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  1. So does it make it selfish that I was on a cruise last week? What is the difference going on a cruise this week versus last?
  2. If it makes your decision any easier, I found the Breakaway to be very clean last week and the staff were observant to cleaning areas fairly quickly. It's a risk either way, but I would say if you are over 60 years old, you may want to strongly consider canceling.
  3. On our 02/29/2020 Breakaway sailing, we had consistently been told in our first 2 SPD restaurants that we were entitled to 1 appetizer, 1 soup/salad, and 1 entree. This killed the ambiance as I had to refer the servers to the Terms and Conditions. After these two negative experiences, I made a complaint to the Restaurant Manager, and Hernan Gonzalez Rios did follow-up with me. He did send a bottle of wine to the MDR one evening to try to make amends. Yet, he was insistent that we were only entitled to 1 appetizer and 1 soup/salad, but would make a concession to include unlimited appetizers/soups/salads at our 3rd SDP like he was doing a favor (which he was not). In the restaurants, I had only ordered 1 additional appetizer/soup/salad and this is what became frustrating to me. On past cruises with NCL, this had never been an issue with servers or the Restaurant Manager. The Terms and Conditions allow for additional appetizers and soups/salads (see here): All Specialty Restaurant menu items are included except Seafood Platter in Raw Bar. Premium menu item upcharges may apply. Additional entrée charges may apply. These situations cause distress when I am trying to relax on vacation. As prior guests, we understand the terms and conditions and don't appreciate the misinformation from servers. Either change the Terms and conditions OR stop the misinformation. I know Herman knows better (with 20 + years on-board), as well. Luckily we had a great server in the MDR (Benedicto from the Philippines) that made our cruise a better experience.
  4. Yep; I just watched this. It's great to watch the video, but Don literally reports on anything cruise-related. If a drink was spilled on the pool-deck, he would 'report' on it. Socially media is great but Don's opinion is not the end-all-be-all. Not related to Don but... :Anyone can post a video on YouTube; it doesn't make them smart or insightful.
  5. @RedwingHockeyFan @Duffield Any suggestions for disembarkation? I have a 1:45p flight and pre-arranged transportation. Should I walk-off or were there no issues with pulling a tag?
  6. Hi Jim! We are millennial cruisers out of Arizona and subscribers to your YouTube channel. Thanks for the information on the Joy! We have never cruised Haven, and have not had much interest in the BA+ class after Escape, but may consider the Haven at the price point you mention. That would be worth it in my opinion. If you have time to answer, what is your next cruise? We will be following along on YouTube regardless. Thank you for all you do!
  7. This has been in every major international airport for over a year. Maybe it can expedite some of their processes as they are often short-staffed. Maybe. I, for one, welcome our Skynet overlords.
  8. Thank you for another wonderful, transparent review, Sid! Your pictures share what I already knew: I will never sail Encore. Back to Jewel Class and Celebrity in 2021.
  9. This is the correct answer. I don't think NCL will completely go the route of Oceania. Certainly, they will do whatever is most profitable. I expect NCL to acquire a new cruise line in the next 5 years. Best wishes to Andy.
  10. Dodgers suck😏 Luckily, they have a good history of have great regular seasons, and utterly self-destructing come playoff time. May the best team win though 🤷‍♂️
  11. As a millennial and a person who cares not to think about looking at the incurred cost on my cruise sheet daily, I would like the option of a drinks package. Unless these drinks are merely $2-8 dollars per drink (yes; that cheap as I would expect prices beneath land-based operations), I would be very concerned I may be racking up quite the bill. I don't go on vacation to do math and create a budget (that is what my pre-planning is for). I go on vacation to order whatever drink I want knowing I have already secured the cost of the beverage and not feeling concerned for not finishing the drink if I don't like it.
  12. Oof! 🤦‍♂️ I missed that. I guess it just hasn't changed for my cruise yet. I was thinking that NCL was doing something similar to RCL in which Oasis-Class ships have a higher costs than other ships.
  13. I am thinking this is only on Breakaway Plus ships because other ships are not seeing this increase. Neither mine, on a non-Breakaway Plus ship.
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