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  1. At this point STILL GOING. But the cruise isn't until Fall of 2022, so who knows what the rules will be then. OK with the test, not sure about the mask requirement. Have to wait and see.
  2. I keep my phone on airplane mode the whole cruise, but DW still needs to connect to her business, etc, so she can download the app and I'll stay silent!
  3. Fully vaccinated and not worried about ME getting sick. Why I would not cruise unless everyone is vaccinated is what happens when someone else gets sick and the cruise is cancelled mid-way through the trip and/or we have to spend the rest of the time in the cabin. Or, no port will allow the ship to dock or passengers get off to explore.
  4. Thanks Western Bronco. We lucked out a few years ago on a trans-pacific, but have never been so lucky again. Must have been a fluke since we booked that cabin almost a year in advance with no problem.
  5. Anyone know, does Celebrity allow parties of 2 to book the Family Veranda cabins far in advance. Looking to August-October 2022.
  6. Ruinart -one of my all-time favorite bubbly's. Shared my first bottle with DW about 20 years ago in a little restaurant in Rome. But at the price point it is a splurge.
  7. So long as you like to walk, and we do, the aft Neptunes are our choice, We love, watching the wake and exiting the ports. It is a LONG walk to the lounge so DW wants to get room service coffee first thing in the morning. The free laundry is a major perk. The lounge can be a nice place to relax. Because of COVIC impacts to our travel budget we had to drop to an SS on the 2022 cruise. Wait and see what we think of that.
  8. For me a "cruise to nowhere" or one where I am required to use a ship's tour is a non--starter. Rather stay home and drink better wine.. Required vaccine, masks, limits on elevators, limits on seating a shows/dining rooms I can adjust to and live with. Hope we can do the Kdam in Jan. 2022.
  9. We have a mid-Jan. 2022 roundtrip to Hawaii from San Diego Picked this cruise largely because no flying needed. Only a 4 hour drive to San Diego or train if we don't want to drive. But if cruises haven't restarted in the US by the time final payment is due, will likely cancel.
  10. Like many of the OPs, I simply will not cruise with HAL or any other cruise line, if restricted to ship's tour only.
  11. I hope it sails and you have a fantastic cruise. My ship doesn't sail until Jan. 2022. Hope that's enough tine to iron out all the kinks of restarting.
  12. Feel lucky to look out my office window and see the mountains everyday! Now if the would just get their snow hats on! Another dry winter in Southern California.
  13. Love the wine choice! Been a member of their Wine Club for years. Currently have 3 magnums of their vintage-dated bottles in my cellar. Probably only 2 after Thursday!
  14. While it's been about 5 years since I was on Oceania vs just a year ago on HAL, the biggest differences are the sheer size of the ship and number of pax, Found food to be much better on O, and no up charge for the special restaurants. No big show, but more ;live music on O. You can bring your own wine onboard for no extra fee. to my mind, at least there was less effort to upsell everything. But, Oceania tends to be considerably more expensive. Don't think either option is bad when we can sail again.
  15. Looking forard to answers. We have book such a cabin on the K-dam for Jan, of 2022 RT San Diego/Hawaii,
  16. Next cruise is Hawaii in Jan. of 2022 and I will cancel if that is in place at that time. Not interested at all in that kind of experience. And, to make it even worse, if they have to do social distancing on the bus, they will need more busses ad I would expect the cost (already excessive) to jump. No Thanks!
  17. The Turley wine is a good one for sure, despite the price. First visited the location when it was sill Pesenti Vineyards making "jug": wines. When Turley took over the wine got a lot better and a lot more expensive. Never had this particular wine, not at that price.
  18. That type of cruise isn't for me. I want to get out and explore the alleys and back streets. But, I understand why MSC is doing it that way now. Of course, the other issue I foresee is a much high cost if they have to social distance onboard the bus they;kk at twice as many, so it gets more expensive. I'll wait a year or so and hope there is a better solution by then.
  19. It seems likely, at lest IMO, this will lead to even higher prices for the ship's excursions.....they will have to social distance on the buses, so that means at least double the number of buses for tour, hence more expense to the cruise line and thus a higher per person charge. Means 'm more likely to just stay home!
  20. Love the wine selection. I was a member of their wine club for several years. Think I quit before the 2015 vintage however.
  21. I agree with the thoughts of other here, I don't object to tests, social distancing or masks, but I sure do not want to be stranded somewhere if, mid-cruise, some folks test positive and we are all now in quarantine. IMO, without a vaccine, I'm most likley to be shore-bound for the nest year or so.
  22. This would be a no-go for me. I much prefer to"self-explore." And unless they limit the buses to 20 people each they can't maintain the social distance. So, no thanks!
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