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  1. When and if this or a similar cruise actually sails, it would be a great trip. We did Sydney to Papette a few years ago and loved every minute of the 14-day trip. We were on Princess at the time.
  2. I like Denner's wines, but usually out of my price range. And, prefer Zin to Syrah in any event. But, thanks for the suggestion.
  3. Depends on how much of the US opens up and when. Maybe a week-long road trip from CA to the Rockies or to the Pacific Northwest. Depends on hotels, restaurants opening and states not requiring self-isolation. Wait and see!
  4. Been in both types of cabins and loved the aft FV. The aft Sunset was very nice, but no where as much room. On your cruise I think I'd want the better view with the aft cabin. On my only cruise with a forward balcony (not on X), we had to keep the drapes closed at night because of night vision issues on the bridge.
  5. Kenito said right for me. DW and I will evaluate what the CDC and other experts say and make a decision that is right for us on our next possible cruise. I think each cruiser and each family must make their own decisions on the level of risk that's acceptable to them, Like probably a big portion of HAL pax I'm in the "high risk" category, but I will decide that risk level, not some government agency. It's like sky diving is risky, but if I want to try it (not likely) then I will do so. Thus if if the ships sail to ports I want to visit I'll decide if the risk is worth it or not.
  6. Hamburger from my favorite takeout restaurant, still not open for dining in.
  7. That cruise will not sail in August. Several lines, such as Holland America, have already cancelled ALL 2020 Alaska and Canada cruises. Celebrity will as well. Just a matter of when.
  8. We have booked a late Sept. 2021 on the Rotterdam. We will take cruise is the ship sails and the ports are open.
  9. Not giving up cruising just yet. Booked a 15 day on the Rotterdam for next Sept. to replace the one that was cancelled yesterday. This year, I'l travel in the US by train and car. Thanks for he Daily!
  10. I was expecting this, but I thought they might wait till the end of the month to make it official, Guess I'll look at what 2021 pricing is like. According to CC posts, Celebrity boosted 2021 price considerably.
  11. Always enjoy the information. Thanks for the dedication!
  12. When I tried the same thing a few years ago HAL would not book the 2 cruises. IF i had arrived in Vancouver on another HAL ship or any other ship I would be allowed to book, but not on the same ship, even getting off and reboarding as part of a new passenger load.
  13. We did this a couple of years ago, but we stopped in Stika rather than. Dutch,. but not was smooth for the first week, then we ran. in to some pretty heavy seas and wind until the day before the first Japan port. Loved the cruise and all the sea days. I think we actually left in early Oct, rather than Sept. Love to do it again , but not this year.
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