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  1. Dodgers suck😏 Luckily, they have a good history of have great regular seasons, and utterly self-destructing come playoff time. May the best team win though 🤷‍♂️
  2. As a millennial and a person who cares not to think about looking at the incurred cost on my cruise sheet daily, I would like the option of a drinks package. Unless these drinks are merely $2-8 dollars per drink (yes; that cheap as I would expect prices beneath land-based operations), I would be very concerned I may be racking up quite the bill. I don't go on vacation to do math and create a budget (that is what my pre-planning is for). I go on vacation to order whatever drink I want knowing I have already secured the cost of the beverage and not feeling concerned for not finishing the drink if I don't like it.
  3. Oof! 🤦‍♂️ I missed that. I guess it just hasn't changed for my cruise yet. I was thinking that NCL was doing something similar to RCL in which Oasis-Class ships have a higher costs than other ships.
  4. I am thinking this is only on Breakaway Plus ships because other ships are not seeing this increase. Neither mine, on a non-Breakaway Plus ship.
  5. I may have 2 of the 3 next cruises booked on other lines, but increases aren't going to push me away. I'm not a cheerleader, just someone who understands basic economics and how corporations work (I don't love it, but that is the way of Corporate America). Plus I always book on Celebrity as a switch to NCL on my 2 cruises/year. When the next recessions hits, NCL will feel it, but only because they are entry-market competing against CCL and RCCL. They all will.
  6. If you scroll down further on the terms and conditions page, it discussed more on the SDP for Food Republic: ARE ANY MENU ITEMS EXCLUDED FROM SPECIALTY DINING PACKAGES? All Specialty Restaurant menu items are included except Seafood Platter in Raw Bar. Additional entrée charges may apply. For Food Republic and Pincho, an SDP meal includes 4 items.
  7. While Moderno is fun to try, on our most frequent cruises, we have decided to dine elsewhere with our SDP. Our next cruise, we had already decided on other venues. I can't see people paying much more than $36pp for a cover charge restaurant.
  8. Dawn was amazing after refurb. Great service. I disagree with others. The wine bar may be underutilized space, but a welcomed one.
  9. You aren't wrong, @ocdb8r. Bundling in the service industry almost always created an inferior product over time. NCL was really impressive from 2013-6 entering in their Breakaway class with the bundling product. Now, upcharges, services charges, and increased pricing get you reduced quality, drink selection reduction, and reduced general services in the bars and restaurants. I would certainly encourage the Jewel class where while drink selection remains an issue, at least you can pay for the premium plus beverage packaging, and receive a better degree of general service and quality.
  10. Can't wait to read the reviews on this trainwreck. BA and Escape already had some issues with sun-bathing; now this. I guess I shouldn't knock it 'til I try it; but that being said, I won't be sailing Encore.
  11. The one thing I am certain on DSC is that it has been over-discussed. Pay it or don't pay it. The choice is yours and not to be worried about by another. The cruise industry and Collective Bargaining Agreement will adapt if you do not. I, for one (as stated before), only sail when my DSC is included as a perk, either by my TA (NCL), promotional offering (most often on Celebrity) or as a standard of the line (Virgin).
  12. Key West and Cozumel are much better than Cuba! Nassau is Nassau (enough said). IMO, Cuba is a one-and-done trip. The people are lovely but Cuba is a bit underwhelming.
  13. I agree with everything you said on preference for land over the sea. One thing the cruise ships could do is create a supply-chain for an in-port local fresh catch (as I know they do on Alaska cruises, others, etc). It is going to be impossible to replicate cold-water lobster without flash-freezing, as 1 in 3 cruises are in the Carribean. Truly, the cruise industry needs to catch up to the land-based meal, but that all comes with a major cost, one it seems that some people don't understand, is not free. That also being said, even NCL knows, they will need to continually adapt their pricing structure for SDP and UBP, or change completely. They have no plans for the base rate to subsidize SDP and UBP, as long as there is a paying party. Still, I see they still like to squeeze the base-rate buyer with a higher SAIL AWAY rate than most lines. In the meantime, as long as people continue to bundle SDP and UBP with Stateroom, over SAIL AWAY, NCL will continue to push the boundaries (and essentially, quality) of SDP and UBP.
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