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  1. You have made a fantastic foto album, Thank you for shering. I have done half of the trip and make the rest april 2020.
  2. No problem with flight. You Can Take a taxi or Take the bus booked through MSC. You Can book during the Cruise in the reception.
  3. Just try it, you Will not regret. Which ship a you looking for....
  4. Just Go to the restaurant and ask first thing when you get on board. The wellcome letter you get when you make the check in, in the terminal, tell when and where you Can Go and ask
  5. When I was on Meraviglia the food was free, but you had to stay and eat in the bar close to the sports area.
  6. I have just signed in for the Meet and mingle party on Meraviglia the 5. Th of April 2020
  7. Hello Mandy see you on Grandiosa the 10 th of november. We are a couple from Denmark.
  8. There are 3 shows every Night, so there Will Be one for you also
  9. We are on the sailing the 10 th of november from Hamburg with Grandiosa. We park Our car in Hamburg airport the 9 th of november and Take a taxi to Our hotel near to where Our ship is dokking. It Will cost around 35 euros.
  10. Did you have it a your dinner... We are on MSC Grandiosa the 10 th of november from Hamburg
  11. How does MSC find out that We have been on more than 10 Cruises. Do We have to tell it in the reception for to have the beautyful cake.
  12. You Will have 2 formal nights, but people do not dress Very much up. Only a few. just wear the same if you Go to a landrestaurant. Thats enough. But you Can dress up if you Want.
  13. I have heard that the coffee etc not are included in chocolatier bar in the Galleria
  14. A new ship, a new card, I look forward to my trip on the new MSC Grandiosa from Hamburg 10. Th of november...
  15. You Can buy the MSC Cruises airfresher in the logoshop on the ship.
  16. You have to Go to reception when you board the ship and fill out a formula named Break of Cruise, then you Will receive a new cruisecard with the new date you Want to leave the ship. I have Done This 1 time and I do it again in november on a trip wit the new Grandiosa. The travelagent have put a comment on my traveldocument
  17. We have changed hotel to Hotel Hafen City because there Will Be a Big party the hole evening from 19.00 to 02.00 because of the christening. So it Will Be the place to Be that evening. Big screens where We Can follow whats going on during the christening.
  18. You have paid for the first Day, so Be there early...
  19. I Think if you have been match you Will not forener Be Black. I Think you have to earn the points on MSC Cruises sailings for to Be a Real Black member.
  20. MSC Cruises germany has the premium drinkpackage included in the Price
  21. Where Will the christening Take place in june 2021...
  22. Great see you there. I Think We Will see the firework together
  23. I hope We Can drink champagne together when We See the fireworks from the hotel. how many are you in your party. We are 2, me and my husband.
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