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  1. You guys have a lot more patience than I do to track down the lowest rate. I had tried several hotels with good rates in Oslo, but none of them showed availability when I would try to book. The Continental let me book, so I figured I had better take what I could get, even knowing the possibility I could get stuck. On travel insurance, you all are right, but the insurance is very expensive and has all kinds of loopholes where they could deny the claim. I have done about 15 cruises and have always self insured and so far it has worked out. The money I have saved may catch up to me one day, but I understand that and won't be upset with myself. I use an Amex Delta platinum card and they are pretty good about fixing things that go wrong. One other thing, my wife had to use the doctor on an Oceania cruise last year, and the bill was about $700 for an earache. I paid it, but kept copies and applied to my health insurance...Blue Cross...and they paid every dime of it.
  2. I tried three different levels of rooms there and every time it would say those rooms were not available. I was using the link that I was given by Delta. So, maybe they didn't have any rooms available at the Delta rate. Anyhow, I had to make a non-refundable payment to Continental, so I am there. I'll go by the Grand for a drink and a look around. I loved the building from the outside and the pictures inside looked great. Thanks for your help.
  3. I just booked the Continental Hotel in Oslo. It got great reviews and was middle priced...luxury, but not 5 star. Includes wifi and free breakfast for $316. Anyone ever stayed there?
  4. Thanks. I just checked out the Oslo Grand. I remember it from our previous visit. Even though I tried to book one of the higher priced rooms, it said it was booked. Any second choices? I will check TA for tours and Roll Call.
  5. They are pushing the Radisson Blue downtown. Business class room. I saw the Oslo Grand on the web and it looks nice to me. Thanks for the recommendation. What about local tours? The ship also wants lots of money for their tours and I have had success in other places just using someone at the dock or finding a tour company over the internet. We have seen the museum island and recommend it to anyone, but now we have about 24 hours to experience Oslo and want to see what else it has to offer. Any suggestions?
  6. We are headed on July 23 to Oslo to meet the Marina and go on a fiord cruise. We get to Oslo a day early and are looking for a nice, convenient hotel that is reasonably priced. Oceania offered us on for $900 per night, but that seemed extreme. Other websites show good hotels for $125-$200 per night. Any suggestions? Also, we usually don't book tours and pick up locals wherever we go. That has worked out in the past. Will it work out on this cruise?
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