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  1. https://www.rome2rio.com/map/Braintree-Logan-Express-Terminal-262-Forbes-Road-Braintree-MA-02184-USA/1-Black-Falcon-Ave-Boston-MA-02210-USA Just another thought...... Park at LX Braintree, not that far from the junction of 95 and then Uber to the cruise terminal. At least you'll still be south of Boston instead of adding another hour travel time through the city and its traffic to any suggested hotels in Revere, etc. At least this method would not involve going to the airport for the silver line, luggage on and off, etc. Heck, there are hotels in the immediate LX area, too, Hyatt is on Forbes so it might be a good idea to check them out. Darcy
  2. Parking at Braintree is only $7. per day. During peak travel weeks, they have offered reduced packages which we have taken advantage of, especially around the major holidays. I use to buy the multi ticket LX passes - book of ten for $75., but they clamped down on using that same book # on each bus run, and then they started to "date" the individual tickets. I have a few here that have expired, and no refunds. The current price of the LX bus to/from the Braintree depot to BOS is $20 r/t for a senior, and $22. for adults, children under 17 are free. Depending on our travel plans, we either park at Braintree and LX into BOS, or have friends drop us at the depot, thus avoiding the additional parking fees during extended trips. It's great that the bus schedule now runs every 20 minutes, too. Now if I could only get from home to Braintree via rt 24 or rt 95 without the mega traffic, it would be great. Darcy
  3. We took" an appreciation of wines" cruise with AMA. Before we left Boston for our overnight flight to Amsterdam, DH picked up a bottle of vodka at Duty free. I was concerned about taking that onto the river boat, but once we arrived, a crew member took our luggage, the bottle and marked our room number on it. We were on the boat quite early in the morning, no traditional security, and were told to go to the main lounge to grab something to eat, and take a nap until other passengers have left the boat for their late day flights and rooms would be ready. We did have a light breakfast, caught a few hours sleep and then headed out to do a walking tour in Amsterdam. When we returned in the late afternoon, we checked in at the small lobby desk, picked up our room key and sure enough, the bottle of vodka was on the counter. Given all the free-flowing wine, and samples at the vineyards along the Rhine, no need to purchase wine to carry on. Darcy
  4. We usually plan to drop the rental about 10:am. The challenge is to ignore the GPS's directions and use the iphone...but then, DH is driving, so directions to the vehicle drop side of Alamo is ignored. The past two times, entering directly from the 17th st side was prevented by port security, so we had to back-track toward FLL and go under the highway, loop around and then drive into Alamo 's back side.....where you would pickup the rental car. AH, one way arrows, but no fear, DH drove along side the building and turned into one of the return lanes. Just pull into the drop lane and hand over the key/fob......not that difficult. The comp shuttle [good size van] was parked along side us, and its driver helped with luggage and off we went to the ship. Darcy
  5. We are doing the Crown in November and have decided to rent a golf cart at the pier in Bonaire, do a self-directed tour and then head to Delfins Resort where we have reservations - nothing included outside of nice sea-side atmosphere. St Thomas - take a cab to Emerald - rent beach chairs and umbrella. Dominica, we are doing a rafting trip and partial island tour. Curacao - heading to the beach and going to the aquarium - not worth resort reservations due to limited time in port. Grenada, been there a few times, might simply wander the markets and then enjoy quietude on the ship. We usually do resort passes through resorts for a day, but nothing shows up for the 10 nights of our cruise. Darcy
  6. DH gravitates toward Wolfgang Puck's or Wallburgers for breakfast before an early flight. I grab a scone at Starbucks, or bagel at Dunkins. All these are in Terminal C. The gates are to the left and right of security, same with shops and food vendors. Logan is always under renovation, not the most attractive decor. At least it's functional - and makes one want to get onto the plane to leave. Darcy
  7. We are picking up a car at FLL for a few days, [November cruise] and then returning it to Alamo off Eller. We've done this before and never had a problem. DH swings into the Alamo "return" lane behind the building and we unload the luggage - an Alamo courtesy van drive then takes the luggage onto his van and off we go to the pier. We also do the same process when picking p a car post-cruise. Darcy
  8. It looks as though Hawaiian Air goes through terminal E. That's the international terminal. If that's the case, then stay within the secure area - there are ample places to have a meal. I know people like Legal Seafood, IMO, egh. It's at Terminall E and it's connecting to terminal, C. It's still airport food. 11 to 12 hours on a plane, one option is to grab a sandwich - Pot Belly Pig at Terminal C isn't bad, [you can walk within the secure area to the terminal] at least it's made to order V one of those pre-wrapped things you can grab and go...made a week or more ago. BOS doesn't have any worth while dining venues, some of the worse airport food options I've ever had. That's our closest airport, and sometimes hunger is better than the food options, not to mention the over priced food. Jet Blue is terminal C, so you may come in there and have to walk within the secure are to Terminal E. After you land [your luggage will be ticketed through???] head toward the exit, but stay right and DON'T go through the secure doors into the exit terminal, stay right, beyond the escalators and walk toward the connecting corridor toward Terminal E. Darcy
  9. And you will drive on the Left side of the road, much like in England. Darcy
  10. I've never seen that on any ship. Darcy
  11. I read that the locals can be quite aggressive and that's not something I'm comfortable with. It's my vacation and I want to enjoy it my way. In addition, I want to see parts of the island, not sit on a hot beach all day and worry about my belongs. Darcy
  12. DH contacted a local island vendor and we now have a golf cart reserved for the day. Neither of us like the big bus tours and prefer to do things that reflect our interests and on our own time schedule. So, we're planning to head along the coast to a less crowded beach, one that has a nice beach bar and avoid the crowds. Darcy
  13. Sorry for the lack of clarity. Growing up in a sailing family and being able to name each and every sail on a brig/brigantine/bark/clipper, etc., since I was about 10, I didn't provide the details about the Chinese junk in Bonaire. Far from being a catamaran [yes, had one of those too, Force Five], it's a unique vessel with an amazing history, reminding me of Hong Kong Harbor. Jack Sparrow would be envious, though he would have preferred a multi-mast bark. https://www.tripadvisor.com/Attraction_Review-g147268-d6372119-Reviews-Samur_Sailing_Charters-Kralendijk_Bonaire.html Darcy
  14. We've out of Southampton 4 times and never had anyone question the few bottles we had in our carry one luggage at the security sector. Once we got onto the ship, there was a table set up for corkage, but nobody was there, so we simply went to lunch and enjoyed the wine in our cabin. We've never brought 12 bottles, so I can't speak to that. Last cruise, I had 2 bottles in a tote, picked up at Waitrose and was never stopped. Flying for the US necessitated the purchase while on our pre-cruise road trip. That was within the 2 bottles per cabin limit. However friends from Poole and Bournemouth arrived with multiple bottles each, and brought them all onto the ship without stopping at the corkage table, not realizing they were supposed to pay the fee. Since we had appetizers and wine before dinner in our cabins, taking a bottle to dinner never became an issue.... by the time we headed to dinner, none of us needed anything more than water with our meal. As an aside, loved Guild Hall suggestion. We took our friend from Bournemouth there for dinner. Ironically, the restaurant is a favorite of her future mother-in-law. Darcy
  15. You need to join Hyatt's guest program. It takes but a few minutes on their main site, free, and easy to use and receive reduced rates and the free hotel breakfast. I joined years ago and have received comp upgrades, free night stays, assorted freebies when checking in to their hotels, and many times, not charged to park the car. You don't need to enroll in their credit card program - just join the main Hyatt guest program and receive your ID# and create your own password log in. We're staying at Hyatt Place in Dania a few nights pre-cruise, and another 2 nights post cruise at the 17th St., location. Darcy
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