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  1. Prime Rib in the MDR the first night is very good!
  2. We did this same itinerary last September, and are on the Oct. 4th sailing. We love these islands! Looking forward to reading more!
  3. In February last year I couldn't stop hitting in the casino. I came home ahead for the trip. In September though, I couldn't hit anything!
  4. Last September on the 10 night ABC cruise they had Rusty Farst, a professional diver. I think he did 5 or 6 lectures. Last February on our 7 day they had a few different lectures, but I can't remember who they were.
  5. HGTV and the FOOD network.. same shows seem to be on a loop. TV options not great 😞.
  6. During the kitchen tour question and answer session they stated that the menus were the same fleet wide. (This was before the Edge) Also that the corporate office does the ordering for all ships. I do believe that they said they have the freedom to do whatever they like in the buffet.
  7. We have walked out of all 3 production shows: Life, Topper and the worst Elysium. We always sit in the back. We thought the shows were awful and singers were bad. Very talented acrobats though. But some people love these shows. Some comedians were very funny, some not so. You wont know until the show starts. Again, sit in the back so if you decide to leave you wont disturb many. Magicians were so-so. The Motown group was fantastic!!! The Fab 4 show was also fantastic!!! Ashley Amber has a great voice, but once is enough for us. September last year there were two brothers that played the electric violins. I hesitated to go, because I thought I wouldn't like it. They were great, a definite must see. You will see so many different answers here, as everyone likes different things. I wish they switched the shows around more. Was on Equinox twice last year, and 2nd time we skipped the 3 production shows. And next month we will have the same problem as the shows are the same, plus will skip the ballet if that is showing. We do like a show in the evening, but we love the Equinox, so I guess we will have to gamble those nights!
  8. Dinners : Prime Rib, Lamb in phillo dough, chicken coquito, Seafood orzo. Appetizers : Blue cheese souffle, Onion soup
  9. I agree, and sometimes a language barrier. Sometimes they just don't understand what you are saying, even if they say they understand. Trying again later with a different representative or asking for a supervisor works wonders, in person or on the phone.
  10. The upgrade to the premium package includes a 20% gratuity...so $12 a day, not $10. So that is correct. If you call Celebrity they will be able to see that you prepaid the gratuities and credit your account. They are very good about this. Would love to hear more about your trip! Please share or do a review!
  11. I did this last year.. It was pretty quick, but I had plenty of time... If I were you I would call the credit card company and ask. After you get the points you can transfer to Celebrity online. That took about 5 minutes and then I just printed everything out. So you have about 3 weeks yet, I'm sure everything will fall into place.
  12. Great review and pictures! Can't wait to read more.
  13. Sorry..Not the best photo... this is from 2018.
  14. It is a cash in / ticket out system. Then you cash in the printed tickets at the cashier for real money. You can insert your seapass for them to rate your play, but it's not needed. And if there are any promos such as 'free play' it will be loaded onto your seapass card and you access it with a pin# , which is usually set to your birthday.
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