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  1. Hi! I am wondering how often the production shows are changed and whether the same shows will be on the ships post-refurb as pre-refurb? Is there a spot on the celebrity website where you can find out the shows that are on each ship? I've seen a bunch of them and would like to see the ones I haven't yet seen. This may sound like a strange reason for choosing a ship or itinerary, but it's a factor for me, so possibly for others too! thank you delphis
  2. bump... just wondering if the production shows are the same as before the refurb? we saw Topper, Life, and maybe Elysium, before the refurb... Are there new production shows since the refurbishment? thank you
  3. I know! but i thought why start a new thread, when the title of this old thread still works. I'm wondering about where the outdoor smoking areas are on Millenium, because I want to make sure we don't reserve a balcony near a designated outdoor smoking area. We made that mistake once.... if i can help it, that will be the last time 🙂 lol
  4. Could anyone tell me as of summer 2019 where are the outdoor smoking areas on millenium, especially if there is one on deck 4 or 5, and whether port/starboard and midships or aft? thanks so much!
  5. I don't see where there is a space to add a promo code 😞
  6. I have just had to cancel my upcoming Princess for good medical reasons with a note from the doctor and so forth and filed the claim online. Will AON send me a check for the cruise fare/taxes/port fees, or will there be a credit to my credit card that I originally used to book the trip? Is it partly a check for the non-refundable cruise fare and partly a credit to my card for the refundable port fees? thank you for any insight.
  7. what's a PCC? Personal Cruise Consultant ?
  8. Charles4515, thanks! So no need to rush into the expediting passport agency to renew it early? You seem very knowledgeable, I looked at a few of your recent posts, you must travel the world a lot! Here is my next question for you, because that's what happens when you answer questions for people, they ask more, lol! : Do you think it is correct to say that the certified birth certificate and drivers license cannot work on HAL closed loop Alaska cruises, beginning and ending in Seattle because of the stop in Victoria? thank you.
  9. Actually, my friend called HAL and the phone agent said what likeadisguise said in this post. But I seriously don't think that's correct, even thought the HAL phone agent said it was okay, because the issue is not returning to the US, which is fine with birth cert and drivers license on a closed loop cruise. The problem would be that there is a stop in a Canadian port, which does not allow entry without a valid US passport (or passport card if arriving only by land or sea). If a person doesn't have a valid US passport, passport card, Canada won't let them in. A passport card will not be good enough for a cruise tour with a flight portion in Canada, either. Anything involving flights in Canada requires a passport book with at least one blank page. My friend's question was about what HAL's actual policy is--whether it is a more restrictive policy than the Canadian gvt. It's too late for my friend to safely renew his passport by mail, even with expediting, because it could always take a few days longer than expected, get lost in the mail, etc. He might go to the passport agency within 2 weeks of the cruise, but it's a long drive and a day or two extra to be taken off work, so a lot of expense and bother if HAL is fine with a valid passport expiring a month after the cruise.
  10. theoretically speaking: I would bring a copy of marriage certificate just to be safe, because who knows what could happen at the border if you don't have matching docs?
  11. My question is: Assuming a passenger is cruising May 10-17 and the passenger's passport expires a month later, say June 15: Would HAL deny boarding for a 7-day closed-loop Alaska cruise for this passenger? An expiration date on passport of six months post-cruise is "highly recommended" by HAL. Canada's entry requirement for US citizens is a "US Passport valid on the date of entry" (according to state.gov). There is not a requirement on the part of Canada that a US passport is valid for 6 months after entry, although some other countries have different requirements of course. But what exactly is HAL's passport policy? Is it that a passenger has the documents to meet the requirements of US law and the laws of the countries one visits? Or does HAL now have a more restrictive policy requiring a passport that does not expire until 6 months after the cruise? Asking for a friend!
  12. Is there smoking allowed on the promenade around deck 3 at any place at all (Eurodam)? ok i just read the earlier posts and see that smoking is not allowed on deck 3. thanks!
  13. is there a smoking area on Millenium the same as on the solstice class, ie is it on deck 5 port just outside of Sushi on 5, or is it somewhere else? Like OP, my friend needs to avoid booking a balcony directly above a smoking area, but the only balcony available for the itinerary she is looking at is on deck 7, just above sushi on 5.
  14. I am so glad you decided to post on the X board! I'd have never seen it on the Azzi board, because I wouldn't have thought to look there. Not that I'd be averse... just wouldn't wander over on my own. So all your reasons seem great to me! 🙂
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