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  1. tiggeerrific

    where do you purchase the bus passes in bermuda

    thank you so much1
  2. I plan to buy the 3 day pass for the bus and ferry where do I purchase it at my first stop is St. George
  3. tiggeerrific

    whats the best website for weather to bermuda

    Don Hayes I was just asking for a weather website I have been to vegas and am looking very forward to my cruise . I know weather can be changed daily but just was curious about how my week will be
  4. I looked at 2 different ones and both say different things.Which website gives the most accurate weather report
  5. I saw 2 websites and both are giving different reports .which web is the most accurate one going to bemuda next week and wanted to see what its going to be doing
  6. tiggeerrific

    what is butler service

    I am getting butler service and have no idea what it is about . Can anyone expalin please
  7. tiggeerrific

    hubby took the upgrade on the crown

    thanks for the pictures ! I cant wait to go now
  8. tiggeerrific

    hubby took the upgrade on the crown

    well thats what I am paying for 7 days in an owners suite
  9. tiggeerrific

    hubby took the upgrade on the crown

    july22 this sunday
  10. tiggeerrific

    hubby took the upgrade on the crown

    lotteryfan - I was in a aft cabin and was offered the owners cabin for 500p/p more total price is now 3,500 not sure what butler service is but we will find out soon hope you are offered a deal also
  11. I wasnt going to do it but hubby called after we got email asking if we wanted to upgrade to the owners suite. He took it . I cant believe how huge this room is going to be 615 feet. Anyone ever stay in an owners suite are they really nice
  12. tiggeerrific

    Back From Crown Today

    thanks for the great review we sail next sunday the 22nd
  13. tiggeerrific

    What Cheapskates Has NCL Become????

    I wasnt suppose to get any paperwork or luggage tags as I was told it was to late to send them well guess what came by fed wx today ! my paperwork and luggage tags !Doing the happy dance
  14. tiggeerrific

    I Turned Down an Upsell Today

    I am in an aft mini suite and was offered a owners suite for $1200 more a couple told them no thanks happy where I am at will use that money for spending