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  1. You CAN apply the coupon even if you prepay. I usually prepay as many things as possible before the cruise so it's all paid for before we go. Usually (not always) there is a slight discount if you pre purchase.
  2. We have used this twice and it is a great value. Make sure you hit ALL the spots where they are taking pictures to get the most value (they usually have between 4 and 6 locations each evening). Get your picture taken when you depart the ship (get off for the pic even if you don't plan to go into port). Also, whenever you see a photographer ask them to take you picture. And by all means if you see a hardcopy that is NOT in your electronic account ask them to add it. No problem there either. Finally, if there is a C&A coupon (I know there is for D+ and Pinnacle) it IS good for 10% off a Digital Photo Package even if you pre order through the MyCruisePhotos.com PRIOR to sailing. It is CLEARLY bolded on the coupon. Don't let anyone tell you you can't use it. We argued with the manager as he said they had not seen this used for prior purchases and they were confused about how to apply the refund. They ended up refunding our prior purchase and charged our seapass card with the discount applied. Hopefully, they have figured this out (we sailed in early January on Independence). All in all a GREAT value if you plan to buy pictures anyway.
  3. Next time try getting YOUR money from Guest Relations. I refuse to pay 3% to get MY money back. This shouldn't be a problem unless it is the kind of OBC that you forfeit if not used.
  4. Our last cruise (Independence in January 2013) we experienced the same thing. We did a back to back cruise. RCCL put through daily charges then the final amount as well. All individual charges were pending for over a week. We actually had to use a different card mid-way through the second week for the same reasons as the poster above stated. All pending charges did not clear up until after we returned from our cruise. Don't understand why they have started putting through daily charges unless that is their way of putting a hold on the CC. However, doing that ties up the available line of credit by double charging the hold. We may switch to cash deposit since we rarely charge more than $500 during the week to avoid the hassle.
  5. It's on Independence too. I put in $5. Came close but alas nothing. It does suck you in with the illusion that you can time the release just right.
  6. We were on the 1/6 and 1/13 sailing and I must say I really enjoyed the 70's music vice the "caribbean steel drums" or current music. One thing I will say is the volumn was not overbearing.
  7. I agree about the "cabana boy". He was excellent. He was always there when we needed something. He guarded our table while we waited in line to get lunch. We wanted pics from the ships photographers but they never quite made it to our area (they cruise the water taking candid shots). I left the cabana to try to find one of them and the attendant asked what I needed. When I told him he said he would go and find one for us. He came back about 10 minutes later with TWO ships photographers (we figured one was in training). Since we had purchased the ALL inclusive picture CD we wanted as many ships pictures as we could get and they took about 6 pics of us which all came out great. I will try to upload a few later. All I can say is he earned his tip and then some.
  8. In October we had #3. On this sailing we had #6. It was AWESOME. The water level at #3 is too deep to stand. #6 is chest deep for about 30 yards (at least). And #6 is pretty secluded as well. Loved it! Definitely made up for getting into Labadee late (and all aboard was 4:30).
  9. Lobster night was the 2nd formal night. Please keep in mind that the menu may change since we were on a 6 night vs the 8 night sailing.
  10. We also we on this week as well as the week before. We did the galley tour the last day of the 1st week and that's when we found out they were NOT doing the new menu until February. I was bummed but we made do anyway. We did have the new menu on Allure back in October and IMHO it is much better than the current menu.
  11. We watched over 200 people come back to the ship up to 30 minutes after All Aboard in Costa Maya. I so wanted them to pull up the gangway just to watch the look on the faces of the people left behind. Also made us mad since we got back to the ship 30 minutes early to avoid missing the ship. Not fair to those who follow the rules.
  12. I agree overall the cruise was nice. Service was very good. Still can't figure out why a process they do virtually every week still gets messed up. Example--Consecutive cruisers (there were 75 of us) did NOT receive the notice of where to meet. Most called to find out where the info meeting was held. Not a big deal. Then they had us fill out customs forms which are NOT needed since we only go through immigration. We met at 9:30 am and were escorted off at a little after 10 am and back on the ship just before 11 am. Terminal 29 is TERRIBLE. Poor design and layout from traffic flow to communication. Highly suggest to RCL they spend a few dollars and paint crosswalks, build covered walkways to the taxi stand so you don't get soaked in the rain or have to walk through puddles to catch a taxi. Casino dealers need LOTS of training especially the Craps dealers. They all were horrible. Overall a great cruise and we will be back on Indy next year.
  13. Charge was $.65 per minute not $.75 (just got back from a B2B). Package rates dropped from that to (if memory serves) $.58/$and so forth. Did not see the last tow packages listed as even available (then again didn't need that many minutes). Wifi in cabin was decent (didn't try around ship). Computers in the Online area (deck 8) were hit and miss.
  14. One caveat...I would only purchase if it included waters and coffees AND only for the person who drinks. Makes no sense to purchase for someone who drinks little or no alcohol. I'll continue to pay as I go (regardless of cost).
  15. Yep. Restaurants, Bars, Bowling Alleys. All said we'll never survive. Guess what? When ALL do it the choice becomes clear--don't do anything or adjust. It may not be conveinent for smokers but it works. And frankly, I have to believe smokers are happier too (even if they don't admit it).
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