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  1. Generally, Carnival is not going to allow a 13 year old in the late night dance venue after 11:00 pm, or in the R-rated comedy shows.
  2. United's main hub on the West Coast is SFO, where they are the dominant airline, controlling almost half the market. Alaska is 2nd at SFO with approximately 12% of the market. There is no dominant airline at LAX, as the largest airline (American) only controls about 18% of the Southern California market. Most airlines try to create hub cities to facilitate connections to smaller cities, essentially flying a hub-and-spoke model. However, in the hub cities, they are also able to get higher fares on non-stop flights, especially in hubs that have little competition.
  3. There wont be many whales in Cabo in November. Whale watching season really doesn't get going until mid December.
  4. For a cruise that is still over a year out, I would call them and ask them what would happen if you cancel the 3rd person.
  5. The answer to the original poster's question really depends on when they are scheduled to cruise, whether or not the sailing they are on is likely to be cancelled by Carnival due to covid, what rate they are booked under, and whether or not the deposit on a 3rd person is refundable or non-refundable.
  6. Carnival plans to start sailing gradually once they are allowed to sail again. This includes holding back the sailing of some ships until their next drydock is complete. The Paradise is one of the ship being held back. Although it has not yet entered drydock, Carnival does not plan to allow it to sail until it enters and completes the drydock.
  7. I didn't get the offer personally, but from what I have seen, the rules seen in fine print of the offer states there is a maximum of 2 passengers per stateroom for any staterooms booked with the offer. Having 2 adults and 2 children in one cabin violates this rule. If this is the case, Carnival more than likely put the double occupancy rule in place due to a limitation with Carnival's systems (i.e. cheaper pricing for the 3rd and 4th passengers in a cabin using various promo codes) and/or the rules regarding cheers (i.e. everyone in the cabin must purchase cheers). Obvi
  8. You can no longer do a mock booking for any ship for January 2021. In addition, all cruises in February 2021, except those scheduled to depart from Miami, Port Canaveral, and Galveston appear to be no longer bookable.
  9. Just tried to do a mock booking for my Jan 31, 2021 cruise.... It appears that Carnival has now removed all January 2021 bookings from their website. If history is any indicator, they will officially announce that January 2021 is now cancelled sometime this week.
  10. Looks like January 2021 cruises are now not available to book on the Carnival website.
  11. If I go to purchase FTTF for my January 2021 cruise, I can see the following message underneath the big Faster to the Fun logo: (Note: VIFP Club Diamond & Platinum members do not need to purchase this package as these and other benefits are included as part of your VIFP Club status.)
  12. Bottom would be having the cruise lines declare bankruptcy, and having the stock cancelled. Cruise lines would then reissue new stock once they settle/reemerge/reorganize in bankruptcy court. The old stockholders in this situation typically lose their full investment.
  13. When you check-in, fill out your documents as if both passengers are going to travel on one sign and sail charge account. Do not tell them the other passenger will be a no show until you get to the port. Your mileage may vary, but this is the most likely way you would be able to preserve the OBC.
  14. The airlines are not giving refunds. They are only waiving change fees if you decide to postpone your trip. (You must still travel up until one year from the original ticketing date). If you decide to cancel your trip altogether, you still lose your money.
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