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  1. Hi, this will be our 1st time going to Bermuda with our 2 year old son. We will be on the NCL Dawn leaving NYC tomorrow. We will arrive to King's Wharf at 8 AM Wednesday and our Cruise ship will leave the dockyard at 5Pm, Friday. I do need helpful advice, ideas, and answers if possible on planning our 3 days while we are in Bermuda. Here is our situations: 1) Our 2 year old son takes 1 nap/day so we are planning to bring our stroller. 2) I just had a gout attack on my toe last night and is taking medication for the pain but I still walk with a limp and I should rest it as much as possible (But there is no way I am missing my vacation to Bermuda). 3) We do want to save money and go back to the cruise ship for lunch so we do need an escape plan if we all become hungry. 4) My wife loves the beach so we pretty much want to visit 3 different beaches but we are looking for beaches with calm water since we have our 2 year old son. As of now, my plan are as follows: Day 1) buy a 3 day pass, get map of island and bus/ferry schedule. Take express Ferry to City of Hamilton, then take #7 bus to Horseshoe Bay (I do not know if this has calm water yet). Then take #7 bus back to dockyard. Day 2) We want to go to the aquarium and zoo but I still have not mapped it out yet and then to a beach that someone can recommend which has calm water (maybe clearwater beach?). please help. DAy 3) We were thinking of going to Jobson's cove for our next beach but we do not know yet. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks. Day 3)
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    NCL Mastercard FAQ

    Can somebody please let me know the pros and cons of using the Norwegian Compass reward certificates thru a Travel Agency? It looks like the majority of people on this board are booking directly with NCL. Is this because of less hassle when using a Compass reward certificate? I have only cruised once and it was with Norwegian. And for that 1st time, I booked with an online TA and saved a bundle compared to if I was to book directly with NCL. So now that I have amassed 500 points within 1 year for the NCL compass reward, I am questioning myself whether I should book directly with NCL instead of TA. I also want to mention that when I booked with the online TA, I booked it 4 months before the actual cruise date. Most of the best deals are last minute deals that online TA offers. Is that even a possibility anymore with all these deadlines and processing time for these certificates?? I also noticed that people mention they should mail the certificate directly to ACCOUNTING of NCL even if you deal with a TA. But if I book thru a TA, why would I send the certificate to NCL at all? I understand that the TA makes a payment to NCL but shouldn’t the certificate go directly to whoever you are directly paying the balance to? Another reason for sending the certificate directly to TA is because you will not be able to see your balance on the NCL website which means you will not know if you rec’d the credit. I don’t know, please excuse me if these questions look stupid which is probably because I have only cruised once. Thank you. Ben