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  1. The PH is incredible, and I loved hearing Iian play. Thanks for sharing! The Equinox is my favorite ship, and we have done the ABC's twice on her. Also, the bars in the closets in a regular room also flip up. Enjoy Aruba, we love it there. The beaches are great, and I know you do not gamble, but there is a casino within a 5 minute walk from the ship that we like.
  2. We have done the HOHO post cruise in Miami twice, although they offer this after a cruise from FLL also. We use luggage valet, but many people have luggage. Celebrity will deliver information to your room the last full day of the cruise. There is a meeting time and place, both times our was on Equinox in Celebrity Central I think 8 AM. If you have luggage you bring it with you. They have a table set up outside where you register and they give you the tickets and a sticker for your shirt. They will lead you off the ship and to the parking lot, where you hand over your tickets, pick a time to leave for the airport (I believe 2 pm, 4 pm and 6 pm were the options) (both FLL and MIA), and then they put your luggage under the bus and take you to Bayside Mall in Miami. When you arrive you retrieve your luggage from the bus driver and take it to the storage area. Then you are free to take either HOHO route, or just stay and explore the mall. Lots of places to shop and eat, and many boat tours available for the day. When you are ready to catch your bus to the airport, you get your luggage from the storage area and head to the bus. It's a nice way to spend the day, especially if you have OBC to use. It's easy if you use luggage valet, then you do not have to worry about lugging and storing your bags with them. Best $25 ever spent, IMO. The last few cruises we have just booked a Day Room and hung out at the pool.
  3. Yes, definitely. I always bring a printed copy. I have only had one issue, it was with some TA OBC that did not show up onboard. I gave my confirmation copy to Guest Relations and they fixed it for me. I'm so glad I had my copy.
  4. Equinox 2019 they had cushions for watching the movies. You got them at the hot glass place. They looked nice, you could prop them up, or lay them flat. Not the best picture below
  5. I always enjoy reading your reviews, and I can't wait for the rest of it!
  6. You didn't put how many nights, which could make a huge difference in the figures. Gratuities are automatically added at $15.50 per person per day. The Surf package on my future cruise is showing at $14.95 per person per day. Sometimes they go on sale (usually 10%) We have gone with and without a package. There are plenty of free beverages available, and we take a refillable water bottle with us. We could go the entire cruise without purchasing a single drink. I do miss just grabbing bottles of water when we do not have a package. And the coffees at Café Bacio. We also gamble in the ports (or did pre pandemic) and a lot of the casinos have free drinks. Usually I consider it a great deal if the drink package ends up "costing us" somewhere around $15 per person per day. Any more than that and it's usually just cheaper to buy something if we want it. Also, as mentioned above, the difference between picking your own room and getting a guarantee room is a big factor for us. Although most TAs do a group booking that is room only for the same price as Celebrity or cheaper then the simply sail (or senior rate), and you are able to pick your room.
  7. I find that it will pop up if I am not signed in and just start checking prices on different cruises.
  8. For next time, when booking with Blue Chip, if your invitation does not say AI then it probably does not. The last one I booked included AI and is in my confirmation. When booking through anyone, TA, BCC or Celebrity, I also stay on the phone with them until I get a confirmation email that states everything included. Here is part of my statement showing my next booking from BCC. AI is shown, as is the $50 free play included. Sorry, not the best picture.
  9. I have ordered all of those drinks with the Classic package, except for the Moscato. You can order Riesling, which is also included on the Classic package. It's a little less sweet than Moscato.
  10. Yes, it is on the map, on the Southern route. Someone mentioned earlier taking a hat and sunscreen. Also make sure you have bottles of water, and we brought some packaged snacks with us, as there is not a lot of places to stop if you head south. I had read about food trucks before we went, but we didn't see any. There is Sorobon Beach Resort about halfway through, that has a restaurant and bathrooms.
  11. We felt very safe on the Southern route. There was hardly any traffic and a lot of other carts. The Northern route had more traffic, but I still felt pretty safe. We drove thru the donkey Sanctuary also. They come right up to you and follow your cart around. Interesting experience, and it felt good to give a donation.
  12. Have a great cruise! I always love reading your reviews. When we rented the golf cart in Bonaire we did the Southern Route first. They give you a map with all of the points of interest. The first couple of beaches we came to were very sandy and calm, and I wish we had spent more time at those. As we moved along they became very rocky with rough waves. We had such a fun day! Enjoy!
  13. Not on the offers I get. Mine include cruises out of Florida and Alaska only.
  14. I have receive 2 emails this week for free cruises on different ships, and 1 email last week. Would explain why they are so busy.
  15. I second the French Caribbean. Coconut rum, mango puree and raspberry. On the Equinox they made them the best at the Casino bar. I also like a Toasted Almond (frozen or on ice), Mudslide, Pina Colada, Peach Daquiri (or Strawberry or Banana), Bay Breeze, Cosmopolitan, Madori Colada, Grasshopper and Brandy Alexander I usually drink an Aperol Spritz at dinner. Pictured: French Caribbean
  16. We never heard a sound from the adjacent cabin.
  17. They connect inside the cabin. This is an infinite veranda on the Edge. Not the greatest picture, but you can see where the connecting door is right when you come in the room, across from the bathroom.
  18. The pictures I posted were from the Equinox in October 2019. 2A room. Everything in the room had been revolutionized except the carpeting. (Bedding, tv, drapes, etc.)
  19. We were on the Equinox in 2019 after the Revolution. The chairs are basically the same, they still recline and were comfortable. The table is small, so we plated what we wanted from room service inside, then just brought the plate out. When not using the table for food, we put a few pillows on it with a towel over them, and used it as a foot stool.
  20. Great review! Thanks for sharing! Have been on Equinox 3 time, my favorite ship!
  21. Great review! We also didn't mind the Infinite Veranda and loved the food in Eden Cafe. The outside eating area is wonderful. Equinox is our favorite ship! You will love it.
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