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  1. Sections of Sawgrass are a "life style" mall, open air walking between many stores. Other sections are inside and I would not anticipate any problem accessing the shops inside the enclosed mall area. My recent ventures in retail therapy have had few restrictions in any USA shops. Some may limit total number of shoppers or request masks, but all are more interested in encouraging spending. There's an outlet shopping center near me, Wrentham Premium Outlets, one that my niece insists on hitting for a full day whenever she's in the States. She arrives with two nearly empty suit cases and returns to the UK with both packed full of new clothes, minus the price tags. Rental cars are few and far between and very costly. Those "extras" add up to be more than the basic rates. When we rent in the UK, although using DH's corporate account rate structure, we are required to add insurance since our USA auto policies do not extend across the pond. When we rent in FL, our auto insurance covers us - probably the same for you. During your flight, take your time eating or drinking - more time with a mask off. Darcy
  2. Yes, my niece is a US citizen, her husband is British, living in Southbourne. He enters the States under the same regulations as her due to marriage. She said the worse part of travel was wearing a mask for so long: a few hours at LHR, the flight and then through BOS Logan airport and onto the Express bus. They both travel to the family holiday villa in the south of Spain and go through all the quarantine protocols, thankfully they are both able to work from home. Suggest you the book.com booking system. I am never comfortable with secondary systems, but since you have contacted the concierge, you know your reservation is secure. For future reservations go directly with Hyatt. Oh, Sawgrass is always on our pre-cruise destination plans. Since we always rent a car when arriving at FLL, getting to the outlets is relatively easy. Darcy
  3. If you book with Hyatt, be sure to join their member loyalty program. With that, you will get free breakfast at Hyatt Place, water bottle from the beverage case at check in and 10% member booking discount [though I've managed some better rates]. We've stayed multiple times at Hyatt off 17th St., very convenient to many restaurants. Kelly's Landing is a short walk away, but be careful crossing the street...crazy drivers! Our favorite for happy hour is across the parking lot; Mezzaluna with its raw oysters and very friendly bar crowd. We always fly in a few days before a cruise and book Hyatt. A couple of times, we stayed at Hyatt Dania, the other side of the airport, due to a significant difference in price. My niece flew into Boston from London last month fully vaccinated and with a negative covid test, without incident. Upon return she did have to self quarantine at home. She is returning here next month for a wedding and so far it's a go. Here's hoping we can return to some degree of normalcy and resume travel throughout the world. Darcy
  4. Rainy weekend, bars were crowded, etc., and this past weekend P' town hosted a family weekend. I'm sure that within a few days the positivity numbers will go up in the community and in those towns from which the visitors hailed. The cluster jumped from 256 to 430, doubling in three days. The majority lived outside of P'town, and all visitors are urged to get tested. Next rip to Boston, think about the Cape Flyer - rail from South Station , with stops along the route to the Cape gateway, Wareham Village, Buzzards Bay, Bourne and Hyannis. It runs from Memorial Day to Labor Day, weekends. You can leave South Station on Friday afternoon and arrive in Hyannis about 2 hours later. Maybe check into a hotel for a night or two. Return on Sunday night to South Station as late as 8:30 pm. Seniors with a charlie card can get half price tickets, children under 11 ride free. The rail trip is a good option if you want to connect to the high speed ferry to the Vineyard or Nantucket. Darcy
  5. If we arrive early at any of the Hyatt's, either pre or post, they secure our luggage until a room is ready. Since we pack swim attire in carry-on luggage, we use a changing/bathroom near the pool and relax for a few hours until we can formally check in. There have been a few times we were able to check in well before noon, though now I'm sure extra cleaning and limited help might prevent that. The early check in charge can be absurd. Darcy
  6. Plus, we can get into our favorite restaurants without lengthy wait times. And getting over the Bourne Bridge without delay! It's also the perfect time to bike/walk/run along the canal. We used to keep our sail boat in Wareham and sailed Buzzards Bay - early fall was the best! Darcy
  7. Just a reminder....masks are required on the MBTA. Enjoy Boston, take in the swan boats on Boston Common, enjoy the museums. If you can fit it in, wander the North End and enjoy dinner at one of the many Italian restaurants. IMO, the Cape is best enjoyed in the early fall when most of the tourists have left. Darcy
  8. I have a vague memory of an Alaska cruise on the old, old Rotterdam [Ritz Carlton Lounge, crazy stair case system due to the ship being built for "class"]. We arrived in Vancouver from Boston and enjoyed Canada Day fireworks from our hotel by the harbor. Got on the ship the following day and arrived in Ketchikan on the 4th. There was a parade along the waterfront and I kept buying tickets for some community fund raiser. When DH asked me if I knew what the prize was, I shrugged "Probably something very Alaskan?" Two cords of wood, one cord of wood, etc. he discouraged me from claiming the prize if I won. I found the picture album of this trip and couldn't seen anything 4th of July on the ship. But the Dutch theme was outstanding. Darcy
  9. https://www.shuttlefare.com/hilton_back_bay_boston Is this the shuttle service? I put in 2 passengers, but you can put in arrival and flight date/details. Best to call to confirm, I never trust any of these online reservations systems. Also checking with the hotel directly might give you up to date options. Though Rome2Rio is usually very good - it seems to be time sensitive to travel traffic. Hate to sit in Boston traffic in a taxi $$$. The Logan Express used to offer a free run to the Back Bay, but that has been suspended due to covid. We always use Logan Express, parking our car in Braintree [only $7./day - cheap compared to Logan or any Boston parking fees]. LX used to do three trips per hour, now only one each hour. I the past 16 months I've accumulated lots of FF miles [and not from flying] on my Jet Blue CC transferring to my True Blue account. Next year JB flies BOS to LHR and I have enough for mint, yea! Darcy
  10. https://www.rome2rio.com/map/Terminal-C-Departures-Level/Hilton-Boston-Back-Bay Try playing with this!
  11. I just checked the trip planner menu on the MBTA APP . Silver Line from the airport is free, then the MBTA "gets you." At one time Logan Express ran a comp coach, but stopped the service due to covid. But I am looking at the map and directions right now.....over an hour and a few changes, hauling your luggage, etc., .....not the happiest way to start a vacation. I'm guessing you come into terminal C and suggest you follow the signs to car services like Uber, etc., or take a taxi. You can play around with the MBTA App, the directions read like waze walking. Or try my favorite how to get anywhere on the planet...Rome2Rio. It's so easy to use and I really have used it throughout Europe and even in the USA. That will give you all the options and cost. Darcy
  12. Great! That's the branch that runs to the MFA, towards Brigham & Women's. You can download the MBTA APP, it's quite easy to use, maps, schedules and all the "alerts" of rail delay issues. Your hotel should have a city map of things to do while visiting ...check at the desk when you arrive. I've walked this entire area many times, often faster than trolley, bus or rail. Are you flying in, driving or coming in on rail/coach? Darcy
  13. When is this trip? If it's this August, using the Green Line will be problematic due to month long repairs. The E Branch will shut down from August 2 - 29, much like last year. Darcy
  14. Speak directly with your medical professionals who write the Rx, also discuss with your pharmacy and the insurance company. While on a few extended trips in which DH would need additional meds to get him through the vacation, our pharmacy, CVS, was able to contact the insurance company and did provide DH with extra meds. Last year my sister extended her stay with family in England [travel back to the USA was not a good thing due to covid issues/flights, etc.] and while there, found herself short on two meds. I got them filled here and then mailed them to her. However, the package sat in HM Customs for over two weeks and she landed up getting a week's worth of meds through a local UK national health pharmacy. When she finally got the package, she had to pay customs, ugh. Darcy
  15. No need to worry about sea sickness - meander into the Boston Public Gardens and take a Swan Boat ride. It's a short, nostalgic ride around the lagoon where you can see various ducks and turtles. There are dinner "cruises" around Boston harbor, plus the harbor boat [not sure its current schedule], to go around the inner harbor islands. Of course there is the duck tour, too. IMO the best whale watching trip in Hawaii - the ones I've done out of Boston and northern 'burbs were quite rough. When on the Cape, you can ferry over to Martha's Vineyard or Nantucket to spend the day. Darcy
  16. Many of the rental cars are sitting in storage lots beyond the standard rental sites. There's a huge Enterprise facility a few towns away from us and the lot is filled with cars they cannot rent - seems those computer "chips" all need to be replaced due to a safety recall. New vehicles are limited, too for similar reasons. A friend who works at that facility said they anticipate getting the chips by the end of the year and it will take time to change out the defective ones and re-certify the cars for use. He said they normally delete cars at 30K miles but are now renting cars with over 45K miles. Now that we are no longer in high production of masks in the USA, time to re-tool and make our own chips! Darcy
  17. Both DH and I are in our 70's and for the past decade have been enjoying the time to travel on extended trips as we're no long bound by employment schedules. Just as the pandemic hit, we were planning a trip to England to attend a family wedding and extend our time there with a road trip [we've done multiple BI cruises]. Last year we also planned a river cruise and annual get-way cruise to the Caribbean to escape the cold New England winters. Alas, no cruise, no road trips. At this point in our lives, we realize health and age are prime factors in any travel decisions. Car rentals have age restrictions and neither of us would entertain a canned bus tour. I'm not comfortable with cruising until I feel the vaccine/no vaccine issue is formalized and there is a documented history of cruises without incident. We could easily fly to any place in the USA, but car rentals are absurd $$ even if we could get a rental. Flying overseas is problematic as the USA is an Amber country, need to quarantine and multiple covid tests required for entry and return. Yes, I do feel we have lost a lot of travel opportunities and can only hope more people are vaccinated and observe all safety protocols to protect themselves, families and each and every one of us.
  18. Given all those Jet Blue points I've earned buying paper towels and sanitizers, I NEED to use them for a flight across the pond to visit family in England. Once we feel relatively safe for distant travel, we plan to return to England for a road trip and then head to the continent for a river cruise. But for now, we're heading to Maine for a long weekend get-away to be near the ocean. Darcy
  19. Why the need to go to the airport? IMO, those transfer with luggage tours are not that great and do cost a bit for what you get. Once you leave the ship, go directly to the hotel, via cab or ride share, etc. . If you don't need the early check in, no guarantee, just have your luggage held in a secure storage room and either head to the pool to relax or do a little exploring of the immediate area on foot. If you have a hotel in the 17th St. area, the Sun Trolley or narrated water taxi are far better alternatives to a bus tour. Darcy
  20. The original Kelly's was in Southie. After a day at the beach, we stopped to buy me a box of fried clams. My parents used to talk about the old Victorian structure adjacent to the yacht club, heavily damaged in hurricanes. Strange that we fly to Florida for New England seafood - Kelly's clam chowder is the best! Darcy
  21. https://www.rome2rio.com/map/Drydock-Ave-Black-Falcon-Ave/700-Atlantic-Ave-Boston-MA-02205-USA#r/Taxi/s/0 It's not far from the Flynn Terminal to South Station, taxi or Uber would be easiest if you don't want to take the Silver Line. Darcy
  22. Post cruise, we have used Alamo on Eller, taking their complimentary shuttle from the port to the rental office. There is a well identified shuttle pick-up area, across the street from where we exited the port. When we fly into FLL, we rent at the airport Alamo/National/Enterprise [all the same company], but prices do vary. Some rental locations may not be operational right now due to limited travel needs. Darcy
  23. It isn't very often to see a reference to a couple of British India Steam ships on CC. DH moved [early 60's] with his family from the States to England for a month and boarded the SS Uganda. We still have the first class passenger list. As an adolescent, DH thought the crowd was boring, so he hung out in second class. They sailed onto Mombasa where he then traveled to Nairobi to attend school. The family went on to Seychelles to live. Every 45 days, DH took the train from Nairobi to Mombasa to board a British India ship [Kampala or Karanja] to join the family on Mahe. . He also cruise to India via the same steam ship line. Nostalgia. Darcy
  24. What company are you renting the car from? Although we normally fly into FLL, not Miami, having a car is far more convenient. We rent from Alamo, picking it up at the airport and then return it to their nearby PE site on Eller and hop on their free shuttle to the ship. If you return the car to FLL, then you will will also have to pay taxi to the pier and plan on extra time to arrive at the ship - but then, who knows what's happening with specific details with Uber safety. Darcy
  25. The Hyatt Boston Harbor is at the airport. Not a good choice, located across from American Airlines cargo terminal. Look for a hotel either at the seaport or "uptown" near the Common. Darcy
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