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  1. This will be my first time sailing with a twelve year old child. On previous cruises I needed a photo ID and my cruise card to return to the ship. My granddaughter does not have a photo ID. What has been the experience of other cruisers and what does Norwegian require. Always appreciate the help I get on these boards
  2. We get a bottle of sparkling wine in our aqua class cabin. Is there anyway to trade it for a bottle of red wine
  3. Ship: Summit Length of Cruise: 11 nights Sailing: June 5, 2019 Date email offer received. We booked this on May 23 and received email next day Captain's Club: Select Booked with a TA Booked a Veranda Guarantee and were given 7031 Bid? Yes Cabin Category: Aqua Bid Offer $245pp (weak bid) Notified: May 23 Accepted We booked an exceptional deal to begin with, so thought it would be worth it to have Aqua for Blu Restaurant. Our cost is still less than $100 per person.
  4. We just received word of a successful bid on Aqua Class one week before we leave.
  5. I will be on the Escape in August with my 12 year old granddaughter. I am interested in the opinions of recent cruisers as to which entertainment options they think would be of interest and appropriate for a 12 year old. This will be her first cruise and though I have cruised previously, my first on Norwegian.
  6. Captain and crew did a great job under difficult circumstances Unfortunately, not everyone pays attention to the announcements
  7. Thanks for the offer of help. We are staying at the Strand
  8. We are traveling aboard the Regal Princess this month and would like to purchase wine to bring on board. Having visited ports in Spain and Italy on previous trips, we were able to purchase some good wines ashore at great prices. We realize that the costs will be higher in the countries we are visiting.Any suggestions (particularly Copenhagen) will be greatly appreciated.
  9. Our habit is to drink a half a bottle of wine at dinner and save the rest for the next night. We have always had TD and our waiter always had our partial bottle of wine on our table when we arrived. This will be our first time with ATD and I am wondering how long it will take for our waiter to find a partial bottle of wine. Would appreciate any suggestions as to how to how to make this go smoothly.
  10. I fill empty hotel shampoo bottles with liquid detergent to use for hand washing. When empty, I throw them away.
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