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  1. Yeah this is what bugged me too see my post around pg 156 for my timeline. Mine said expired and the other one said pending. It didn’t allow me to modify or cancel the pending one. I sent royal up a reply email on my original royal up email asking why and a day or two later they replied that I won the bid that was pending. Best of luck...sounds like you may have good news soon.
  2. Timeline for my royal up sailing November 25 navigator 4 day (45 days out) email came for royal up tome and had my TA as a cc. 10/11 I am at Ocean View ( no balcony) GTY Edoc shows deck 2 my offers to royal up (spacious ocean view balcony min 100 max 350) also was offered spacious panoramic suite ( no balcony) min 100 max 350. We offered max on both total price 700 for upgrade (10/12) I wanted to check on my bid panoramic suite showed expired and balcony showed pending but I no longer had buttons to modify or cancel (10/14) I sent message to royal up to ask why(10/15) Reply from Royal Up on 10/17 and email with offer accepted. Notes: we thought of trying to bid higher on suite and a litttle less on balcony so they could see suite first choice....after reading this blog you all have tracked this for a while...I could see blogs stating that’s not how it works they really don’t care what first choice is it’s what is best for royal up. I told DH from reading blogs best chance high bid and early. This is just conspiracy theory in me but I feel like royal up locked in my bid and we’re just waiting to see if anyone booked balcony during that time so they could unlock or keep bid.....probably not but that’s what it felt like. All in our our price was 2100. Family of 4 Spacious ocean View balcony. Navigator Thanksgiving week. Still 300 less than a year ago and 600 less than today’s price for same room. Your blogs werevery very helpful and I thank you again for taking time to write experience to help others. -Danielle
  3. These posts have been very helpful to me this past week so I would like to add my scenario and how why I used royal up. First I should say when I book the Original room I had never been on royal cruise. We are traveling with friends and we all booked a GTY ocean view on navigator-thanksgiving week its 4 day. At time of booking my husband was leaving one contract job so I had set price point did not want to dip into savings just in case. I was happy with the total price 1400 total for the four of us (daughters 10 and 16).....DH was able to move quickly to another job so thankful so by May we decided to take a quick 3 day to scout out the navigator just the two of us....we were surprised by how small the rooms were. We looked up pics of the ocean view room and can tell from the edocs we are on deck 2. We have been on carnival,Disney, ncl, and princess . We have never had a room with the kids floating above us in bunks as royal has in the deck 2 staterooms ocean view. We enjoyed our royal cruise. It’s just our fault for not checking the bed situation. I guess to have sofa bed insert the word spacious (who knew). So we kept checking prices to see what we could do...all options over 1000. I read up from your nice blogs on royal up. It gave me great insight. Checked prices of upgrading myself or purchasing another room. Decided to bet max. 700. Total price for the four of us after royal up 2100. It is still 300 less than our cost would have been back a year ago as I still have price sheet I discussed with DH. It is around 600 less than todays prices. -Danielle
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