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  1. We were on the xmas cruise as well. Loved the cruise but I doubt I will cruise out of Pedro again if I can help it.
  2. It was complete mess when we boarded the Joy in December. No signage whatsoever... Just a mass of people trying to get into the security tent. Had a boarding time of 11am... Arrived at 11:30 and didn't get on board until 1:30. Didn't ruin the trip but it was definitely my worst boarding experience.
  3. It can't hurt to try. I literally took a picture of my government ID and sent it to them. We didn't lose any perk and it bumped the discount to 10%.
  4. Do you mean top sail (as in the YC only area)?
  5. Seriously... I ran into that problem a while back... MSC please make this an option on your website:)
  6. Unless you want the mug for your collections it's not worth it IMO. You get a few extra ounces of beer for the same price. If you order a six pack for the room you will be paying about the same price as the bars.
  7. I've sailed the Fantasy and Wonder and prefer the smaller ship. I didn't miss the extra's on the Fantasy at all.
  8. If it's in the theaters it will be on the Magic. For Star Wars most likely in the WD Theater.
  9. 2k for an ocean view isn't a terrible price at all for 4 night DCL cruise. The only thing other than the above recommendation is to book a placeholder while on-board (I realize that doesn't help you right now).
  10. Me too. 26 days and counting and we will be on the Magic for the first time. Your review definitely helped pass the time.
  11. Apples vs. oranges. My family enjoys both lines for different reasons.
  12. We were in the YC back in March and split our 40 piece laundry package over two orders.
  13. Can't help you on timing re: tendering as we were YC front of the line. We did arguably my favorite cruise excursion ever with Dexter. Stingrays, snorkeling, and an overall great relaxing day. Eight of us did a half day tour with him and IMO it was very reasonable. https://www.dexters-fantaseatours.com/
  14. I also found them to be inconsistent at times in the both the YC and standard bars. Nothing that we haven't experienced on other cruises lines. In fact the only place I have had spot on drinks all the time was at Alchemy on a carnival cruise.
  15. There were cold pressed juices in plastic bottles in the Seaside YC back in March. I am not sure if they were available outside.
  16. Another equivalent would be like asking NCL to book my favorite band. Nobody would be forced to attend but I would like it and don't want to pay for it myself.
  17. There is some shade to be found depending on the time of day. I would not bother with a cabana as they are basically patricians with a few loungers in them. They do come with some snacks (finger food, sushi) if I recall correctly but they are literally steps away from the poolside grill. There are tons of drinks to choose from with different menus at all of the bars. In the Yacht Club just tell the bartender or butler your preferences and I am sure they will make something you will enjoy. The laundry services in excellent but you are charged for it. ~$
  18. We were on the March 23 sailing and enjoyed having Alex and Ben take great care or us. There were 8 of us.
  19. Phone definitely worked better for me. Try resetting your password. My booking magically reappeared when I did that. The headaches with the website and phone booking were totally worth it IMO. We did a 7 night yacht club cruise on Seaside.
  20. As nice as that room sounds I would trade it for YC 8 days a week. We were on the March 23 cruise and the YC has basically ruined cruising for me. We have cruises booked on other lines (NCL, Disney) but still booked onboard a Spring Break 2021 cruise to get back YC.
  21. Just an FYI for anyone looking to book and/or with a current booking. I just realized MSC has a discount for teachers and government employees. About 10 minutes on the phone netted me an additional 5% (~200$) off my cruise. 844-320-0758 was the number I used. I was able to take a picture of my government ID, email it the representative and within a few minutes had a new confirmation with the discounted rate.
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