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  1. I don't understand why they quarantine for norovirus but not upper respiratory infections.


    On our second leg in Australia, during cocktail hour, there was a couple that said they visited medical and they were lined up 20 feet outside the doorway to medical.


    I caught the upper respiratory the last day of the cruise, and was sick for a solid month. Wonder if I had caught this year's influenza. DH and I were both sick, and it took a shot, two rounds of antibiotics to fix it for both of us. DH can usually walk it off. But we were also had a 13.5 hour plane ride to get home.


    A nasty case of norovirus can put people in the hospital if they get dehydrated enough.


    And don't forget how incredibly filthy planes are. We wipe down our seats, headrests, trays, windows, overhead buttons, vents, everything. I've gotten sick on planes way more often than on the boat.

  2. As for plastic containers left by passengers, they will be recycled. Even though your cabin steward takes all the garbage from all their assigned cabins and dumps it into one bag on their cart, when they take that cart down to "sanitation" the steward is responsible for sorting through the bag and separating everything into categories (plastic, glass, paper, metal, batteries, sharps, food, hazmat). Everything other than food waste (ground and pumped overboard) and paper/cardboard (incinerated) is recycled.


    Thank you

  3. I always take my own conditioner and shampoo, and try to take used almost empty containers of hand lotions, moisturizers, spray conditioners, coconut oil, etc. And I just leave them after 7 days.

    Are the crew allowed to have them? Are they thrown out, and if so, are the containers recycled? Because I am a mad recycler, and don't like to think of those containers, mostly plastic, added to the waste stream. But I would like to think the crew can use them, or someone?

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