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  1. Dunmore2

    Le Petit Chef vs Qsine

    We tried it once on the Transatlantic, although it was offered every night, no regular Qsine offered at all. We were a group of 8, hard to visit because we were in two long rows. The food was good, presentation spectacular. I would prefer a salad rather than two desserts. At $25 for an promo, we felt it was a fair price.
  2. I agree with your philosophy. I often think about how many people are relying on that crew member’s salary back home.
  3. About 7-8 years ago we asked our suite butler how he’d prefer we tipped. He said that when it’s an auto tip, it goes directly into his bank, and his family back in India could access it. If it’s cash, he’s likely to spend it on a meal while at a port if he gets time off to go ashore. He said his wife needed the money more than he did, but that it was our choice. Since then, we leave the autotips as they are, and give additional cash as needed. Filling out the cards for “ going above and beyond” benefits/rewards workers as well, sometimes a 2-3 hr time off.
  4. We lucked out for this upcoming Reflection Transatlantic. We booked a concierge 2 room. Then after final payment, the prices dropped and when we called the online cruise company who booked the cruise for us, we got an aqua room at no additional charge. It’s all about supply and demand. And checking prices frequently. Good luck.
  5. Dunmore2

    Web Page Under Maintainance

    I was on the app today too, lots of blank pages with the message “ We’re experiencing an issue. Please check back later.”
  6. Dunmore2

    Qsine on Reflection

    Thank you for clarifying. I saw a post yesterday about a special Qsine tasting lunch on Eclipse for $25. I see now that it is very different than this meal.
  7. Dunmore2

    Qsine on Reflection

    Is this for every evening meal at Qsine? For some reason, I thought it was for special lunches on sea days.
  8. Dunmore2

    Bed by the window - calling all seniors!

    I like a tea light, bought in Michael’s type stores. It looks like a candle, but is battery powered. It casts a yellow, flickering “firelight”, and I put bring one for bathrooms in hotel rooms and cruise cabin bathrooms.
  9. Dunmore2

    Bathroom Toiletries

    Are there qtips/ cotton swabs, or have they been discontinued. I believe we had them in a suite, but that was two years ago.
  10. Dunmore2

    Has anyone used the "What's App"app?

    Whats App works great for us when we need to communicate with our immediate family, 6 of us are in our “ group”, 4 with iPhones and two with androids. ( only 2 on the cruise) It’s really nice to type the message once and it goes to everyone in our group. We use it while traveling the world, and as long as we’re using WiFi, there’s no roaming charges.
  11. Dunmore2

    White night?

    Within the past five years there was a white night dance on Celebrity, pretty sure it was in the Caribbean. In the daily it was suggested to dress in white and/or black.
  12. Dunmore2

    Why does celebrity still have arcades?

    Too true....or the “ entitled person “ berating and yelling at the waiter, store owner, etc that they didn’t get their seniors discount. The discount is deserved, just not the poor treatment.
  13. We had it on the Reflection and I’ve seen it “advertised” on the back page of the daily schedule. No write up, just a time listed for practice. Perhaps you can find recent Dailies from Silhouette and see if they’ve had any listed.
  14. We rub the inside of our goggles with baby shampoo, just a small bit. Then rinse in the salt water before putting them on. No fog for at least an hour. A travel size container of it lasts quite awhile.
  15. Dunmore2

    Room service menu's

    Thanks for posting, vtcruising. Appreciate it.