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  1. OUCH! Moving my passport up higher and in the office where the "we'll eat anything" French bulldogs don't go.
  2. Oh? So of course, searching for posts about "port wine" is not the easiest thing to do. A bottle of port vs "buying wine in ports" (Which I know the answer to). Oy vey. Thanks for the heads up.
  3. I think i'm bringing a travel pour over setup with my hand grinder and a bag of really good local roaster beans (I did this while hiking the Appalachian Trail too...ha). *me running up to the Horizon Court to fill my little kettle with hot water and back down to my room to make coffee* I realized my flight gets in at 12:43 AM so I'll be getting a hotel room near Publix and I'll get my two bottles of wine, too. I'll probably do a Port for both.
  4. Thanks so much for all the replies! I think my liver will be happier if I just pay as I go. 😉
  5. Hello! I am going the 14-day cruise (Caribbean Princess-- Nov 6 Caribbean Circle Cruise) and this will be the longest cruise I've taken by 2x. I am also going solo, but I'm super social and want to hang out and meet people. I am trying to justify a bev pkg bill for myself at almost $1000. Since I last cruised, I no longer drink pop, smoothies or milkshakes because carbs that I'd rather save for good desserts and adult beverages. I am super picky about coffee quality and don't do lattes & such anymore, so I won't be ordering any specialty coffees. That said, I do enjoy d
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