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  1. They will add the gratuities to your bill automatically if you do not prepay. The gratuities associated with a no-show will not be added (or if they are, you will see a credit on your sign and sail account for the same amount).
  2. Can you do a name swap for the child with one of the adults traveling in another cabin? That way, the child wouldnt be booked in the same cabin as the no-show.
  3. If she is a "no-show", the other person would get the cabin to themselves. The port charges / taxes associated with the no-show would be refunded. The actual cruise fare is forfeited.
  4. Uber actually falls under this: "other passenger vehicle if the operator and the motor vehicle are hired and used for the transportation of persons for compensation." Car seat is not required (but is recommended for safety reasons).
  5. You can buy one plan. However, only one device can be online at any given time if you do this. The system will logoff the 1st device if you try to login with a 2nd device at the same time. (i.e. both of you will not be able to work at the same time).
  6. 2nd bed is in the ceiling, and can be lowered down to create bunk bed if there were 2 people in the room. They are sold as "inside upper/lower" on the carnival website, and are considered category 1A.
  7. I live in the Florida panhandle and have driven to South Florida several times. If you go I-75 to I-10 (just outside of Lake City), and I-10 to Jacksonville, then I-95 South, it is 22 miles / 20 minutes longer than taking the 75 further south, and connecting to the Turnpike (provided there is not construction on an accident that slows up traffic either direction). You can also cut the cost of the tolls if you take the 75/Turnpike route to the Yeehaw Junction exit, then taking State Road 60 to I-95 at Vero Beach. (This section of the Turnpike still allows you to pay with cash). Total cost of tolls for this region is currently $9.15 if paying with cash. Only the Southern end of the Turnpike (Dade County, and a portion of Broward County) currently requires a transponder or toll-by-plate. However, they are working on extending the cashless portion of the Turnpike further North, although it will still be a long while before they get cashless tolling up to the Yeehaw Junction exit.
  8. I stayed in one on deck 2 on the Freedom. The nice thing about the cabin was it had 2 windows.
  9. Yes - the L shaped cabins are the bowling alley balconies that the other poster referred to. Cabin #'s 6468, 6460, 6499, 6493, 7454, 7455, 8462, 8469 would be the bowling alley balcony cabins on Carnival Magic
  10. For cruises that far out, you are outside the final payment window at this point. You could just cancel and re-book to get the lower price.
  11. As long as the new rooms that you want are in the same price category (example 4B to 4B, 6A to 6A, 7A to 7A, etc...) there should not be a charge. For those on here saying that they paid a $50 p/p fee, that only applies if you change ship and/or travel dates.
  12. Book in the Deerfield Beach or Boca Raton areas (about 1 hour away from Port Everglades). Cost of a hotel + rental car is cheaper than hotels in the 17th area.
  13. Live 3 hours from Mobile, 5-6 hours from New Orleans, Port Canaveral, and Tampa, and approximately 9-10 to FLL and MIA. I normally sail based on the ship and itinerary, and have gone from all 6 of them, normally driving, but sometimes flying. That being said, New Orleans is most convenient for getting on/off the ship and loading/unloading luggage to/from the car. Port Canaveral offers the best value as far as pre-cruise hotel cost and parking is concerned. Miami offers the most scenic view leaving port.
  14. It would either be be metered, or some sort of surcharge added if you make the stop. Cajun Market should have all that you are looking for, and is a 6 min walk (per Google Maps) to your hotel. Rouses would be a 20 minute walk.
  15. 5+ or 5 days or more for Platinum and Diamond Party 6+ or 6 days or more for free Lobster (pay Lobster is available on all Carnival cruises)
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