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  1. I may be confused and confess to not reading this entire thread, but I thought you mailed in your passport to get the passport card. Can you have both in your possession?? Do they mail back the passport??
  2. We also love the Best Western Yacht Harbor, so close and good dinner options and groceries nearby. And very reasonable for a balcony room, free shuttle, 24 hr. coffee etc
  3. Thanks!!! I think the photos I found were older before dry dock. This is good news as we take turns watching while each gets ready for the day!!
  4. Took an upgrade w/O looking at photos. Now upon checking, the TV seems oddly placed? We like to catch up in the morning & maybe catch a movie at night, but this set up would seem to make it hard to watch from bed.
  5. HATED our Kdam aft. I got next to no sleep. I felt like pulling and then like a shuddering all night. Never again.
  6. Bathrobe is a very generic term used for an item that today serves a multitude of uses. Considering the fact that there are very few baths on the NS, I wouldn't put too much emphasis on the original meaning of the word. The Lido Market shares its deck with the fitness centre, the spa, the hydro pool, hot tubs and two swimming pools, all areas where coverups of this nature are pretty common, so it's quite understandable that one is going to see the occasional passenger crossing through on the way to or from these other areas. Some might even stop along the way for a bite. While I personally wouldn't use one outside my cabin, a white terrycloth robe doesn't offend my sensibilities as much as some of the flimsy, see-through "coverups" that I frequently see in the Lido Market. Exactly this. I walk thru the LIDO on my way to the hydrotherapy suite. In my bathrobe. I don't eat or sit down, but it's just the easiest way to get there. What else should I do?
  7. I dunno, all the security and dogs must look the other way when the Blues Cruise sails. That is one waking and baking ship if the cloud in the hallways is right :)
  8. Mods, you may move this, or other members, I don't really see a forum for this question. If I were a gazillionaire and wanted to charter a boat for a theme cruise, say for paper mache, can I choose between levels of service for my charter? Say, for example, I want my pax to all have the very best of everything, like food and service, or maybe just the bare minimum, depending on what I choose to pay for the boat I am chartering?
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