests is coming and many finish cruise today in Napoli. I ll think around 3500 to 4000 people
  24. We found it today after bording yesterday...
  25. We saw Seashore this morning coming to pier in Genova. It was very Nice to see. In 3 hours we Will check in in the cruise terminal....
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