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  1. There were at least 3 different menus on bars on the epic, but of course not with 100s of drinks. Some bartenders can make a lot of different things though.
  2. Woah this was an emotional return to the forum after getting off the ship and home again. Now i feel like i owe everyone the whole story, but I'll try to keep it short. More background: we have been dating for 1,5 years, but not officially in a relationship because it's a big commitment in his culture (Latino), and we have been long distance for about 8 months of this. But we have had many talks about being exclusive sexually, and that we would talk to each other and be completely open if we met anyone else. We also love each other, though i was probably a bit more in love than we was. We're also best friends at this point. He lives in Barcelona and I'm pretty good at saving and being wise with money (I'd rather not go out or shopping for a few months to rather go on vacation). We were able to get this trip for very cheap and booked a month ago. (Sorry this might be getting a big soap opera-like, but hopefully you enjoy it) We had a good beginning of the ship, but i was starting to notice something a big off. I also noticed that he was getting a lot of messages from a girl that he has not told me anything about, and he has always told me about the girls he meets (on his own initiative). So when he was at the gym i did a really bad thing (i know!), and snooped on his phone. It was then obvious at least party what had happened from just looking at a couple of messages. I decided to ask him, because it was clear i could not act like nothing had happened. And i was never afraid of him hurting me (other than the heartbreak and feeling emotionally like i was run over by a truck). It was something that had just started the week before, but had gotten a bit serious quite quickly (he can be very loveable), and he did not know how to tell me, and in the end he decided to wait until after the cruise, so avoid it affecting my experience there. And he was indeed mostly focused on me during the cruise. Anyway i lost all my trust in him, and most of the romantic feelings. But we were both hurting and alone in the middle of the ocean, so we spend the day talking some and comforting each other. I needed to just hurt a bit, couldn't Imagine going out ok the ship, Even going to dinner was tough and i had no appetite. In the end i decided i love him to much to completely leave him and lose him, and his feelings for me hasn't changed. He says he found this girl very interesting, and he's been very confused about his feelings for me for long. We decided for now to keep the friendship, though with a little less trust from me. What happens in the future no one knows. We enjoyed the last day at sea, I'm just looking at him a bit differently. But for now I'm comfortable with how we are. Luckily we did not need to get anyone on the cruise line involved, so I'm now help for future heart breaks, just that to talk about it is probably smart. I've felt like crap today though (very hungover, not the best for getting up early and flying all day), wasn't even able to enjoy the final breakfast. Hope this telenovela has been interesting for the boards, and i really enjoyed a lot of your replies, and even had some laughs. Thanks everyone, and feel free to ask more if you want.
  3. Wow, that's crazy. Glad this is at least a bit easier than your situation, but glad you enjoyed your cruise anyway. I've had a really nice cruise this far and I'll do my best to keep enjoying. Still haven't decided which of the possibilities @ProblemCruiser suggested I'm gonna go for, but i think he's already noticed that something is weird even though I'm a good actress.
  4. Even though our situation is not completely defined, certain parameters are, and he definitely has completely broken my trust and heart (he knew very well my feelings).
  5. Oh really? Thank you I'll consider that. Let's see how the next few hours go
  6. So I'm currently in the wonderful situation where I've found out my sorta boyfriend/cruise date and one of the people i trust the most has been seriously seeing someone else and not told me about it, so I'm trying to figure out what to do the last two days of this trip. I am heart broken, but i want to try and enjoy. Also he doesn't at the moment know that i know, I'm curious if he's planning on telling me. So any tips of how to keep myself busy on the ship away from him? I'm a bit tempted to ask guest relations if there is any chance of getting another room for the last two nights, but i have a feeling it's no point and that this situation is not their problem (which of course it isn't). Anyway i can't think clearly right now...
  7. Did you have to fill out the Spain entry form to return to Barcelona? I can't remember what I read about that earlier. @sicness4x4
  8. We did Leisurely Sorrento yesterday (were on the wait-list, but they added more busses). It was a nice tour, good guide. About 1,5 hours of free time in Sorrento, and we got a voucher for a free coffee or ice cream (€4 value). On the way back we also stopped by a Limoncello factory and had a look around there, some free samples and chance to buy. Also great views of Sorrento bay there.
  9. That's what I figured, but on the printed bill i got from guest services it clearly states the sum of the credit from NCL under "balance", and a different smaller credit under "non-refundable balance"
  10. Well we're two students with limited funds, so we would love for it to stay how it is now, and for the things the woman there said to be correct. It's not like i did anything to "cheat" the system, and i did go to check. I've also previous submitted some complaints that i have gotten no feedback on, so the possibility to use my OBC for DSC is perfect to save a bit of money. I'm just concerned if they are allowed to come for us at the end of the cruise and suddenly say something different than what was said today.
  11. we just did highlights of Cagliari. It's indeed 2,5 hours. About 1,5 on the bus with one stop for views, and about 1 hour walking around the "castle" and parts of the town. Always walking in the group and the guide stopped to count us often. The guide was ok, not the most enganging, but happy we went as it's a beautiful city.
  12. I just checked my onboard account today halfway through the cruise and found some things i didn't understand. So i went to guest services and got explained what is refundable onboard credit and what is non-refundable. She said that the $200 we got through the booking campaign was refundable although the description of the item literally says "non refundable on board credit". It also seems like we have been given the $50 excursion discount as credit on the onboard account even though it was subtracted when i prepaid for the tours. Also apperantly one of these $50 have been considered non refundable while the other $50 has been considered refundable. Lastly she clearly said that the arcade only works with refundable credit, but it seems it has been taken for the non-refundable (it's the only way the numbers make sense). So here it seems there are severel "errors" but all working in our favor so we're a bit scared of asking about it while pointing to exact transactions. So my question to you is if anyone has been in similar situations and can say if it's likely that they will discover these errors before the end of the trip (Sunday)? Right now all our DSC is taken from the $250 that is considered refundable (although it should be non refundable). We'd hate to sit there on the last day with $250 in credit and having to pay all the things we thought would be taken from the credit.
  13. Great, thanks everyone! We'll head right out to the port then and hopefully we won't have to wait anything to start the testing and boarding process
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