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  1. After 40 years of landlording and 15 years of cruising with the worries of our properties, we sold out, and are treating ourselves to our first Neptune. We like a lot, a LOT, of ice in our cabin, and typically bring a collapsible cooler that we keep on the balcony and tip our steward well to keep it full of ice. The ice bucket in the room does not suffice, we've had them fill a champagne bucket with ice and it's just not enough. Do we need bring the cooler with us in our first Neptune, or is there a supply of ice in the Lounge? We're beyond excited, but trying to be practical.
  2. Interesting. We've traveled with a portable forever, and have never filled out any form. We're lucky enough we can leave ours at home for a week, but so glad we found this thread.
  3. How do you handle the last nite and morning toiletries, which will not be allowed in your carry-on bags, if you use Luggage Direct. My fella has not suffered the lockdown well, (not to mention our ages) and getting the luggage handled for us sounds very tempting
  4. Thinking about trying one, but apprehensive. I know it's Pinnacle, but would love it if it gets hot and relaxing.
  5. Although we do not need an accessible cabin, we find the commodes in the cabins to be very very low. I guess we're used to ours at home, an elevated commode (toilet). Has anyone else felt the same? Is there any solution to help raise the seat? We're getting older and it's just so hard to get up and down.
  6. I go there to relax, to lie in the waters and just zone out. Last cruise 3 women and a man were carrying on the LOUDEST convo ever, of course, you have to be heard over the water, but they went on for such a long time, I had to leave. I went to a heated lounge, and DAMN, if they didn't show up there still talking. What would you have done? i just left and was grumpy all day. Well, maybe for an hour :)
  7. We loved our signature on the Eurodam. mostly for the "desk and shelves" set up by the bed. Handy for so much. But the photos I am seeing of same on the Statendam don't seem to include that set up. Can anyone confirm that it's either there or not?
  8. I hated our middle aft. I believe it was the Statendam, but the jerking and shaking of the ship as it moved kept me awake all nite. Like THUMP, BZZZ, BANG is how I described it. And as for the view, my hubby said it was like watching a washing machine run, just same same.
  9. The pax on this charter are partiers, AKA, drinkers. Only 1 bar on the aft deck (where the music is) was making Bloody Marys (they do set up a second bar for simple drinks but no speciality drinks like the drink of the day) and the bloodies were pretty marginal, I had one served in a pilsner glass! And no veggies save one lonesome olive. There were, each afternoon when the bands are playing on the aft deck, a total of 2 servers. Simply not enough for this particular crowd, and they were so overwhelmed!! The poor barkeep trying to make Bloodies was keeping up best he could, but the servers were
  10. I used to grab a couple of them to take to the cabin for a late nite snack when I didn't want to wait for room service. And they used to come in a little paper/cellophane bag. No more bag??? Last cruise I wrapped them in napkins, which was OK, I guess. Anyone else notice this??
  11. Usually at dinner, at the end by the drink section, small pretty plates of apps, like prosciutto and melon, different salads like orzo with olives, Dolmadakia , a garnished plate of meats and cheeses, etc. On our last cruise, there were just bowls or trays of whatever. I missed the pretty small plates.
  12. We did an aft on the Kdam a couple of years ago, and I complained about it here. Same thing you're describing. I don't know if the seas were particularly bad, but I got almost no sleep from being bounced up and down and forward and backward.
  13. The reason I ask about a computer, is although I take my tablet, my SO has an especially hard time using it, fumble-fingers. A laptop would be nice, but I don't want to schlep.
  14. Ok, a computer??? Using our wifi pkg. or what?? And books?? We get the free laundry, and honestly, although we had a card in our Sig. Suite with our "concierge's" name, we never saw or heard from the fella. Hmm, still pondering. But I do thank the people who have taken the time to respond. Oh, one other thing. i usually trek up to the Lido upon boarding to be sure to get a week pass for the hyrotherapy suite. Can they do that?? Oh, and one other one thing, is there alway ice available in the lounge? I sometimes suffer keeping enough ice in the room.
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