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  1. somebodysdream

    FOS totally screws up the Meet & Mingle

    We didnt get our invitation on either weeks of our B2B Freedom cruise in February. Same thing happened on one or two other cruises on other ships too. No big deal to me but it's a reminder to take the confirmation email sent when this thread reaches the person limit to be entitles to a M & M. That gives the date & time & location too I think. :D:D :D
  2. somebodysdream

    Entertainment on board Freedom

    Shows on the Freedom do not need to be prebooked. We sailed on her in 2017.
  3. We have done both Cosol & Spencer Ambrose. While we had no issues with our Cosol tour we enjoyed the one through Spencer Ambrose even more. With both you do spend time on a mini bus. (how else could you get to the volcano?) Spencer Ambrose tours included more time on the water in boats and also included a lunch stop in the price. Both tours took you by boat to the beach between the two Pitons for 1-2 hours of beach, snorkel, swim time.
  4. somebodysdream

    Royal Caribbean Excursion MT24

    I'd be interesting in reading this answer too.
  5. somebodysdream

    What to eat at Giovanni's Table???

    Thanks, Bob. :)
  6. somebodysdream

    What to eat at Giovanni's Table???

    I've booked Giovannis for dinner for one night of our cruise in February. We have eaten at Portofinos and Chops before but never here. I know Giovannis serves family style but how many items in each category are we permitted to order? There will only be two of us. I would like to sample a few different appetizers and entrees and Im certain my DH would also.
  7. Fancy meeting you here, Robyn! I see we're both fans of Radio's live reports.:D
  8. somebodysdream

    B2B cruising

    Interesting "new" FAQ there. On our one and only previous B2B we were only permitted 2 bottles of wine on board totally. Nice to know ahead of time we can bring 4 and they'll hold on to the other 2 til our second week. We will be sailing on the Adventure in February for a B2B.
  9. somebodysdream

    Expiration Date Added to Open Bookings

    I was thinking sort of the same thing. Maybe the TA just wanted you to hurry up and book through him.
  10. somebodysdream

    Adventure of Seas question

    DH always got his late night pizza in the Cafe Promenade. There is an omelet station in the rear section of the Windjammer called the Island Grill. They will custom make you whatever kind of omelet you prefer.
  11. somebodysdream

    Chops on AOS

    There is currently a Portofinos on the Adventure and you can make a reservation for that prior to boarding.
  12. somebodysdream

    air boat ride port canaveral

    My DH & I did and enjoyed it immensely. Saw several alligators as pointed out by our guide/driver. Viewed and held different animals including a baby allligator during a presentation at the "camp". Ate alligator nuggets. Just a fun day.
  13. We took this tour in March. The bus driver is also the tour guide when walking in the forest but the bus is locked and we found no issue with the bags we left on the bus while hiking. The whole day was enjoyable and smooth.
  14. We have sailed from Baltimore 3 different times in February. (2006, 2007, 2012) and maybe just lucky but had no weather issues. We prefer to sail that time of year to break up the boring time between the holidays & summer. We drive from the Eastern Shore (Delaware) The roads leading to the port are all major highways which I would imagine would be well maintained during snowy weather though.
  15. :D Yipee you're here Radio!! I'll be following you daily while drinking my morning coffee. One comment concerning Starbucks on the Explorer. When we were on her sister ship the Adventure in February/March we couldnt purchase regular Starbucks only the fancy coffee drinks. That was totally frustrating considering the yucky free coffees on board. Of course we didnt use our buy one get one coupon either. I do remember being able to buy regular Starbucks on the Enchantment last year. :confused: I wondered why.