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  1. Great review! We also didn't mind the Infinite Veranda and loved the food in Eden Cafe. The outside eating area is wonderful. Equinox is our favorite ship! You will love it.
  2. The Millennium was the first revolutionized ship in 2019, so you can definitely pick up your keys at your room. Even if I arrange for our beds to be apart before we arrive, they are usually not. Just tell them when you arrive and they will fix it for you. This is when I ask them to empty the mini bar also, and ask for more hangers.
  3. You can stop at Guest relations and they will punch your card. You can stop at your stateroom as soon as you get on. Pick up your keys that are right outside the door. Leave any bags you have in the room, put things in the safe if you want to. Then you have to leave until the rooms are ready.
  4. I can't provide the link because I had to be logged in to get to this page.. When you book the package you have to also pay 20% tax/tip. Alcoholic Drinks Product List Premium Package From $69.00/ per guest per day Classic Package From $59.00/ per guest per day
  5. Yes, a ton!!! You can get many frozen drinks including Pina Coladas, Daquiris, Mudslides, Margaritas and my personal favorite the French Caribbean. You can get any of the following liquors with a mix: Beefeater Bombay Bacardi and flavors Captain Morgans Malibu Myers Don Julio Absolute Smirnoff Titos and flavors CC Jim Beam Johnny Walker Red Dewars Segrams 7 & VO and many more All kinds of beers Bottled Water, quite a few coffees at Cafe Bacio, Soda, and Teas
  6. I would also give my parents the bedroom and take the pull out for myself. I have seen numerous posts about the room attendant bringing people pillow tops or foam tops to put on top of the regular mattress, so I am sure you could put one on the sofa mattress.
  7. If I see a room I want on a weekend I put a hold on it, usually thru the online chat feature. Then Monday I call my TA with the info and she takes care of it for me.
  8. Great itinerary, we have done it twice! We rented the golf cart in Bonaire from Bonaire cruisers. So much fun!
  9. Definitely the ABC's! Aruba has the best beaches. Rent the golf cart on Bonaire for the day, it's so much fun!! Curacao is such a beautiful area to walk around, see the floating bridge, and they have a great casino 5 minutes from the ship.
  10. Huge difference! Below is Equinox balcony opened to cabin next door. Then Edge IV.
  11. There is no limit on how many drinks you can have. Everything $9 and under is included. Anything above $9 you can pay the difference for, + 20% gratuity. So $1.20 for each dollar over will be added to your onboard account. These are from Edge March 2020
  12. On our last Edge sailing we dined in each of the MDR's and a few of them twice. We wanted to try each one to see how they were different. We liked Tuscan the best. Our service in all 4 of them was not great. Food took so long to come out, items were forgot, coffee was brought after our dessert was finished. Our drink order was taken fast, and drinks showed up quickly. But it was over half an hour before they took our food order, and another half hour for the appetizer to come out. For the 2 of us we were there over 2 hours every night and were rushed every night to get to the show
  13. Pros: Made the cabin seem bigger. On a really hot day in port you can sit and enjoy the views in the comfort of the air conditioning On rainy, windy days you can also enjoy the views without being cold or getting rained on Very hard to hear your neighbors on their "verandas" with this type of room Room darkening blinds keeps the room very dark in the morning Cons: Captain can lock the windows. This did not happen to us on our 7 night even though we had 2 very rainy, windy days with high seas You do not feel as much air as you do on
  14. Yes, frozen non alcoholic drinks are included in the Classic package. Daquiris, Margaritas, Pina Coladas, etc. Not sure if they make a non alcoholic Mudslide.
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