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  1. I misunderstood your original post. Sorry
  2. MSC’s policy is to upgrade at the price in effect when you originally booked. As previously stated, upgrade offers are generated and emailed without knowledge to each passengers circumstances prior. To cancel your cruise or not try to bid on an upgrade because you are upset with their policy will not change anything in the future. if you still want the upgrade, bid. If you want to cancel and go at a later date to that. Either way we will be cruising on MSC at some point.If you want to cancel and go at a later date to that. Either way we will be cruising on MSC at some point.
  3. Right now, they are allowing customers to cancel cruises booked through July and giving Future Cruise Credit. Would it be worth your time to find out if you can cancel and rebook the same cruise? Speakerphone would free you up to do other things while on hold...
  4. MSC has posted on their website they will offer FCC if you wish to cancel. You can cancel up to 2 days before your cruise and must rebook to travel by December 2021.
  5. From MSC’s website: CRUISE ASSURANCE PROGRAM CANCEL UP TO 48 HOURS BEFORE YOUR CRUISE, RECEIVE A FUTURE CRUISE CREDIT & RESCHEDULE YOUR CRUISE We want you to feel assured so we're allowing new and existing guests to cancel up to 48 hours prior to their cruise departure and reschedule for a future date. Effective March 10, 2020, Cruise Assurance is valid on sailings departing on or before July 31, 2020. If you choose to cancel and reschedule your cruise, a Future Cruise Credit will be given in the amount paid for your current cruise that is
  6. We’re still going out of Miami on April 25th. No thoughts of canceling at this time.
  7. My TA was able to get me the 5%+15% for the cruise I picked, as well as additional OBC. If it weren’t for the OBC, I could have done it all myself online.
  8. I guess I’ll have to pay the 15% charge once onboard. Thanks for your help.
  9. Thanks for confirming. So far, I’m unable to upgrade prior to cruising.
  10. Thanks Até. I had seen that as well and was wondering if more were able to.
  11. I’m aware of what the fine print says. I’m NOT trying to scam MSC. I’m sailing in an Aurea cabin and have the Easy drink package. My husband is fine with this. I am not. I prefer wines not included, Margaritas, and Malibu. I am wondering if anyone has successfully upgraded only one of the people in a cabin to a higher beverage package. I do not intend to get drinks for anyone other than myself with it, so please refrain from commenting unless you can answer my question. Thanks
  12. Show up after 10:30. YC has a special area for embarking and you will get priority boarding.
  13. The cost to upgrade is $27 per night, but if you do it before you board, you don’t have to pay an extra 15% that you would onboard.
  14. Grey Goose, frozen drinks and mojitos are all available with the Premium package.
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