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  1. Hi all! can anyone on the carnival dream pretty please let me know if they have non-alcohlic wine and champagne? I don't mean the sparkling cider, but actual "alcohol removed" or "non-alcoholic" wines. thank you!
  2. delphis98

    Sailing on Triumph just before dry dock

    I think you can change to a later date on a carnival cruise for a $50 processing fee plus the change in the fare.... if i'm not mistaken. :-)
  3. Hi! Can you confirm that it's is still possible to walk through the port to the mall? I know a few years ago that access was blocked, but maybe it was only temporary.
  4. delphis98

    Northern lights

    Thank you so much! i saw that astronomy package and was intrigued. Great to hear about the r/t. :-) so exciting!
  5. delphis98

    Northern lights

    wow! which cruise did you take?
  6. delphis98

    Best time and itinerary to see Northern Lights

    Thank you so much for replying. I'm sure this question is asked often, and I appreciate that you didn't just tell me to search the forum! lol. :-) now i'm spending some time on the hurtigruten website enjoying the webcams :) thanks again, delphis
  7. delphis98

    Northern lights

    Thank you :)
  8. delphis98

    Northern lights

    which itinerary/ports are best for seeing NL? and what time of year, if any part of the window mentioned above is the "best?' thank u!
  9. Hi all, I wonder when is the best time of year, and the best itinerary, to see the Northern Lights? If that could be combined with not being absolutely freezing 24/7, it would be ideal, but of course one can't have everything :) many many thanks, delphis