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  1. As yet not offered cash just re book on another cruise but need to cruise out if Bristol which makes it impossible.
  2. We went last year. I know nothing about cricket but I really enjoyed their Q&A sessions, quizzes and the raffle they did. I especially enjoyed that as we won first prize. Seriously there were cricket themed events if you wanted to go and all the usual entertainment as well. It was a multi generational cruise which I wasn't so keen on. I'm unsteady on my feet and thoughts of children dashing about worried me. It turned out that they were a pleasure to be around. A very interesting and fun cruise.
  3. I love the Marco Polo and can't wait for Christmas when we are back on board again. However, much as I love her I couldn't do 75 nights in such a small space, with no proper facilities for doing washing, but each to their own and I really wish you an amazing trip.
  4. Sailing on CMV Magellan 24.9.19 Cabin 6005 Embarkation time 10.20am. Anyone ever come across such an early Embarkation before?
  5. I e mailed re the Columbus Club and was told that they were aware of how many nights we had and not long after that our Gold membership came through the post. We never had anything signed so I would e mail them again if you don't hear from them
  6. Marco Polo is unique and CMV have their own way of doing things so I imagine it must have been a shock to you at first. I enjoyed your review and thought it very fair. I don't understand either the hour long muster or the VAT situation, I hope you did take it further. I agree with the comment that she is like Marmite, she was the first ship I had ever cruised on and I fell on the love side, but with my eyes open I can also see where others more used to the bigger ships with much more entertainment, and probably younger passengers, might not be so enamoured. I am disabled and I agree that there are some difficulties there, at the moment I can get about on crutches but when the times comes and I need a chair I don't think I would manage. We're on her for Christmas then in April next year, I'm getting everything in while I can. Thanks again for the fair review.
  7. Apparently they are really keen at the moment looking on the UK government advice. I will need to take some painkillers ashore on our tour there's more walking than I normally manage.
  8. Will be in St Petersburg for 2 days in October, both DH and myself take medication which is on the Russian list of banned meds. I have spent 2 days looking at different sites and now I'm confused and a little bit of me wishes we weren't going. Not taking the medication is not an option for either of us, checked with Doctor. Has anyone any experience of this problem? I would be very grateful for any advice at all.
  9. Thanks for replying. I've booked a tour so that's taken care of it's taking our prescription meds that I'm lost with.
  10. We are going to be in St Petersburg for 2 days in October. My husband takes Co-codamol and I take an antidepressant, Tramadol, Paracetamol and Pregabalin. Also meds for cholesterol, BP and Restless Leg Syndrome. I started checking websites to find out what documentation I needed, we've just had our Prescriptions and a letter from the GP before. The sites I've looked at mention a translation, a Notary Public and then something else which I've forgotten the name of. One site says we have to go in person for this document. I'm really hoping someone has been to Russia recently with prescription meds that are on the list of substances which require documentation. I honestly feel at the moment so confused that I don't want to go. If anyone can offer advice ni would be most grateful.
  11. It's sad to hear that, and if I'm honest, which I hope I am, I did see some differences on this cruise we're just back from and a similar cruise last year. My main problem was getting food! Not as bad as it sounds food was plentiful but we discovered that some of those eating later in the Waldorf came to Marco's first which often meant no seats. Secondly I have been a vegetarian for 20 years and there were 2 hot choices plus salad, with more choice for meat eaters. However, this did not stop many meat eaters from piling vegetarian food on top of their meat. Several times I had to have what was left, and when there was nothing I had to wait for food being sent from the Waldorf up to Marco's, by which time my husband had finished. The crew were polite and made sure I got a meal but I think changes need to be made in a few areas. Having said that, Marco Polo is no longer sailing from Cardiff, according to the captain at a Q and A session and there was a shadow over Bristol Avonmouth. As both of us have disabilities it's not possible for us to have a long drive to port so Cardiff was perfect for us. Sadly next year could be our last.
  12. I agree that the CMV experience will be nothing like the Yacht Club or Suite experience. They offer a more traditional type of cruise, and there are none of the amenities you might be expecting. I was on a multi generational cruise last year and entertainment was provided for the children but they were younger than yours. I can only speak from my experiences with CMV but I've never encountered hostility or indifference from any crew member, quite the opposite in fact.
  13. I think never again is probably a good idea. No real explaination of what went so badly wrong, we can only presume that the forthcoming cruise was cancelled as the Magellan's and CMV fall short of the OP's standards. I love sea days but I am an adult and can think ahead, I know what entertainment is provided, plenty of it, but not all to my taste so I indulge myself in reading, talking to friends made on board, just sitting, watching the sea, writing my journal so I don't forget things as, although not 80 I am probably out of the OP's acceptable age bracket, and I do forget things. In my mind I set out with the thought that my Cruise will be whatever I make it and I make very sure that I get the most I am able to get from it. Sorry for the long post but lost opportunities sadden me and in my dealings with CMV when I've had problems there has been mutual cooperation, leaving me free to enjoy the wonderful experience of being at sea.
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