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  1. Hyatt is behind Bistro Mezzaluna, [love their happy hour bar menu], a bit further back from the main traffic flow where Embassy is located. I would say adjacent to the back left of ES. Harbor Shops is a five minute walk from the hotel. We often enjoy taking our morning coffee outside to the front of the hotel, ample seating in a mini tropical garden. Darcy
  2. That was my first reaction, so I dug out old pictures of the Serenade of the Seas inaugural crossing from Amsterdam to Boston back in August 2003. My skyline is ten years older than the one in the picture. The jetty looks similar to a few of my pictures as we sailed through the locks to the North Sea, NoordzeeKanal. One of the spires in the background looks like a old kirk. Darcy
  3. https://www.tripadvisor.com/RestaurantsNear-g34168-d4926189-Hyatt_Place-Dania_Beach_Broward_County_Florida.html Lots of options Darcy
  4. The Hyatt House Dania is not within walking distance of the port. Best option is inquire at the desk upon check-in and they will let you know the options - shuttle, uber, taxi, etc. We stayed at Hyatt Place and from the parking lot I could see the street with multiple restaurants - maybe 5-10 minute walk at the most. Also some major shopping venues. We've always found Hyatt to be very good at making dining suggestions. Like you, we found there was a significant price difference between the 17th st Hyatt and Dania. The do have an airport shuttle https://www.hyatt.com/en-US/hotel/florida/hyatt-place-ft-lauderdale-airport-cruise-port/fllzd/maps-parking-transportation Darcy
  5. Go to the hotel's web site and you will find the information about shuttle cost. Food is subjective as is bed comfort. Darcy
  6. Hyatt Centric certainly is a beautiful hotel. However, we always rent a car to venture beyond the immediate area and parking at this Hyatt runs $33. plus tax per day and is only valet. I would have to factor that additional cost into booking the hotel. Back when we used to stay at Pier 66, parking was always an additional cost, but we could save a few $ by doing self park. Being Hyatt members, we could often get a special rate and use points toward the booking. I would crunch the numbers and compare final cost among 17th St., Dania and Centric before I booked again. Darcy
  7. First, i would pick up the phone and call the police department to verify the validity of this email. Possibly ask a few questions of someone in authority before responding to the questions. Darcy Hey,Tony AKA Lucky TGO - How are things in your neighborhood? Hear your city is experiencing very high numbers. We're OK here in the southwestern suburbs. The Kraft family is doing a lot for everyone in this area. D
  8. WatchHill


    Yes, smaller passenger compliment. Plus I truly have no interest in all the big boat glitz and amenities. River cruises afford the passengers the opportunity to see cities and towns along the rivers, focus on history and culture, very port intensive, not bingo and shopping talks. Totally different experience from main line cruise ships. And as DH said, if the current isn't bad, we can swim to shore - hard to do off a 150K ton ship. Darcy
  9. WatchHill


    In mid-March we requested the refund of four FCD's to the CC on record. First phone rep said a few weeks, nothing. So a second call said 60 days. So far, nothing has been posted back to the credit card. Interesting to note that two of the FCD's were set to expire last week. Given the current issues surrounding flights and cruise travel, our age, it doesn't look like we'll be doing any cruise travel in he near future. Once things begin to fall into place and there's factual CV19 information and an inoculation, we'll be looking at river cruises. We've done a few and think that will be our safest option, as long as we can get a flight! Still waiting on a refund from Virgin Atlantic, ugh. In the mean time, we're cleaning the attic and finding old cruise memories, including items from DH's trip from England to Mombasa in 1961 on the British India line the SS Uganda. The family later sailed on to Mahe, Seychelles. The one first class menu made me cringe. Darcy
  10. Last November we did pre-cruise at Hyatt Place in Dania, mainly due to the price difference with Hyatt by 17th Street. The location was very good, close to the airport [we rented a car at FLL], lots of new shops and restaurants close by, too. Quite area, we did walk around the general shopping district one evening. Hyatt was clean, good breakfast buffet [be sure to enroll in their member program for free breakfast and daily bottles of water]. Best part, we were never charged for parking unlike hotels along 17th St area. Post cruise we stayed at Hyatt Place by 17th, another good location. Darcy
  11. When we did a Rhine River cruise, ending in Basel, we too the train to Lucerne and stayed at the Renaissance about two blocks for the rail station. From there we went to Zurich and at the rail station, took the tram to another Renaissance that was very close to the airport. At first I had misgivings about being away from the city, but the tram was an easy ride back into the city where we spent three full days. Even went to Lichtenstein one day! Since we had a very early flight out of Zurich to CDG, I was glad we were so close to the airport. The hotel got us a cab. We loved Zurich, except the cost of items. Darcy
  12. We have 4 FCD's and decided to request the money returned to the credit card on record. The request went in mid-March, got one story it will post in a few days, then another phone call DH was told wait a few weeks, and the last phone call said by May 9th. Not holding my breath. It's bad enough we're getting yanked around by Virgin Atlantic and their dilatory tactics surrounding the refund of 4 canceled air tickets BOS/LHR/BOS. I'm still holding onto the CCL stock, but given the rumors and talk about restricting passengers by age and health, we are seriously considering our next cruise be a river cruise. We've done a few and thoroughly enjoyed them; time to focus on that in our travel future. Once things settle down and there is a vaccine, then we would book again with Princess/HAL/Cunard. Darcy
  13. We have frequently stayed at Hyatt in Ft Lauderdale. The location is excellent with nearby restaurants, stores and wine at Harbor Shops. I feel very safe walking around the area. Be sure to sign up for a [free] Hyatt membership and enter that when you make the booking - usually 10% discount, plus free breakfast, and daily free water bottles. They have a small hotel bar and a few food items for sale. We have also stayed at Hyatt Place, Dania, another good location. We love Mezzaluna Bistro across the parking lot for Happy Hour at the Bar. Darcy
  14. Three weeks ago, we requested the 4 FCC certificate payments be refunded to the credit card on record. At that time we were told it will take 10 business days. Trying to patient at this difficult time, we waited an additional week. DH just called Princess and was told 60 days! Not a good way to retain customers when you do this to frequent cruisers. I'm waiting for Virgin Atlantic to refund us for cancelled flights - at least I have the documentation and was told 100 days at the outset. Plus, the date of this charge is rather recent and I can always contact the credit card company. The FCC's are well over a year old so CC charge back might not work. We still have our CCL stock. Be well, be safe Darcy
  15. Yes, we are painfully aware of the new restrictions.The couple will go ahead with the legal ceremony at the town hall, they were able to move up the date, and then be together at the groom's parents' home for a quiet celebration. No reception at the golf club. We are hoping to hold a festive event in the USA in late summer if everyone is able to travel. My sister and niece will attempt to fly back to BOS, via JFK, on Delta, the Virgin code share partner on Wednesday. Since they will require quarantine, I'll drive their car to the airport, and DH will follow me in his. I plan to toss them the car keys so that they can drive home together and I'll hop into DH's car, thus avoiding close contact. With that plan in place I'll be able to run errands for them as needed. Flights are limited to return to the USA, but we'll find something, anticipating a lengthy transit process. I did convince my sister to enroll in the STEP program - even if it gives her a false sense of security. I did the online application for refund with Virgin Atlantic. Our transfers were easy to cancel as neither had been a pre-pay. Blackberry and Discover the South were very understanding. DH canceled the rental car at Alamo in Southampton. Although the Novotel was booked and pre-paid on a no flex rate, they have been wonderful and prompt with communications and are processing full refund. We've stayed there before and will do it again. We have another friend who is in quarantine in Cambodia. She said Viking has been very good to them, even found an American doctor to handle needed medications for them. I did watch an interview with another passenger on the same river trip who told a different story - I won't comment on that. This crisis is ever changing and we all need to be understanding and supportive. Abiding by orders to avoid close social contact is imperative for all of us. Darcy
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