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  1. While I am sure the September 27th cruise out of Seattle to Auckland will be canceled, OP is incorrect in the statement that it was canceled in May. It is still being sold, and the final payment date is July 29th. My TA has been in contact with HAL weekly about this cruise as I am using various FCC's and Gift Cards for payment and we are working out the details so I get the most I can when it is canceled.
  2. Absolutely, I have 4 cruises booked in the next 10 months, for a total 53 days on the ships. hope they all do not get canceled.
  3. The numbers of passengers on HAL any given week is about 35,000. Do you truly believe that a couple of hundred of you posting about your unreal expectations on receiving your refunds, will motivate HAL to change their process, during this unprecedented outbreak of sickness?
  4. Several Ports have already reopened. https://www.cruisecritic.com/news/5319 https://www.cruisecritic.com/news/5097/
  5. Want to make your final payment closer to your embarkation date, just don't book the cruise until you are ready to make the final payment.
  6. Dave your really missing the point here. Your reply says nothing, just like the article. The fact that someone is considering something does not mean it is going to happen, nor does it mean it is not going to happen, all that it means is possibly something may or may not happen. There is no information in that article that would be of any use in planning future travel.
  7. Did anybody read the article? There are no definite decisions on what dates or what the procedures will be going forward, the article basically says nothing, except that at some unknown time travel will reopen with some unknown procedures.
  8. Already booked 3 cruises, 9/2020, 10/2020 and 2/2021. Hope they sail.
  9. Have a safe trip home and thank you for letting us cruise along with you. We had to cancel our Eurodam cruise to Hawaii from Seattle, Hopefully in the fall.
  10. I go to the Thermal Spa everyday I am on ship, and yes there is a sign, usually a plaque on the top of the fountain in the Thermal Lounge detailing the policy about making noise. Also, I am not shy, speak to them politely and if that does not work I go get staff or Security, just because they are jackasses, I don't let them mess with my vacation. Finding a Quiet Place on the Eurodam The Holland Eurodam can be a very lively ship with many activities. -But, if you are looking for quiet place to just relax onboard the Eurodam, you have some great choices. The Art Gallery, the Explorations Cafe, and the Thermal Suite are all places where you can find peace and quiet!
  11. The website works fine. Check your web browser. When I looked at these cruises, not only did the pages advance from 1 to 9 with no problem, the filters also worked to reduce the search results.
  12. The 25% discount for Rudi's is new, not reduction, at least for 4*'s, we never received a deduction for Rudi's before now.
  13. It was fun to look back, and see how better I have gotten at getting OBC. 1st Cruise $140, upcoming Cruise $1,550. Thanks for pointing this out.
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